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Orally Pleased

I Can't Help But Wrap My Lips Around His Cock
Written By Poppet: For LushStories ONLY!

Orally Pleased

I seem to always wake up before my boyfriend and today of course is no different. I turn to face him and watch him sleep; he looks so peaceful and innocent. I can’t help but look at his face and his half covered body as he sleeps. He is so handsome and his features are strong but when he’s sleeping he looks so different but still hot as ever.

I run a finger over his arm and down over his torso ever so lightly. He stirs, moving to lie on his back; he doesn't wake though and is quiet once more. I pull the covers up, exposing all his naughty bits. I grin and can’t help myself, knowing how much I enjoy feeling his cock in my mouth. I wriggle down to get closer to him. His cock is laying there semi hard as it seems to always be in the morning. Leaning in, I lick him gently and he still doesn't wake. I adjust his cock and begin to suck ever so lightly on the tip of his cock. I can feel him growing harder against my fingers. I slowly start sucking him further into my mouth, tasting the warmth of his flesh glide along my tongue. He tastes so good. I let out a soft pleasure moan which causes his hips to lift. I can’t tell now if he’s sleeping and it was a body reaction or if he’s awake and not wanting me to stop. He is still doesn't move. I know he’s still asleep.

My mouth begins to work him slowly again, taking him further into my mouth with each inch. I love how hard and throbbing he gets for me even in his deepest sleep. It makes my pussy drip with lust. I coil my tongue around his long thick shaft as I start a bit faster pace on him, wanting to feel him raging hard and awake, moaning my name. My tongue is wrapped around him as I push in further; I let out a low moan and hear him groan. He moves just slightly as I make slight eye contact with him as he peers down at me with half open eyes and a grin.

“Do you know what the most beautiful thing to see is?”

I remove my mouth from his cock slowly before speaking. “Hmm, no tell me. What is the most beautiful thing to see is?”

“It would be this. Me waking up to my beautiful girlfriend with her mouth wrapped around my cock sucking me awake.”

“I don’t have your view point but I have my own and I have to say I love the view from this angle, so I’m going to go head and agree with you, baby.”

“I’m glad that makes two of us. By all means don’t let me stop you, keep going.”

I wrap my hungry lips back around him, keeping my eyes on his face, watching him wake up as I swallow his cock whole, deep into my mouth. I let my tongue flick and caress the underside of his shaft, my fingers moving between his legs as I gently massage his balls. My mouth skillfully sucks on him with each deep monition. I hear him groan and shift his hips to lift a bit, having me take a little more then I intended to. I let myself pick up speed a bit faster, wanting to give him what he wants, tasting how hard and throbbing he is for me in my throat. Now I can’t help but moan.

At this point I’m so turned on by pleasing him that as I suck him, I start playing with my own self. My fingers part my slit and move to my clit, teasing myself I begin to hum a moan over his thick shaft. He is moving his hips faster, lifting them higher. I know he wants to take control but I don’t make any movement until he does so. My mouth is working him quicker and deeper as I feel the head of his cock fill the back of my throat. The taste of his pre-cum fills my mouth as I suck on him, the tastiness of him drips down my throat. His fingers find my hair, gripping my head tightly; he starts to force more of his cock in my tight throat and as he moans out I can feel he is close to orgasm. The thought of tasting him makes me whine out a long moan as I flick my fingers over my clit faster, wanting to orgasm with him. My teeth run along his shaft as he pumps himself into my mouth, sucking on every last inch of his shaft. He forces more and more of him into my throat. His balls are pressed against my face slightly; I tickle them slightly which sends him over the edge. He orgasms so hard it gags me almost, I swallow him whole in one gulp as I orgasm hard to my own touch.

“Nothing, I repeat nothing beats the way your mouth works on my cock, you sweet girl. You have a mouth to kill for.”

“Now now baby, you spoil me with your praises.”

“Well, you spoil me with random wake up calls, that’s the least I can do, isn't it?”

“I suppose your right. How about we go have a shower?”

“I think that’s doable.”

We climb out of bed and head to the master bathroom. I turn on the shower and let the steam fill the room as we move into the shower. Of course even after both of us having an orgasm we can’t keep our hands off each other. He pulls me close to him, kissing him deeply, his tongue searching and caressing mine as my body shakes in delight. His fingers tangle in my hair, keeping me close to his body as he now sucks hard on my lower lip, making me moan out for him. Our kiss is steamy as it is ends and we finish our shower knowing we both have work and need to get a move on.

My work day seems to fly by and I come home tired as ever but with the sound of music coming from our apartment, I guessed that my boyfriend is home before me. I unlock the door and see him standing there fully nude and rock hard. I can’t help but smile and blush looking at him. Every last inch of him is absolutely outstanding and I had the sudden urge to want to taste every part of him.

