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Oral Utopia

Oral Utopia

I Just Want To Be Your Good Girl
You've taught me to be a good girl. You've trained me to your perfect liking. I’m not just a good girl; I’m your good girl.

When we met, I was a shy, willing girl. I was one who wanted to be blossomed into the perfect submissive. You saw so much potential in me, and took me on as yours. I barely had any experience with men, and you liked me that way. You told me, it would help mold me into exactly how you saw fit.

Three years later, we’re dating, and of course, I’m your perfect submissive. Tonight, I want to show you how well you've trained me. I've spent the day cleaning our flat spotless. You’ll be pleased. You love when I am your good girl. I also went to the salon and had them do my hair, I even had a wax. When I got home though, it was hard not to touch myself in the shower. I love how smooth waxing makes me.

I’m wearing the collar you bought me two years ago. You gave it to me on our one year anniversary, telling me that I’ll forever be yours. Our collaring ceremony was something I’ll never forget. It’s one of the happiest memories I have. However all my days with you are happy.

Noticing the time, I see you’ll be home in about twenty minutes. I decided on some take-away tonight, I ordered in some Thai. It is after all our favourite. I’m sitting at the table, waiting for you. I can’t help but squirm. I put in the Ben Wa Balls about three hours ago. It was right after my shower. They feel so heavy inside me, making me drip with wetness.

My panties are already soaked, but you won’t mind. You love when I have soaked panties. My skirt rides up my thighs, high enough to see my panties, if I sit just right. You’d never let me leave the house in this skirt, but you love it on me. The top I’m wearing is no better. I’m spilling out on top. I opted on no bra, because it looks better without one. My stockings are up to my knees, my feet adorned with heels. I know you’ll remove those as soon as possible.

You’re home, I see the car pull up and you climb out of the car. You’re so beautiful to watch. I love the way you move. I go and meet you at the door, like a little pet that I am. I’ve missed you lots today. You smile the second you see me, your eyes scanning me from head to toe. I bite my lip, blushing, knowing you’re pleased. I hand you my leash, you tug on it gently, and kiss me with so much need.

Our lips lock, fusing together, tongues dancing as a soft moan escapes my lips. Do you know, I could kiss you forever? Mmm, please don’t ever stop kissing me. My mind races with these thoughts, as we kiss. You tug me closer, I step forward, and the heat of our bodies mingles. My hands wrap around you, your hand comes up, and cups the back of my head. I think this kiss will truly last forever.

When it does break on its own, you smile down at me. Though you’re not much taller than me, I still like that you’re a couple inches more than me.

“And what did I do to deserve such a beautiful pet, dressed up, and looking stunning as ever?” Your voice is low, a soft whisper of lust.

“I live to serve you. You’re my everything, Sir. I wanted to do something extra special.” My words almost a breathless, I crave for you.

The balls inside me are suddenly ten times heavier. It grows warmer, feeling myself throb with delight. This isn’t about me though, not tonight. I want to make you happy.

“I ordered in some take-away. Thai, of course, before you even ask.” I giggle, as you take my leash and walk us towards the dining room table.

“You’ve outdone yourself, haven’t you, sweetness? Are you sure you’ve not done something wrong?” You tease me, knowing I haven’t. The most I am, is cheeky, but outside of that a very good girl. You’ve taught me well.

The way you talk to me though makes my nipples taut, and throbbing. I want them in your mouth. However, we move to sit, and dive into our meal. You pat your leg, and I move to rest my feet on them. Like I knew you would, you remove my heels. You’re a fan of bare feet, not shoes or even heels. I don’t mind a single bit, I like what you like.

With one hand you eat, the other massages my feet. I wiggle my toes every so often. I like the feeling of my stockings against my toes and the warmth of your hand over them. It relaxes me, makes me almost sleepy, but the pull of the balls keep me alert. You don’t even know they’re there, not yet.

Once we finish eating, you sit and watch me clean, loving the way my arse moves in my skirt. When I’m done you take me by the leash, we head towards our bedroom. You slowly begin to strip me, starting with my skirt. You slip it down my slender legs, purposely running your hands along my skin. The warmth heats me up higher, my breathing starts to increase. My arms up, you slip my shirt off, my nipples which are still erect stand to attention.

You lean in, kissing each of them lightly. Your lips are so gentle, it’s the best feeling. I shiver in want, but you don’t give me more, not yet. Your hands slide down my arms, towards my hips. You hook your thumbs onto the sides of my panties, and tug them down. I close my legs a bit so you can move them down with ease. You catch a glance of the string that attaches the balls, and you look up at me.

The devilish expression allows me to know you approve. “Such a dirty girl, aren’t you, Beautiful?” You tug on the string just a little, making me gasp out. I don’t answer, there are no words needed.

