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A perfect blow job just for you...
You were sitting on the couch, I could see you were already hard. You usually tell me exactly what you want me to do, but this time you didn't need to. I knew. I knew when I walked in, and saw you lounging there with that bulge in your pants.

I knelt in front of you and you looked at me, daring me to go further, unbidden. I flicked my hair over my shoulders, holding your gaze, and pulled down the straps of my top, revealing my bra. As I reached for your flies one of my nipples popped out. You licked your lips. I leaned forward and pressed my tits against your crotch, my fingers undoing the zip and just my bra and your trousers and boxers between my breasts and your dick.

I smiled at you when it sprang out in my face. The sight of it made me wet. I gave it the tiniest of licks, tasting the bead of precum at the tip. You shivered. I wanted to take all of you in my mouth right then and feel the head of your cock in the back of my throat, but knew I had to wait. I licked it again, circling it with my tongue. I wrapped my hand round the base of your cock and felt it pulse. I would have to take this so slowly. It was going to kill both of us, but it would be worth it. I started to stroke you up and down, gripping your hardness between my fingers, watching your dick get bigger. You saw my eyes widen with excitement and I was so wet for you, I didn't just want you in my mouth, I wanted you in my pussy, but knew I'd have to wait. With you I always have to wait.

I teased you a bit, bringing my lips to the head of your cock as if I was about to suck on it, then just giving it another lick. You groaned and I licked you again, longer this time, from your balls up the base of your dick and along your shaft until I reached the tip, then swirled my tongue around it. I parted my lips like I was about to let you fuck my mouth then pursed them instead, blowing cool air against the hot, wet head of your cock, making you twitch and clench you fists.

I leaned back and cupped your balls, heavy and full of cum as I tugged on them gently. I reached around my back to unclip my bra, easing out of the straps so my tits bounced free. Your cock was throbbing against your belly, you were sweating now. I pressed it between my breasts, rubbing them against it, the head poking out of my cleavage. I tried to lick it but couldn't quite reach. You groaned with frustration so I moved lower to suck on the end of your cock, wrapping my lips around it and pressing my tits together tighter.

Then I pulled away and cupped one of my breasts in my hand, then took your cock in my other hand and rubbed the head on my taut nipple, smearing it with your precum. I massaged my tits with your dick, watching you enjoy yourself and get frustrated at the same time. You wanted more. I could tell. I stood up, tall in my heels, letting my top fall down completely with my skirt swiftly following it, leaving me standing in just a pair of red panties. I hooked my thumbs under the lace at the top, threatening to pull them off, rocking my hips back and forth. You looked up at me like you were about to rip them off, but you swallowed hard and looked down at your cock, then smiled at me before starting to stroke it.

I decided to turn around and let you see my ass first. I bent over and peeled off my panties, slowly revealing more of the flesh of my buttocks as scarlet fabric gave way to creamy white skin. You could smell the scent of my sex and feel the heat of my arousal on your face and I was standing so close I could feel your breath on my moist, swollen pussy, the red lips now peeking out from between the plump cheeks of my ass. I wanted your tongue on my clit so much, licking up and down my slit. But this wasn't about that. Not yet.

I straightened up and turned around, facing you again, covering my pussy with my hands. You were still stroking your cock, your brow furrowed in a mixture of concentration and frustration. I loved seeing you like this, right on the brink. You were going to see how much closer to the edge I would take you.

I moved my hands away and stood with my legs further apart, my hips tilted towards you, finally revealing my cunt, so wet and puffy for you, my clit a swollen bud nestled in luscious folds of deep pink. I delved between them with two fingers, moaning as I touched myself where I wanted you to be touching me. You were still working your cock, precum flowing freely now.

I got on the couch next to you on all fours, bending down to greet your dick with my lips while my breasts grazed your thigh and I began to slide you down my throat. I felt your body tense as I bobbed my head up and down, pressing my tongue flat against your shaft as you fucked my mouth. I sucked harder, lashing the head of your cock with my tongue, balanced with my hands on your thighs, raking my nails over the sensitive skin there.

Your hands grasped my tits as I started to lick your thighs, planting kisses up the shaft of your cock before taking your balls in my mouth, one at a time, sucking gently and rolling them around with my tongue. Your hands were still on my tits, squeezing them roughly and pinching my nipples, as I returned my mouth to your dick. Getting into a steady rhythym, I sucked on you with smooth movements, groaning softly as I felt you tense beneath me again. One of your hands moved down to my pussy, your fingers found my wet slit and slipped inside it with ease and I moaned louder as you probed deeper, the pace of my lips sliding up and down your cock getting faster. I felt you get even bigger in my mouth, almost choking me when I took you deeply, and I knew you were going to cum soon.

I knelt between your legs again, my pussy sliding away from your hand and leaving it covered with my juices as I lowered myself to the floor. My tits were pert and proud, just inches from your dick, which I pumped with my hand, smiling as your eyes rolled with pleasure. I took your cock and rubbed it against my face, over my cheeks and chin, and as I felt the exquisite softness of the head brush against my lips you started to cum and in one swift movement your dick was in my mouth so you could shoot your load down my throat, my face buried in your groin as I sucked the entire length of you while your climax shuddered through you, and into me. I kept sucking until your cock stopped spasming, gradually reducing the pressure as your orgasm subsided.

I wanted to taste every last drop of you, and I knew you liked it that way, so I held all your cum in my mouth until you were spent and then slowly pulled away, allowing a trail of spunk to dribble from my lips and back onto your cock as I lifted my head and smiled at you. You watched me as I finally swallowed, and after wiping my chin I returned my mouth to your cock to lick and suck you clean of all your juices. I knew you'd be so sensitive from just having cum, it would drive you crazy. I was right, you groaned and almost pushed me off you, then let me continue my ministrations until I was satisfied I had completed my task.

“Did you like that?” I asked afterwards, my head now laying in your lap, enjoying a well-deserved cigarette and being careful not to accidentally burn your precious cock, which was lying flaccid against your thigh, for now at least.

“Yes,” you replied, looking down at me. “Very much.”

I smiled then pursed my lips, the ones you adore for giving you such pleasure. I love them just as much, and for the same reason. Your pleasure is now mine too, and I think my blow jobs might please you most of all. Especially when I try to make them perfect for you...

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