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Orgasms in the Sunny Meadow

Jennifer loses two bets, but gets a new boyfriend

Jennifer got me to volunteer for the local woods cleanup day that our College was sponsoring. We lived in the same dorm and had talked a few times. She was perky and seemed fun, but I had been so busy trying to keep up with my classes that I had not had time to really get to know her. I wasn't sure if she was my type or not, but I figured it would be nice to help cleanup the woods around our school. I would enjoy being outdoors in the sun on a nice spring day rather then cooped up in the library studying. Spending some time with Jennifer, a pretty girl that might like me, wouldn't be too bad either.

"Glad you showed up," Jennifer said as I walked up to the parking lot near the area we were assigned to help cleanup. Her cropped blond hair gleamed in the sun as she smiled at me. I immediately noticed that she was not wearing a bra under her tee shirt. Yes, I have that special no-bra-detection power that guys seem to develop as they reach their teens. Passing my Calculus classes is hard, but detecting the slightest hint of a girl's 'bumps' through her top is effortless.

"No problem, when do we start?" I asked, consciously keeping my gaze on her face. If this girl thought she was going to get me interested in her by not wearing a bra she was correct. I can be a showoff too, so I pulled off my tee shirt, walked over to a nearby tree, and hung it on a branch. Jennifer eyed my body as I walked back to her from where I had hung my shirt. I stretched my arms into the air, showing off my muscles a bit.

Jennifer exhaled when I arrived back and smiled boldly up at me. It seemed to me, as I glanced at them, that the bumps on her tee shirt had become more pronounced. I felt a slight stir in my groin.

"We pick up trash bags from Jim over at the truck then walk through the woods and pickup any trash we find," she said. I met her gaze evenly, proud that, even in the face of nipples poking through her tee shirt, I had not gotten too excited. Good thing, because the tight shorts I was wearing wouldn't hide my excitement too well.

Jennifer turned and walked over to an old white pickup truck that had several students standing around it. She gestured me to follow. As she walked, me being a guy and all, I gazed at her rear. This was a mistake because my shorts quickly became tighter as I watched her shapely backside and the visible panty lines on her shorts as she walked. Panicking, I looked up into the air and thought non-erotic thoughts as I followed her, trying to keep myself from getting a raging, and visible, erection.

I thought I had my groin mostly back under control as I arrived at the truck. I assumed Jim was the older guy in the bed of the white pickup truck handing out large brown paper leaf bags. He told us to search the woods for trash and in an hour bring our bags back to him.

As we got our bags, Jennifer checked out my shorts and smiled. Damn. I was embarrassed as we walked toward the woods, I guess I hadn't gotten myself as much under control as I had thought I had. As we reached the edge of the woods, Jennifer leaned into my body and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Don't worry, that's the response I was hoping for." I nearly dropped my trash bag as I felt the soft swell of her breasts press against my bare chest. Urgent need flared in my groin as my cock grew hot and hard against her warm abdomen.

"How about a small side bet," she whispered to me softly, "whoever fills their trash bag the most gets a wish from the other." Her breath smelled of peppermint. Her body smelled wonderfully feminine.


"Yes, if you win I will pleasure you in any way your heart desires, but, if you lose than you have to do what I say."

I accepted her provocative bet and we took our bags into the airy woods. I enjoyed the shade of the trees and the soft breeze on my body as I quickly moved to pick up trash. My thick bulge was clearly visible, canted off to one side, in my shorts as I worked, but I didn't care, I wanted to win badly. I thought about my wish and got fixated on good her mouth would feel as it engulfed me.

The time passed quickly as I picked up trash and after an hour I was covered with sweat. As I carried my bag to the white pickup truck I spotted Jennifer walking up. Her bag was bulging while mine was only about half full.

"I win," she said with a mischievous grin, "you didn't even fill up your bag."

"He did," said Jim up in the back of the truck as he took her bag, "he already dropped off a huge bag ten minutes ago."

I smiled as her grin slipped away. I had won the bet.

Jennifer and I held hands and walked through an empty meadow deep in the woods. The meadow was filled with flowers and tall grass. Birds could be heard chirping in the tall surrounding trees.

"So do I get my winnings tonight?" I asked.

"Maybe," she said,"what did you decide on?"

"Well," I said somewhat embarrassed, "I'd like to feel your mouth on me."

"A blowjob," she laughed, "I should have guessed. You could have had anything and you ask for that."

"It seems like a good choice to me."

"Suit yourself, but you could have played with my nude body for hours. You could have have taken me from behind and watched my rear as you came. You could have felt my pussy or ass squeeze you as you climaxed. You could have tied me up or something. Guys, you have no imagination at all beyond getting your dick sucked."

"Oh," I gulped, now sweating from more than the sun's heat. Maybe I hadn't really thought my choice through as well as I thought.

"How about I blow you right here and now," Jennifer said putting her hands softly on my bare stomach.

"Okay, but I'm sweaty," I mumbled as her hands worked at my shorts and pushed them and my briefs down around my ankles. I stood nude in the tall grass. My semi-erect penis hung down. Sweat dripped down my muscular abdomen to my balls. I felt the sun and the breeze on my groin and rear. It felt odd, and somewhat exposed, to be outside in broad daylight with my cock hanging out.

