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Please baby. Please.

He walked past their bedroom heading towards his grandson's room. Peeking in the dimly lit doorway, he saw the child asleep. Watching the boy for a moment, he thought about the day that had passed. Turning, he went to find her sleeping.

Quietly in the dark, he undressed and walked around the bed where he found her. Turned on her side facing towards him, she slept. He saw her figure stretched out on the bed and touched her with his dick. She woke at the touch of his soft cock stroking her lips. Opening her mouth, she took him softly and sucked him naturally.

He felt the blood rush to his legs, and felt his hardness in his hand.

He thought to himself, "That feels good."

Reaching under her top, he found a nipple and squeezed it.

Taking her mouth off him for a moment, she came closer to the edge of the bed propping with a pillow to raise the level of her mouth. Jagging himself, he entered the warmth and backed out again. Drool ran across her cheek onto the pillow. Taking his hand from himself, he pushed deep as she sucked like a baby.

She watched the length of him go in and out of her mouth. He had turned on the soft overhead light as soon as he had her awake. Her smiling face was snuggled in the pillow. Reaching she found his cock and held it. She wished he'd cum now while he was hardest. She worked on him sweetly. Sweat mixed with her mouth water and wet her face.

He didn't want to cum yet. Withdrawing from her, he reached for the lube.

"Pull your underwear down and give me your ass."

Pushing her legs apart, he told her to reach back and spread her ass. Inserting a finger in her wet fold, he entered the cunt stroking back out along the wall between her ass and cunt. She liked that rub.

He intended to rub her good before he fucked her ass. Reaching for more lube, he pushed five fingers into her. Rising on her knees, she spread her legs and took his hand to the wrist. Pulling her closer, she tensed and moaned. He bent her over. Standing over her, he came down and held her around the waist.

She racked and yelped jerking her head up each time he fucked. His blood red cock tapped her leg as he pumped into her. Her ass jerked up at him. He shoved into it with his thigh as he held tight. His fingers reached her flower milking the the soft cunt. Throbbing, he took his hand from her cunt and held her by the waist wetting her side with her wetness.

"I want your ass."

Holding her hips he shoved into the tight opening. She cried out and pushed back onto him. He pulled out and held her away, working his bulging head in and out of the tight. She felt it and begged, "Please baby. Please."

He didn't hear her pleas. His eyes were closed. He held her ass in place, penetrating the perfect tightness. He could tell from the sounds he herd that there was a un-comfortableness in what he was doing. Going deeper, he watched her reach for her pussy.

She stroked it rough and then forgot to as he rammed deeper and then deeper. Bringing a knee further under herself, she raised the other leg allowing his length to hit home. It bumped her hitting hard. She was in orgasm.

"This is where I always have her," he thought.

But he wasn't ready yet. He removed his dirty cock from her ass and gave it to her to suck. She tasted herself from him as he slammed down her throat. Tears ran from the corners of her closed eyes as she took it.

Stretching out on the bed he found her again and pushed her down on him. He pulled her legs close and shoved them apart. Opening her pussy again with his right, he stuck the fingers from his left in her ass. The tight suck on his cock told him she felt it.

She begged and then gave in to him. Opening, she took all of him. Coming off his cock, she stood on her knees helping him go deeper into her body. Taking his stick in her hand, she jacked from his groin and loved his stick.

He said, "Jack me."

Bending down, she wet the head and soft underside. Coming back up, he fucked her as she jacked and spoke to him.

"I love this cock baby. I need it in my mouth."

On all fours she went down on him again.

He knew she had held out trying not to make a mess. He wanted it. She knew it too.

His hand rotated and she let it. She felt him find her inside and take her ass completely. He shoved his cock down her throat as she sucked stroking it. With each thrust of his cock, she fucked his hands in her own rhythm.

Getting what she needed, he watched. Brushing the hair from her face he came.

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