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Our secret afternoon.

What happened when Mark called me over one afternoon.
As Mark and Launa's babysitter I found I wasn't exactly doing much baby sitting these days! Since losing my virginity to my two very sexy employers they had now found a much more entertaining reason to call me over.

I'd been round to spend the evening with them half a dozen times or more after our first encounter when one afternoon I got a text from Mark asking me to pop over. I knew Launa was working that day so assumed Mark needed me to watch their son while he went out or something.

I let myself in through the back door as usual to find Mark in the kitchen wearing a bath robe and drinking a can of beer. "What's up?" I asked.

"Nothing, just fancied a chat, I'm all alone in the house and though you might want to keep me company?"

"That's cool" I said as I sat down on the edge of the dining table.

"So what have you been up to these last few days?" Mark asked. I launched into a story of how I'd been planning a weekend at a festival with my friend when Mark's hand started to wander from my ankle, further and further up my leg until it was almost at my crotch. I could see he was hard under his robe.

"What are you doing"? I asked.

"What does it feel like I'm doing?"

"But we cant, what about Launa?" I replied.

"What Launa doesn't know cant hurt her can it? If I don't tell her and neither do you then how is she ever going to know?"

"I guess so". I Couldn't help myself, I was horny as hell. It was a really hot afternoon and the summer makes my sex drive rocket. Mark peeled off my shorts and skimpy vest and I made short work off relieving him of his bath robe. We kissed and caressed for a few minutes when Mark stopped. He grinned at me, took me by the hand and led me upstairs.

We got to his and Launa's bedroom and he sat me down on the end of the bed and asked "Do you trust me?"

"I guess so, why?"

"There's something I've always wanted to try but Launa's not into it".

"Which is?"

Mark went over to the closet a rummaged around for a minute. He closed the door and when he turned around I saw he was holding some sort of straps with four cuffs attached and what looked like a blindfold. "Kinky" I giggled.

"Launa has a thing about it, I bought these a few years ago but she won't try it, something about feeling out of control or something but I told her that's the whole point".

Feeling in a daring mood I said "Why not, I'll try anything once".

I slid backward into the middle of the bed. Mark began by strapping the black patent cuffs around my ankles and then to the corner posts of the bed before doing the same with my wrists to the top posts. He was silent and breathing heavily as he leaned in to tie the black velvet blindfold around my head. I started to feel a little nervous.

I felt the bed dip as Mark climbed on next to me. It was a strange but sexy feeling not knowing what was going to happen next, I liked it.

I heard Mark pull open the draw on the bed side cabinet then seconds later heard him rubbing his hands together. Before I could ask what he was doing I felt his warm, oiled hands on my boobs and could smell coconut. "Mm, is that edible?" I asked, Mark slipped a finger into my mouth for me to taste what he was oiling me up with. His hands slid all over me, from my nipples, down my stomach and to my now hair free pussy (Mark and Launa preferred me to be smooth). I loved the feeling of his hands slipping and sliding all over me, I was aching for him to start fucking me so I started to beg for him to do it. "Fuck me Mark, fuck me hard, I need you in me now".

"All in good time my dirty little girl" was his reply.

Mark stopped what he was doing and climbed on top of me, pushing my ample tits together he started thrust his cock between them. His cock slid with ease as he thrust, as the tip of his oiled length hit my chin so I opened my mouth. He held onto my hair at each side of my head as shoved his oily, firm cock in and out. I started to gag a little as his tip hit the back of my throat but I was powerless to stop him. I tried to get a sound out to tell Mark to ease up a little but all that came out was a pathetic muffled noise, he took this as encouragement and started going faster. I was finding it hard to breathe now and my eyes were watering. Mark could see that I was at my limit and finally he came. I'd never let anyone come in my mouth before but I didn't really have a lot of say in the matter. Hot jets of spunk hit the back of my throat and I had to choice but to swallow some of it, the rest dribbled back out an ran down my chin. He finally withdrew his now flaccid cock from my mouth. "YOU BASTARD" I shouted!

"What?" Mark laughed.

"Undo me know!" I demanded.

"Get lost" He chuckled, "you'll hit me"

"Dam right I'm going to hit you, now let me go!"

"Look I really am sorry babe, I just got carried away, will you at least let me make it up to you before I undo the straps?"

I had to think for a minute but really I was in no position to argue. I took a deep breath to steady my voice."Make it good and I'll consider not knocking your head off once I'm free" I pouted.

Mark got up from the bed and I heard him walking across the room and open the closet again. Holy shit! I thought to myself not knowing what he was going to bring back with him but a quiet humming noise soon put my mind at rest and started a stirring between my legs.

I felt a cool, hard object touch my cheek. It moved slowly downwards, tickling my bottom lip before buzzing down my neck. As it hit my nipple I gasped. My nipples have always had a direct line to my groin and I could feel myself starting to ooze. Down my stomach he continued and finally reached where I desperately needed to be touched.

The humming toy touched my clit and I let out a moan. Mark dipped it into my sopping wet pussy then slid it back over my clit and repeated it several times "I cant believe I don't have one of those" I gasped, "I've been missing out big time!"

Mark parted my lips with his fingers and circled my now erect clit with the vibrator. I had to fight hard not to explode straight away but I wanted this to last. I writhed around on the bed, I was totally out of control and had no way of limiting how hard of fast he pushed. I was moaning loudly now. He took the smooth buzzing toy and jammed it inside me with one hard shove. I yelled out "OH". Mark thrusted and thrusted with the vibrator and leaned in and started licking me at the same time. I started screaming in pleasure faster and faster went his thrusts and firmer and firmer became his licking until I couldn't have stopped myself if I'd tried. I came and I came hard! My juices gushing out of me and soaking Marks face, each thrust of the vibrator caused it to squirt and make sloshing noises.

My orgasm subsided and I just laid there covered in oil, my thighs soaked in my own ejaculations and Mark's spunk still on my chin. "Is it safe to let you go now?" Mark asked tentatively.

"If you've got the balls" I laughed.

He undid my ankles first, then took off the blindfold. He paused for a moment and asked "You sure it's safe?"

"Perfectly" I replied.

Mark removed one strap followed by the other. SLAP! I belted him straight across the head. "That's for trying to choke me". I grabbed his nipple and twisted it hard "And that's for shooting your load in my mouth" I said smiling as I wiped my chin.

A quick shower and I rushed back home. I didn't want Launa to catch us together. How Mark was going to explain the oily, come soaked bed sheets God only knows but that was his problem not mine.


The next day I was doing some revision when my phone beeped. It was a message from Launa. "Can you come straight over here, we need to talk".

My heart jumped into my mouth. "SHIT she knows!"

I started panicking, what was I going to say? I didn't know Marks side of the story so had no way of knowing how much she knew. I paced up and down my bedroom trying to come up with an idea but failed. I couldn't just ignore the text, what if she stormed over here and started a scene in front of my mother? I couldn't risk it, I had to go over there and face the music.....................

Want to know what happened next? Keep checking back. It will be worth the wait!

Part 4- The ugly truth and the camcorder.

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