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Passing the Class Part Two

Mr. B finally gets his fresh student
I did what I was told and got down on my knees. As I went down I let my hands run down his legs. I got down to the floor and looked straight at his crotch. He had a raging boner in his khaki pants. I ran my hands up and down his thighs slowly.

"Your hands are shaking honey," said Mr. B "You nervous?"

"A little," I said shyly.

He then took my hand off of his leg and bent down to kiss it.

"Don't worry cutie, I won't hurt you."

I was surprisingly nervous. It was weird because I had had a lot of experience with guys and have never been so anxious. It was just weird being with my teacher, a man of authority. I was also worried about getting caught, but weirdly he didn't seem to flinch at the thought of getting caught, fired, and perhaps even thrown in jail. As time went on, I started to get a bit of a high from the idea of what I was doing. The thrill of the moment and the risk involved got me super horny. My nerves started to settle and I started to become more comfortable around his bulge.

"You wanna take it out sweetheart?" said Mr. B.

"Sure," I said with a cute grin.

He grabbed his bulge a few times to rev it up a bit. I then ran my fingers from his thigh over to his massive bulge. I slowly started to play with it and squeeze it a little.

"Mmmm baby someone wants extra credit," said Mr. B

I then grabbed his belt and unbuckled it. I looked into his eyes as I pulled the belt out of the loop and playfully slapped my face with it.

"You've done this before." 

"Not with a teacher," I said.

I took off the belt and tossed it on the floor. I then unzipped his pants. I let them fall to his feet and grabbed his thighs again. I started to run my hands from his outer thighs to his inner thighs. I then ran them up his plaid boxers and touched his balls a little. After around a minute of doing this I saw that a little bit of precum had come through his boxers. I leaned in and licked it.

"Mmmm," I said.

I put my hands on his ass and squeezed it while I started to jam my face into his package. I have always loved sucking and biting cock through underwear. I then grabbed his waistband and slowly pulled down his boxers. As the material passed the head of his cock, it flung hard into my forehead. I then took a moment to admire his package. He had quite a bit of pubic hair, and it was starting to turn gray a little. 

I started to tease his cock a little. He was uncut and his head was just peeking out of his foreskin. After a few whiffs I was happy to learn that he didn't have the infamous "cheese". I grabbed his shaft and started to stroke him a little. He had some of the tightest foreskin I've seen. I finally pulled back the skin and then put my lips on his cock. I slowly started to suck him, hearing his moans throughout. As I was sucking him, I started to play with his balls a little. They were pretty fuzzy.

"Fuck yea baby," he said. "Deep throat that cock."

I then followed my teacher's instruction and took his cock down deep, so deep that my face was buried in his bushy pubes. I smelled a hint of "older man" stink, which was kind of hot. I smelled some Axe body spray as well. I was so deep on his dick that I was practically flossing with his pubes.

I continued going down on him and ran my hands on his ass some more. He was playing with my hair, stroking it ever so gently. It was like he was telling me that I was doing a great job, as a father does with his daughter. I started to suck faster and more intense.

"Oh my god baby keep going," he said. 

I continued to suck, now stroking his cock too. He stopped stroking my hair and grabbed the back of my head. He started to pull me in and out. Slowly at first, then more forceful and faster. He started to fuck my face and I could feel his ass muscles flexing tightly as he was pounding my throat. I was really turned on and started to feel a little kinky. I took my finger and slowly moved it near his asshole. I stuck it up his ass and started to tickle his rectum. He was very startled.

"Whoa baby, SHIIIIT!!" 

With that he gave me a surprise too and blew in my throat. His large blasts of cum overwhelmed my little throat and I choked. I coughed violently and this seemed to turn him on even more. He still had my head down on his cock. He said he liked the feel of my throat constricting on his cock when I coughed. He finally let go of my head and I gagged. A bunch of cum came out of my mouth as it was too much to swallow. 

As my coughing started to settle, Mr. B went over and got some paper towels from the back of the room and whipped off his dick and then my face. He bent down and touched my cheek.

"You did good sweetheart," he whispered.

I was still trying to catch my breath. I was overwhelmed by the situation. He then pulled up his underwear and zipped his pants back up and went over to his desk. I finished cleaning myself off and getting my clothes back on. I got up and sat down at my desk to put all my stuff away and he walked over to me. He opened up his grade book and showed me that I had already had a C for the class. I looked at him with a look of total speechlessness, as I had realized that I had a much better chance of passing the class than I thought.

"Oh my god, you lied to me?" I said with a nervous giggle.

When he saw that I was about to freak out, he took his pen and marked my final exam grade as an A+ and told me to have a great summer.

I left the classroom not knowing if I was pissed off or turned on, but at least I didn't have to go to summer school.

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