Moving onto the bed, I lie on the sheets. You stand at the edge with my foot in your hand. You caress my heel, working your thumb along the bottom. Mmm, it feels so good. I want to object, because this was supposed to be about you, but I know I’ll return the favour in no time. Maybe you know it already also. You are after all my Sir.

You take my stocking from the top. You slowly you begin to peel it off of me. With one off, and the other covered you smile, taking the other and remove it just as slowly. My left foot in your hand, you take it and slowly start to suck on my big toe. Oh, hell I love it when you do that. The heat is rising higher deeper inside me.

The tug on my leash is sudden, but not rough. You pull me up into a sitting position, and offer me your thumb. I know what you want, and I take it into my mouth. I begin to suck on it gently, swirling my tongue around it teasingly. You simply enjoy me sucking on your thumb. I move to a kneeling stance.

A soft moan releasing from your lips, I know I’m doing a good job. You’re still dressed, but I can clearly see you’re excited through your jeans. I take your entire thumb, sucking on it just like I would your cock. Oh, it’s so good. A slight twinge of salt, and your soap, a perfect mix, it tastes so good. You kick off your shoes whilst I suck on your thumb, I’m not moving fast. It’s a slow, delicate suck. A soft suckling noise is caused by it.

Using your talents, you take your pants off with just one hand. You don’t want me to stop sucking, and I don’t stop. I want to continue to please you as you undress. You move with grace, undressing with just the shirt left. Even that dangles from the wrist of the hand I suck upon. You let your thumb pop from my mouth, and I give you a slight pout.

“Mmm, I love when you do that, sweetness. You have such the perfect mouth.”

I pucker my bottom lip out just a little more, teasing you. I know exactly how much you like when I pout for you. Once more you have me lie back on the bed. My knees are apart for you, at the edge of the bed, you kneel before me. My arse is just barely on the bed, giving you full accesses to everything. You smile up at me, and I know I’m in for a real treat.

Your tongue slides along my slit, working slowly from the top, a perfect ease going downwards. You are barely touching me, which is driving me insanely hot. How do you always manage to do that to me? The balls feel as though they’ve grown bigger inside me, which of course isn’t possible, but it feels like it. You take the string that dangles there, and tugs it lightly with your teeth.

“Oh hell, this isn’t going how I expected it to,” I breathe out through a moan. You tug gently, not wanting them to slide out just yet. I let out a light whimper.

“Is that so? Is it bad, my sweet?” The question is obvious, you’re so cheeky. I just wanted to do all the pleasing, but how can I go wrong with this? Mmm so perfect!

“I-I no, Sir, of course not. If this is what you want, it’s what I want.” I gasp out, as your tongue flicks over my clit whilst I answer. You did that on purpose! Hell, such a tease.

“That’s my good girl. Now just let me do as I like.” The words are soft, but firm. I would never dream of disobeying you.

Parting my lips, you softly begin to lick my clit. It’s swollen and screaming for the attention, or maybe that’s just me inside my head. My moans are clear though. I want what you offer me. You don’t plan to stop. Every so often you tug on the balls, sending the weight shifting inside me. God Damn! My dark, wet haven is for you to do as you wish with. The sensitive touches send me into a new world. My nerve endings are all over the place, in such a delight.

You find my clit, circling it whilst I sigh sweetly, begging for more. You suck it into your mouth. You catch it between your teeth, causing me to squeal out. You hold it there, and let your tongue dance over the part you have captured. Your tongue moves quickly, every so often sucking hard on my clit. Building me higher to my orgasm, I gasp between breathes, wanting this to never end.

It’s like I’m in a haze, on another planet. We’ve entered our perfect utopia. This is a place only we’re allowed. No other can reach us here. My heart thumping harder, I can feel the sensation of having to release so close. Dizzying explosions of feelings build high, within moments I come with a soul-shattering intensity. I feel myself convulse hard, you keep me in place, never letting up on me. It causes the orgasm to erupt repeatedly until I’m utterly spent.

Whimpering out at the smallest touches, I feel as though my body is ultra sensitive, which causes me to writhe in pleasure when you touch me. You’re now beside me, running your fingers gently over my chest and stomach, occasionally teasing my mound. I know we’re not done with one another, but you allow me to come down from the high you’ve caused me.

Are you ever going to let me have the control I wanted from the start? No, probably not. You might have even known what I had in mind all along. You like playing this game with me, don’t you?

I climb up on you, your eyes shine with lust, mine full of need. “May I please you now, Sir?” I ask, running my nails down your smooth chest of muscles and tapering down to a taut, flat abdomen. Your thick muscular thighs tighten and release at my words, clearly wanting to give in to it. I smile, waiting for your answer.

