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Paris is Not Just a City in France

Two friends having oral
It’s something about sucking a massive dick at work in the employee bathroom knowing your about to get caught that turns me on. I hear the voices in the kitchen. Management going up and down the stairs, servers trying to get into the bathroom and it’s time for us to get on the floor. But yet I am in the bathroom, on my knees taking a co-workers dick in my mouth. He’s semi-hard and it touches my throat. I’m excited about when it gets harder. I hear him let out a soft moan of pleasure so I know I’m on the right track. As I continue to suck that tasty dick, I slide my hand in my pants to feel my wetness. My juices are leaking and soaking my panties. I can’t believe I’m here sucking his dick, at work, we can get caught, I’m getting super turned on…and I don’t want to stop.

Eight Months Ago……

For a female, working in a restaurant, there is always that guy. That guy who makes you smile, make you think, easy on the eyes, shower you with compliments and make you want to do some nasty things. At my job, Paris Mitchell is that guy. When I first started training at Cucina Italiana Paris was the bartender. I remember the first time I seen him. I was in a server training class and I remember the GM saying, “I wonder where Paris is. He’s never late. I hope he’s okay.” My first thought was what straight guy has a name Paris. So it was made up in my mind that this Paris guy was gay. About 10 minutes later this guy walks in and apologizes to the GM for being late and passes her a Dunkin Donuts cup of coffee. She says thank you Paris and returns to our class. I was thinking what?! That guy could not have been Paris. There’s no way he can be gay, he’s too fine. Returning my attention back to the class, I was thinking of ways I could talk to him. Ways I can engage myself into a conversation with him without looking desperate. Training class dragged on for another 2 hours and we came to the best part…eating. Being new servers we get to try the entrée’s to see what they’re like. As the GM begins to go over the food set before us, she get’s called away and asks Paris to come over to finish describing the food. As he goes through the ingredients of Eggs Benedicto, I can’t help but stare. He is so sexy. Paris Mitchell is 5”8, African- American, slim with muscles, a sexy smile, great personality, and a straight comedian. He’s an ex-college football star for a highly accredited university so his body is tight. And me being a big girl, I love that little detail. When I left that day, all I could envision is that sexy smile and that unique laugh.

The more time I spent at Cucina the more I got to know Paris. The restaurant business can be very stressful and ball breaking if you allow it to be. Paris kept me grounded and focused on the prize……Mo’Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money….and Mo’ Money. The more I worked, the more I hoped to see him, the more I saw him, the closer we became. He became a great set of ears. No need to see a therapist, because he was my therapist. Because he took the time to listen and generally care, I always tipped him extra. We went from co-workers to friends to family. He is my big brother and I am his little sister. I would go to war for him and he would do the same for me. But on the flip side I have very strong feelings for my brother. I love the way he makes me laugh, I love the sound of his laugh, the compliments he gives me, the smile on his face and his overall caring heart. He is the man I would love to marry and make babies with. But I strongly doubt that will ever happen because our friendship and our love for each other as friends is so strong.

When the choice was made for me to go back to Cucina Italiana full-time, it felt like my situations became greater, from education to the job to my career to my personal life and love life. Needless to say that on this particular day I was totally stressed out and I already have that crazy and deranged personality. Paris knew some things were up, but I just wasn’t in the mood to discuss them. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant you know what it’s like, sexual tension, sneaky comments and actually “touching” parts of the body that no one else can see.

Paris would say, “Right behind.”

And I would say, “Ha. That’s how I like it.”

He’d brush up against my breast, I’d lean over a little too much, he’d smack my ass, and I’d rub his dick. All this going on before our shift starts and I’m being overly stressed.

As were walking back towards the kitchen together he keeps looking at me.

“What’s wrong Krys?” he says.

“Nothing is wrong. I’m cool,” I say.

He looks at me with a skeptical yea, right type of look. So I look down and notice how he’s bulging out of his pants. And I ask, “Are you hard?”

He says, “Nah. He’s just that big.” And he begins to laugh in his own unique way.

We walk into the kitchen and I say, “I want to suck him.”

He looks at me funny and starts to laugh.

“Why are you laughing? I’m serious.”

He looks at me cockeyed, and says, “You can’t handle it. I’m telling you I am big as shitt.”

