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Orally Devoted

A man finds pleasure from a black woman after he saves her...
She was on fire, the first girl I saw when I walked into the party, her long hair, her sparkling eyes, her laugh that sounded like wind chimes, her slender, yet curvaceous figure.. from head to toe she was pure temptation. I loved how her dark skin shimmered as the lights brushed on and off of her to the beat of the music.

I quickly pulled a friend aside to find out her name, he didn't know, she had come alone and no one knew her. A crowd of guys had already formed around her, like a pack of wolves around a piece of meat. Pathetic fools.

I nonchalantly found myself a couple beers and began making my way over. She seemed uncomfortable, and a few of the older guys were starting to try and touch her. They were pretty drunk.

I pushed the guys aside and handed her a Blue Moon,
"Here darling, let's find a quieter spot, shall we?"
She took the beer hesitantly, she looked at me, then at the group of guys, and followed me upstairs.

We opened a door, hoping to find some peace and quiet, but unfortunately the room was taken by a couple already out of their clothes and fucking the hell out of each other; we laughed as we shut the door. I doubt that they even noticed us.

We walked down the hall until we found a nice room, we shut the door and we were finally alone.

She sat shyly on the bed next to me as we drank our beers, the conversation was slow and awkward, I started to say something about the couple next door but she put her finger over my lips and hushed me.
She put down her beer, to my amazement she was looking me straight in the eye and telling me exactly what she wanted.

She took my beer out of my hand and pulled me on top of her, we began kissing passionately, wildly. She pulled off my shirt and ran her fingers over my chest, then put her arms in the air so I could take hers off.
I pulled her shirt free and her beautiful breasts came tumbling out.

They hung in my face as she leaned over me, her long blond hair was draped over us, her little brown nipples were already getting hard as I ran my tongue over them.

I took her smooth brown breast in my hands and gently wrapped my lips around her nipple, sucking gently as my tongue moved around and around, tracing a slow circle. I felt her breathing get more intense. I began to lick her faster and suck her harder, I switched over to her other beautiful breast and began to suck and lick her other nipple, it was so hard, she was squirming wildly, begging me to suck her harder.
I sucked as hard as I could, it was making her crazy!

I slowed down and began to lick her between her breasts, gently massaging her large round tits in my soft hands, kneading them against my palms.

She pushed my face in between them and I gently nuzzled them, enjoying the warm feeling against my cheeks.

She pulled my head up to hers and kissed me deeply, she smiled mischievously and began to kiss down my chest to my belly, then she unbuttoned my pants, and my smooth, rock hard dick was pushing out of my boxers.

She smiled as she pulled my boxers off and took my pulsing cock in her hands, she began to kiss the head of my dick gently, then lick me from the tip all the way down the shaft to my balls. I was laying back on the bed with my eyes closed, my hands gripping the sheets tightly.

She teased my dick with her lips and tongue, I ached for her mouth, her soft, warm mouth, every breath I felt on my skin made me flex every muscle in my body.

She plunged my cock deep into her waiting mouth, up and down, so deep inside, her lips wrapped around my hard shaft, the head of my dick sliding over her soft moist tongue. I was gasping and I started to gently move against her, pushing up my hips and thrusting gently into her mouth.

Every inch of my long hard dick was in her mouth, between those seductive lips. I looked down and watched me going in and out of her, she was sucking so hard and licking so good! She held my balls in her hands and was gently playing with them as she took my dick deep into her tight warm throat, she looked up at me with her dazzling eyes and plunged me deep into her again.

"I am going to cum baby!" I warned her, thinking she would quickly let me pull out.
Her eyes smiled as she sucked faster and harder - I just couldn't control myself as I saw her brown lips going over my white cock over and over again.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming!" I shouted as my cum erupted out of me and exploded down her throat, as I pulled my cock out of her sweet mouth my cum spilled over her beautiful lips, she licked it off and swallowed every drop she could, smiling and giggling the whole time. I held her head in my hands and looked into her sweet face as I kissed her lip, still wet and warm from my cum.

We heard a knock at the door, and a voice said"Parties over guys, head on home!"
We hastily threw our clothes on and held hands as we exited our room.
I looked at her and asked, "Can I see you again?"
"Let fate decide, stud" she said with a sly smile.
"Wait!" I shouted after her as she walked away into the dark night.
"I didn't catch your name!"
But I never did receive an answer back.

I sighed and reached for my keys.
In my pocket I found a slip of paper with a number on it, I flipped it over, on the other side was neatly written:
"This is for my beautiful stranger."

I smiled as I climbed into my car; this was one hell of a night...

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