“And what are you doing standing there looking all hot and ready for, baby?”

“Well, baby I haven’t been able to get you off my mind all day and this is the result and I have some things I want to do with you.”

“Oh, really is that so?”

“That is so; now strip, before I rip them off myself.”

“That sounds tempting but I rather like my clothes as is. I’ll do it.”

“Let’s get on with it then, I’m waiting.”

He walks toward the bedroom with his cute ass moving so easily. I follow him, dropping my clothes along the way. I can feel my excitement build for what’s in store. My nipples perk hard when I remove my top and bra, tossing them to the floor. I walk up to him and kiss his lips lightly, a just a barely there kiss, and he grips my arms and tosses me towards the bed. I land on the bed with a bounce and giggle at him.

“Aren’t we a little rough tonight?”

“Is that an issue with you, baby?”

“Not all, so far I seem to be enjoying it.”

“That’s a good girl.”

He strolls over towards the bed, climbing between my legs, yanking me down to lie flat on my back as he parts my legs wide. My heart races with anticipation as he wriggles down between my legs. I can feel the wet warmth of his lips on my inner thigh, working towards my supple, wet and ready pussy; his tongue slides along me, poking lightly at my clit and flicking gently, making me arch my back. My hips press forward into him which allows him to slide his hands under my ass, pulling me into him closer. His mouth devours his face into my pussy, sucking hard on my clit as his chin grinds against the rest of my pussy. My hips are thrusting into him, my body shaking, I can feel his fingers dig into my ass, forcing me even closer to him.

“Mmm fuck baby at this rate you’re going to make me cum so hard please don’t stop. I want to cum for you so bad!!!”

He doesn't answer me with words but by action. One of his hands slide from my ass and finds its way to my pussy. He slides a single finger into me and pumps just as hard as his mouth on my clit. He does this for the longest time before pulling his finger out and moving his tongue to dart in and out of me. He’s fucking me with his tongue like he would his cock. His fingers pinch and flick over my clit while his tongue fucks me faster. I can feel the width of his tongue spreading me deeply; the wet warmth of his tongue reaching areas can’t even fathom. I rock my hips at a slow pace to add more pleasure to his fast thundering speed inside me before moving back up to my clit and two fingers now push inside me. He widens his fingers inside me as he fucks me with them, making me cry out. He is sucking so hard on my clit that it’s more pain than pleasure but mixed with his fingers it sends me into an instant orgasm. My orgasm soaks his fingers and mouth as he drinks me deep. My heart is thundering hard against my chest as I call out his name between gasping moans.

No words are spoken as he crawls up my long, lean body, kissing every inch of my skin. My breathing is still rapid and without fail continues to be so, feeling his lips on my skin. I can feel him nip and bite gently on certain areas of my body. He does so on my hip bone, my rib cage, my left nipple then my right as he works towards my collar bone; reaching my neck, he nudges my jaw with his nose, exposing more of my neck which I extend for him. I can feel his lips move to my neck, sucking lightly at first. As minutes pass he deepens the sucking and I grip the back of his neck, keeping him close to me. I can feel the skin grow hotter and hotter as he sucks. I know he’ll leave a mark on me and it makes me ache from head to toe for him.

His lips leave my neck, finding their way to mine, kissing me with so much passion it makes my head spin. My head is hazed and light headed, I feel drunk but loving the feeling of what he does to me with his mouth. He breaks our kiss and looks at me with a sly grin; I bite my bottom lip knowing he’s not done with me.

“I want to taste more of you, baby. I’m going to make my way back down to that tender pussy and give you another orgasm.”

“With your skills, I’m sure it won’t take much at this rate, love.”

“We shall see, won’t we?”

“So it seems.”

My voice hitches a bit as I feel him begin to work down my body, kissing me almost the same way as he did when he came up to kiss me deeply. I purr out for him, loving his touch on me, aching and begging for more. Once his mouth reaches my mound, his tongue runs from my clit, down my slit, and over my wanting hole as he darts it in and out of me for a few strokes. He begins dragging his tongue down over the rest of my pussy and over to my ass. I let out a soft gasp, not even expecting him to touch me there yet I can’t help but slightly enjoy it. The hot wetness of his tongue teases my button; with a few probes not wanting to startle or scare me, he brings his tongue back up to my pussy, probing my hole then finding my clit once more before sucking on it hard. He lifts my ass once more, bringing his face down to my ass and lets his tongue circle around it lightly, causing my head to spin. Unsure of how I want to react, I can’t help but moan. We've never done something like this before and my mind can’t help but think of it but can’t seem to focus on it because the pleasure is building inside me.