Ragged breathing so soon, you give me a nod, “You may.”

I move down to give you what I’ve wanted all along. Your firm flesh throbs for me, without even having to touch you. Your manhood aches to be touched as much as I needed. I can feel the balls inside me squeezing, knowing you’ll remove them soon enough. With grace, I lean down taking you into my mouth. Your straining shaft jumps slightly at my lips, almost wanting to dive into my throat. Teasing you, I lick your tip, tasting your flesh. Mmm, so soft, I love that. You taste so good. You know that, right?

I like it as much as when I was sucking on your thumb. However nothing beats sucking your cock. It feels so good in my mouth, a perfect cock to suckle on. I love what you can do with your cock. I hear the rain begin to come down hard outside. The weatherman did say it was going to rain. The smell of it even drifts inside the half opened window. Mm, I know we both like the smell of rain.

Coming down hard, it’s almost soothing. As if there is no one out there, we’re alone on this world. But, of course we are this is after all, our utopia, no one else is here. How could I possibly forget? The breeze blows in, tickling my back, making me arch slightly. You grin down at me, liking the reaction it gives me. You stroke my hair, soothing me more. My mouth works just the head of your cock. I’m sucking on it like it’s a piece of candy. So yummy, my favourite!

Moving your hips slightly, hoping I’ll take you further, you let out a groan. Flicking my tongue against your shaft, you let out a pleading moan. It’s hitting perfectly on that one spot you taught me so well to lavish. It’s right after the head of your cock, I love teasing you there. Your reaction to it is always so fucking sexy!

Before long I take you further into my mouth, swallowing you whole. I give into what I know you want, being your good girl. I know how much you can handle, and when you want more. I start to suck deeply, pulling you out of my mouth every so often. When I do I use my teeth to tease you. They scrap along your shaft wonderfully, which always makes you shudder out in bliss.

Without warning you buck slightly having me take more of you. I take you fully into the back of my throat, and you start thrusting upwards for me. I suck, you thrust, a perfect combination of hungry need. You can feel the moans I offer you on your shaft, humming the tune of lust. It causes you to join in with me. You moan, sometimes grunting as you thrust every so often. Mmm, yes I love it just like that, don’t stop.

Primal need takes over, and you begin to go faster. I don’t stop humming, moaning over your cock. I suck deeply, sucking my cheeks in to give it a better suction. You groan out, I know you’re close, you throb hard. The pulsing in your cock lets me know you are. I don’t give in, if anything I move faster. I want to taste your seed. Mmm, give it to me, Sir.

Suddenly you move to stand right there on the bed. I’m on my knees. I take you back in my throat. You twist my hair up into a nice grip, and start thrusting your cock into my mouth. I can taste your pre-cum, it’s filling my mouth quickly. Mmm, yes you’re so close. You have complete control of my mouth right now.

The head of your cock bangs against the back of my throat, with one final thrust you explode. You come wickedly hard for me, coming with all you can offer me. You’re locked in bliss. I take over again and suck on you. I’m not as hard, I’m gentle, with caring need I suck on you. I milk you dry, making sure to get all you can offer me.

Groaning out, your grip loosens on me, my head bobbing lightly taking all of you. I can feel your cock throb and jolt every so often with a sensitive touch. I love when it does that. You move to slide out of my mouth, collapsing onto the bed, you let out a soft moan. Moving up to you, I lick at your shaft lightly. You are slowly growing soft, I gently lick at you, and making sure you are clean. I know how much you dislike a mess. I don’t want you upset.

“You’re such a good girl, beautiful girl.” You look down at me, love for me radiates off of you. I blush deeply, not saying a word. You have me kneel between your legs, and you tug gently on my Ben Wa Balls with one hand, the other making small circles on my clit. I know you want me to come again, and with the perfect way you’re teasing me, I know it’ll happen.

“Come for me, beautiful,” you moan lightly. It sends tiny shock waves through me. Your fingers move with skilled motions over my clit, tugging the string a little more. I whimper out, tilting my head back. I let out a ragged moan, and feel the tense feeling of my whole body lock up. I cry out your name, and feel myself erupt hard. With one swift movement, you pull the balls from me, causing the orgasm that is already so intense all the stronger. I nearly lose my balance. I catch myself, and save myself from falling over. My orgasm is strong, so fucking beautiful. I moan out your name again, whimpering with need.

Finally when it’s passed, I kiss my way up your toned body, until I’m at your lips. You kiss me softly. A light groan escapes my throat. Mmm, you always make me feel so damn wanted… Always.

“I love you, Sir.”

“And I love you, Beautiful.”

Without even having to ask, I know I've made you happy once again. I was after all taught by the best. You’re the world’s best Sir, and you’re my Sir.

How lucky could a girl get?

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