Please, officer. I'll do anything.

By zibster

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When you're 19, being arrested is the worst thing that could ever happen.
As the lights flashed in my rear view mirror I took in a deep breath. At the time all I could think was 'Damn it' . I wasn't driving, which was a good thing, but at nineteen, I wasn't supposed to be drunk. I tried to figure out how I was going to keep my mouth shut. 

"Hello officer." Muttered my extremely drunk best friend, smiling her pretty smile only for the rather attractive man to narrow his eyes.

"Can you step out of the car please?" He asked, and I watched as she stepped out of the car with a little bit of a stumble. "May I see your license please?" He asked, my friend, and she giggled slightly, and pulled it out, too drunk to tell the difference between her fake and real. She handed over her real I.D. and he stared at her for just a moment or so. "You're twenty?"

This shocked me, from inside the car I had given a gasp, and he just shook his head, taking out the breathalyzer test and holding it to her lips, to which she eagerly blew in, smiling when she was done. 

"You're going to have to come with me." He said softly, taking out his handcuffs. Not because she had been trouble, but because it was procedure and because it was best that she didn't stumble out of the car and into the road. With that he lead my more than compliant friend to his car and seated her inside. There was no more hiding for me, as he was nearing the car and finally opened the door on my side. "Get out of the car please."

My eyes went wide and I quietly did as he said, got out of the car and leaned my back against it once my door was shut. Having just left a party I was dressed in a manner to attract men, and had I not been drunk I would have noticed his eyes sliding up and down my small frame. Standing in heels I reached five-foot-seven-inches. A leather mini-skirt on my legs and a light blue flowing top covered my torso.

"Your I.D." He said, with a sigh, which signaled to me that he knew how regular this stop was going to end up being. When I handed it to him he scanned it and sighed. "Nineteen?" He questioned which caused me to look away.

"Turn around, you're going to have to come with me." He muttered.

This was terrifying, so my eyes turned back to him once more and I whimpered. "Please, no."

"You have to, your friend has to go, you have to go." He said simply as he took my arm and lead me to the car, but just as he was about to put me in the back I interrupted his actions.

"Please, officer. I'll do anything."

This got him thinking, I could tell because his eyes turned away from me and then looked back, smirking as his eyes danced over my body. "Anything?" He asked with an eyebrow raise, and another smirk.

"Anything." I confirmed with a nod, swallowing hard and just smiling to myself. Had I been sober I probably would not have done anything like this, but right then I was desperate.

"Get in the front seat." He demanded as he made his way over to the other side and slid in the drivers seat, to which I got in on the passenger side. Looking back to my friend before realizing that she had passed out. Lovely. When I got in he smirked at me and took my hand, and placed it on his crotch, moving it in a kneading motion, telling me that's what he wanted.

I got the hint and did just that, started to work my hand against him through the pants of his extremely sexy uniform. I could feel him start to throb under my hand and I smiled slightly, biting my lower lip as I moved a little faster, causing him to utter a moan.

I watched him reach his hand down to undo his pants, and slid his hard cock out for me, taking my hand and wrapping it around him, making me smirk. I worked my hand up and down, and quietly slid my thumb over the tip, rubbing there with a smirk on my face, feeling every vein in his hot shaft throb for me, making me a little bit horny myself.

"Suck me." He muttered out through his moans, and I smirked slightly.

Bowing my head down I took the tip of him into my mouth and sucked quietly, and quickly. Moving my head down further I felt his hand hit the back of my head, pushing it down on on him and I took him into my mouth, letting his cock hit the back of my throat as my fingers slid down to taunt his balls slightly, rubbing them. When he moaned for me I pulled my mouth back and found his sacks, sucking them slowly, one at a time before coming back up to lick his head, noticing that it was leaking pre-cum.

"Keep going you little slut." He hissed.

With that my head dipped back and I sucked him again fast, letting him thrust into the back of my throat, moaning once to give him a vibration when he hit the back of my throat again. Smirking slightly my tongue flicked underneath him, to hit a sensitive spot on the underside of his cock, sucking hard and fast, moving my head up and down, before I felt him tense up, and moan out. He didn't even bother to give me a warning, he just came hard into my mouth, holding me there until he could tell I was done swallowing.

"Here." He muttered, writing down his phone number and daringly sliding it into my bra, pinching my nipple which caused me to moan. "Call this number tomorrow at six, I'll give you my address and you'll come over and finish thanking me for letting you off the hook, little minx."

I smirked slightly and got out of the car after kissing his lips slightly, watching him fix his pants through the windshield, and drive off. I got back into my friends car, feeling a bit sobered up, but the throb between my legs and the wetness of my pussy was a bit distracting. I drove home, and settled in, waiting for six o'clock the following day.