Jennifer stood and gazed at my groin, "First some visual stimulation," she said as she lifted her shirt over her head and then bent over to pull down her shorts. She stood in front of me in just green panties. My cock stirred at the site of her thin young body. Her small firm breasts accented by two dark nipples.

"Seems to be working," she said smiling as she put her hands on her hips, "I guess you like seeing me in just my little panties."

"You are so beautiful," I said as she moved to me, "and I do like your little panties." Her head tilted up to kiss me as her breasts pressed against my nude torso. I felt the pressure of her hard nipples on my chest. My erect cock probed blindly into the fabric of her panties as our tongues met. We kissed passionately.

Jennifer squatted down in front of my cock. I could feel the warmth of the sun along its shaft and tip. Not a good place to get sunburned, I thought, as I watched Jennifer's cute face carefully examine my erection. I noticed she had cute freckles on her nose

Wetness engulfed my cock as Jennifer took it into her mouth. She flicked her tongue all around its sensitive flesh. Pleasure flowed from my groin outward, my nipples hardened, and my knees became weak. I gasped. Jennifer stopped and looked up at me. My penis slid wetly out of her mouth.

"I guess that is working," she said as she gripped my shaft firmly with her right hand. She started stroking. She tilted her head so that her tongue could gently lick my balls. The warmth of her tongue on my flesh excited me, the coolness of the breeze as she moved on to lick another area also excited me. Her stroking began to feel better and better as a warmth began to grow deep in my groin and my breathing became deeper and louder.

Jennifer stopped stroking and my abdomen involuntarily thrust out toward her face. Her hands gripped my ass tightly as she took my penis deep into her mouth. The sudden warmth of her mouth around my hard shaft almost made me explode. Again and again she engulfed my penis in her mouth.

I took in and held a deep breath as my body neared orgasm. I gazed at Jennifer's head as she repeatedly swallowed my shaft. Her short blonde hair blowing in the breeze as she moved. I listened to the soft wet sounds she made as she worked. My gazed traveled down her back to where her pale skin met the green fabric of her panties. I enjoyed the way her panties accentuated the feminine shape of her ass as she squatted in the tall grass. I felt the hot sun on my nude and aroused body.

Jennifer stopped taking me deep in her throat and, with just the tip of my penis in her mouth, quickly lapped her tongue on the sensitive underside of my penis. I felt a soft warm breeze across my balls as I climaxed.

I exhaled and groaned as cum began to bubble in pleasure-filled pulses from my cock into Jennifer's mouth. Her tongue still worked under the tip of my penis as I spent myself. Pleasure coursed through my body at each pulse. The hot sun and warm breeze intensified my pleasure.

Jennifer let my still pulsing cock slide from her mouth and smiled up at me. "Good boy, you responded so quickly."

"Really," I said breathing heavily, "I bet I could make you respond just as quickly."

Jennifer stood. "I lost the last bet," she said, "what do I have to do if I lose this one?"

"Grant another wish, of course," I answered.

She nodded and I cupped her breasts with my hands. As I knelt down in front of her, I slid my hands down her stomach and abdomen to the edge of her panties. I looked up at her beautiful body against the bright afternoon sky. Her breasts were even more enticing when viewed from below.

I leaned my head into her crotch and inhaled. Her feminine smell filled my head making my penis instantly harden. I bet I could orgasm again just by breathing in her scent, but then I would lose the bet.

I reached up with my right hand and began to gently rub the front of her panties. Jennifer began to moan softly. I used my left hand to reach around and fondle her ass. Slowly I began to rub my right hand lower into the crotch of her panties, causing her to push out her abdomen toward me. Clearly my efforts were going to be rewarded.

I stopped and used my hands to slightly spread her legs. Using my right hand I pulled away the crotch of her panties to expose her pussy. It was beautiful, covered with soft blonde hair. I moved in my head and licked her labia with my tongue. Using only my tongue, I gently forced her lips apart and focused more and more on her clitoris, causing her to moan in pleasure and push her groin into my face. As my tongue worked her breathing became deeper and louder.

I reached around with my left hand and slid a finger down the back of her panties to her other hole. Through the material of her panties I applied a firm but gentle pressure with my finger.

Jennifer's back arched and she cried out in orgasm. Her hands went around my head and pushed me slightly away from her pussy. Her panties snapped back into place and I hugged her pelvis as she cried out for several moments.

As she regained control, she looked down at me. "I guess I lose again. What is your wish?"

"I want you to be my girlfriend," I said with a smile on my face.

Jennifer knelt next to me in the grass. "Yes," she answered, "Yes, I will." Her arms were around me and she kissed me deeply. Our tongues met for several moments.

"I taste funny," she said licking her lips as she pulled away.

"You taste and smell wonderfully erotic to me."

She looked down at my swollen member. "I guess I do." She turned away from me and leaned down on all fours. "Time for your new girlfriend to take care of that swelling."

I moved up to her and slid her panties down her rear to her knees. Her shapely ass was wonderful to behold in the bright afternoon sun. The blonde hair of her pussy became visible as she leaned her head to the ground.

As I brought my abdomen to her rear, she took my penis in her right hand, and as girls seem to naturally know how to do, guided me into her. The feeling of her inside was pure pleasure. My cock caressed her every contour, enjoying it again and again. My hands gripped her hips as I thrust again and again. The tall grass around us blew in the wind as I groaned loudly and ejaculated into Jennifer's pussy.

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