A part of me wants him to stop but part of me wants him to go further. I couldn't think straight and I push my hips forward involuntary, wanting more; he takes the cue and pushes his tongue into my ass as I cry out his name, shocked by his action, shocked by the pleasure, aching for more. He gently begins to tongue fuck me, all the while caressing my clit, keeping it at complete attention. My moans building, I grip the sheets and let out a long low whine, feeling him move from my ass to my clit, suckling it hard back into his mouth which rocks me into such a hardcore orgasm I can’t breathe. It feels as though I would pass out from the pleasure he was causing. He drinks me with greed, licking me clean from my sweet tender pussy.

He comes back up, looking at me with a cocky grin as I try to pull myself back into the real world and focus on him. I can feel my head spin with pleasure, questions and aching for more of him. The more orgasm he gave me the more greedy I became of him.

“It seems you liked my little twist, baby. I haven’t seen you orgasm like that in a while.”

“I don’t even know what to think of it right now. I have never in all my life had such pleasured confusion. It felt amazing and awkward and different and weird all at the same time. I still don’t know what to think!”

“As long as you’re not thoroughly grossed out and upset with me.”

“That a no on both accounts. I’m not. You’re safe.”

“Good! Moving on, shall we?”

“We shall. What do you want next?”

“I want to try something new or new for us.”

“Oh Right because what we just did wasn't new for us.”

“That much is true but we’ll keep going with it.”

As he says this he gets up and pulls me to the edge of the bed. He hangs my head over the edge and part of my shoulders. I am upside down, seeing this from a new prospective. I’m not sure what he has in mind but I go with it. He climbs off the bed and around to where my head is hanging off the bed; I can feel my nipples hard and my clit swell with excitement. He is standing right in front of me and all I see is his thick throbbing cock. I know now what he wants to attempt and I’m totally down for it.

He takes a step forward, breaking the space between us and begins to run the tip of his cock along my pretty little mouth. I can feel the tip of his head run over my lips, already he has pre-cum. I can taste the saltiness of him as I let out a light, barely there moan. He presses the tip against my lips, pushing my lips to open, feeling the head of his cock begin to fill my mouth. I open my mouth just enough to feel his cock begin to fill me; he is throbbing hard and can feel the pulse in his cock on my tongue. His fingers reach under my head and grip my hair, holding me close he begins a slow thrust in me. It was more teasing himself then anything but it made me tremble with desire. My lips are tight around him as he thrusts into me; I listen to nothing but the groans coming from him, the moans from me and the slight slurping noise as I suck on his cock.

“Mmm fuck baby. I love the way I feel in your mouth. That mouth of yours works magic, I swear.”

I nod my head just slightly, agreeing with him while I coil my soft wet tongue around his thick cock. He begins to pick up speed, fucking my mouth deeper. I can feel my teeth run along the length of his shaft. His groans turn into utter moans of pure ecstasy. I allow my moans to turn into hums to increase the powerful pleasure that he is feeling as he fucks my mouth. He moves in closer, forcing me to gag on his cock, feeling him fill my throat while he leans forward to now pinch and pull hard on my nipples. His hips are doing all the work as he pumps my throat full of his cock. My mouth is working its magic as he puts it. I can feel my tongue coiling around him again, coating him thick with my saliva and his own pre-cum, my teeth running along his shaft. He keeps his right hand on my nipple; the left hand creeps down and finds my clit. He isn't gentle, pinching it hard. I cry out through a mouth full of cock and it allows him to push deeper into my throat.

“Fuck! Oh damn baby your throat is so fucking tight!”

He begins to thrust so hard and deep that I can feel my head bobbing up and down with each thrust. My humming is now turned to slight gagging as he fucks me faster, deeper; I can hear his moans increase while he pinches and plays with my clit. I know he wants me to orgasm on his cock while he busts his nut inside my mouth. I can feel myself closer to an orgasm. He drives his cock deeper into my throat, forcing me to take him to the hilt as he holds himself inside me I let out a long deep hard moan, allowing my vocal cords to vibrate hard on him. He lets out a hard grunting moan.

“Oh fuck baby, here it comes!”

His roaring moan is telling me he is close and it makes me so throb hard; I feel my hips lift, allowing his fingers to move quicker over my clit. His entire body stiffens hard; he moans out and a hot thick stream of cum fills my throat. I swallow in gulps, trying to take it all and as he cums, his fingers never let up on me. His moans alone send me over the last bit of edge as I begin to orgasm hard for him. I feel the waves of my orgasm rush from the deepest parts of me as I cum hard for him. His orgasm fills my mouth, swallowing him gone as I milk on him once his orgasm has subsided. I can feel his whole body twitch and ache from the massive blow, so to speak.

Once we both have regained ourselves, he climbs back onto the bed, pulling me into his arms. He is holding me tight to him, not wanting to break the space between us. It feels as though we’re nearly fused together as one. Though it’s still early on in the evening we lounge in bed and cuddle, talking about nothing and everything.
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