While he’s talking I’m contemplating what it would be like to fuck Paris. What it would be like to be the woman in his life. Hell, what it would be like to have him murder my mouth with his dick. I lick my lips and say, “It’s not worth having if don’t touch the tonsils.”

I feel like he’s looking at me in a way that he‘s having several mixed thoughts and emotions.

I look at him and say, “C’mon. Let’s go in the bathroom.” He looks at me with a devilish grin and I pull him into the employee bathroom and close the door behind me. I wonder what he’s thinking and I’m thinking am I really about to do this. We’ve never discussed us doing anything sexual on the serious tip, but I’ve always thought about it because I’ve always had feelings for him. I look at him, and before anything is said or done we hear voices outside the bathroom. Our co-worker, John, is trying to come in but the door is locked. He knocks on the door, but neither I nor Paris said anything, mostly because we’re trying to keep from laughing. Paris looks at me and says, “I’m just going to turn the lights out.” When he does we hear John say, “Well, somebody is in there because they just turned the lights out.” As Paris continues to lean against the sink while listening to what going on outside I begin to stare at him in the darkness and think. This scenario right here cannot possibly end well. So I’m going for mines because I didn’t come all the way in here for nothing. I kneel down on the floor and fumble for the opening of his pants. I find his belt and I begin to unbuckle it. I unbutton his pants, pull down the zipper and find the opening of his boxers. YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I reach in and grab his semi hard, yet big dick, and placed it in my mouth. It tasted so good. I gave him a few a strokes of what I can do and showed him a few tricks. I licked my tongue up and down his shaft and did a few figure 8’s. I tried to stick my tongue in his tip and did a few circles. He let out a soft moan of pleasure. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my head so he can help aid in the assault on my pretty mouth. See I got a beautiful face with those sexy lips good for kissing and sucking, and I love to do both. We continue to hear voices outside the door, as I slide my hand in my pants to feel my wetness. My juices are leaking and soaking my panties. As I’m sucking, I’m rubbing.

My perfect fantasy would be to have the lights on so he can watch me suck his dick and so I can look him in the eyes while I’m sucking. It’s such a turn on to me. I want him to grab my hair and shove his dick down my throat. So much so that I can secrete more saliva on his dick and he can fuck my mouth like a pussy. Then bend me over the sink and fuck my tight pussy with 3 fingers violating my virgin ass and one hand playing my right breast. Fuck me till I cry tears of pleasure. Then sit me on the sink with my legs in the air over his shoulder sucking my breasts till me leave scratches on his back. But knowing me, my big ass would break the sink, because for a big girl, I have a large and lovely shaped ass. By that time, I can only hope he bends me over the sink again and plunges into my ass with no regard of virginity, and stroke like a caged animal while kissing my back and smacking my ass roughly. And when he’s ready to cum I can only pray he shoots his seed in my mouth and all over my face like a porn star. Fuck!

I snap out of it and get up. “That’s all I’m giving you. Just a taste of what I can do,” I say. He laughs and gets himself together. In the meantime, we begin plotting on how we’re going to get out of this situation. So we agree that he would go out first and I would play sick, classic work episode of one caring about the other. He turns on the light and cracks the door. He turns to smile at me and walk out. Talk about perfect timing. Two servers going upstairs, the chef going to the walk in and the rest of the kitchen is clear. We spent a few minutes laughing about it and then moved on from it. But every time we looked at each other, touched each other or said something slick that night…we knew what it was. Ladies, the sexiest thing was when I stopped…. (Laughing to myself) he was still growing. Three words…MAN-DING-GO!



Paris and I’s relationship is till tighter than ever. Nothing has changed us, that day hasn’t changed us.

Paris, I know you are going to read this. So I want to say a few things that I probably wouldn’t otherwise tell you to your face. The way I recanted the first time I met you and the fantasy, it is absolutely true. I still remember the first day I saw you. I do have feelings for you and probably always will, however, our friendship means more to me than any relationship. I wouldn’t want to ruin that but only enhance it. Young girls grow up wanting to marry their daddy’s. As you know I’ve never had that. I want to grow up and marry my big brother…YOU. I can only pray that I am blessed with a man like you. Until then I will continue to have my fantasies and wait to have you the day before I get married.

Just so you know, it was never Gaddy, it was always you. I just had a fear of wrecking the greatest thing I ever had. So I chose the one that didn’t mean a thing to compare to you…and there’s no comparison.

This is a true story. Last names and other incriminating information have been changed.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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