Pool Shack Girl Part 2

By GreatGatsby

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My summer fling gets hotter
After our first night together, Tracy and I had a lot of fun over the next few weeks. Even though neither of us told anybody at work about our fling (I didn't want to my boss to find out and get pissed/jealous), everybody knew. I had two real good friends that were also pool boys and were hanging out the night at the marina. One of them, Mark, said "I knew you would get some by the way she was hanging all over you." Our flirting made it obvious to those who were in doubt.

Since some of our shifts started at 7am to get the pool ready for the guests, some days we would get off work around 3. As I mentioned in the previous story, both the resort and where Tracy lived were pretty far from town, but luckily it was in the same direction so Tracy's house was about 10 minutes from the resort. I did not think about it at the time, but apparently Tracy had, that her mom would not be home until at least 6 every day. A few days after our initial tryst, she invited me over as we worked the same shift. I followed her from the resort to her house. We went inside and she immediately jumped me. The way she was kissing me and pushing her chest in to me so I could feel her perfect tits got me instantly hard. Standing the whole time, she reached down and started rubbing my throbbing cock. She quickly unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them and my boxers forcefully to the ground. She started rubbing on my cock and stroking it with one hand while juggling my balls with the other. I had put one hand on the very bottom of her short shirts and worked my way up so I could massage her perfect ass cheeks. With the other I was rubbing her breasts outside of her shirt. She pulled back, looked at me with the most seductive eyes and then licked her hand like she had done the past time and started stroking my hard cock again. She started kissing my ear and neck and whispered "you were so hot today cleaning the pool with your shirt off. All I could think about all day was stroking your cock again." She bit my ear and then whispered "all I have wanted to do is get you off." It was so hot her telling me this and they way she whispered it. I came quickly after and shot my load on her shorts and leg. She gave me a few more strokes to make sure I was empty and then gave me a little nibble on my bottom lip as I shivered in ecstasy. After composing myself I reached to unbutton her shorts. To my shock she said "that's ok. I really just wanted to hang out for a while but I couldn't help get you off once first."

A few days later Tracy and I were hanging out at the pool shack when we went back into the storage closet to get some supplies. Jokingly, I gave her a slap on the ass and asked when I was going to see her outside of work again. She whipped around into my arms and we started making out. "I have been waiting for you to ask" she responded.

"I don't have anything going on this afternoon" I said.

"Cool, why don't you come over again...I think you have enjoyed your last two visits" she said so seductively I could feel myself getting hard.

"Yes, I have. But I think it will be hard to top the last time" I joked back with her.

"Don't worry", she said, "I have a better way to get you off."

I couldn't believe how straight-forward she was being. "Tell me about it."

"Nope. I am going to let your imagination wander."

The rest of the day I felt like I was walking around with a semi, just wondering what would happen...or what I hoped would happen.

I followed her back to her house and she suggested we go swimming. I was hoping we would start this encounter like we had the last one with no delay, but seeing her in a bathing suit certainly would not be a bad thing. She went upstairs and returned a few minutes later in a one-piece bathing suit. With a body like hers I was shocked she had a one-piece, but it was still better seeing her in that than fully clothed. We jumped in her mom's pool and swam around. We played around- dunking and splashing each other. We started to make out in the pool and she wrapped her legs around my waist as I held us up. We were dry-humping in the pool (is it dry-humping under water?) for a few minutes when I suggested we go inside. She gave me a smile and swam towards the steps. Watching her walk up the steps, her butt moving side to side like a model, got me so aroused.

I quickly followed her inside and right after closing the door I picked her up and carried her over to the couch. Within seconds I had pulled her bathing suit straps down to expose her breasts. I laid her back on the couch and started sucking on her ear and kissing her neck, working my way down her body. I gently rubbed her breasts and made circles around her nipples before slightly pinching them. She was letting out moans and then I started sucking on her nipples. They tasted so good from being submerged in the cold water in the pool. As I was sucking and licking, I slowly started pulling the one-piece off her. She arched her back to make it easier for me and I slid them all the way down her legs and threw it on the floor. It was the first time she was completely naked in front of me. I leaned back and looked at her amazing body- tan lines, perfect C tits, flat stomach and landing strip. I looked her in the eyes and said "your body could not be any more perfect." She responded by pulling me in to kiss her and jamming my hand into her crotch. I knew she wanted it and I could not tease her this time, so I plunged one finger into her pussy. She let out a few gasps and started to bite my lip. I did not start slowly this time. I was fingering her very swiftly as her body writhed around. I started to make the come here motion with my finger when she let out "yes, oh my God, yes." I then inserted a second finger and started to move down her body. She grabbed my head and said "no, just keep doing that." Within seconds she said "that is it, there, keep going!" Her legs clinched together and her whole body started shaking as she stopped breathing and let out a few whimpers. I felt my fingers get wet in her pussy as it throbbed quickly.

Tracy was breathing heavily and had her eyes closed, but she opened them and sat both of us up. She unbuttoned my wet shorts and then pushed me back. She stayed sitting up and pulled off my shorts and boxers. She wasted no time kissing my thighs and rubbing my stomach. I looked down and seeing her kissing my legs just below my pulsating cock with her ass up in the air made me want to cum right there. She kissed further up my thighs and went around my cocks to my hips and stomach. As she was kissing my stomach her luscious breasts started rubbing against my dick. I let out a very audible "ahh". She looked down and saw what was happening and then made an effort to rub her tits on my dick. It felt amazing. Then, without hesitation, stroking or licking, she enveloped my cock in her mouth. It felt so good to have her warm mouth and wet tongue on my cock I did an ab crunch from the effect. She used just her mouth at first to go up and down on my shaft, then started using her hand in a twisting motion. She was going so fast and I stayed sitting up in the crunch position watching her head bob and tits sway and brush my thighs. Tracy slowed down for a second to see how much she could take in her mouth. She got two inches from the base when she came back up to the tip. She did this a few more times, like she was determined to get all of me in her mouth. She went back to sucking quickly and was fondling my balls with her other hand. At that point I knew I was about to cum. "Tracy, I am going to." She kept going. "Tracy, I am about to cum" I repeated. She looked up at me while still bobbing on my shaft and said "just go." That put me over the top. I started to thrust my cock in her mouth and my hips came off the couch. I started cumming in her mouth. It was amazing, she kept bobbing on my dick and swallowing as I was cumming, doing it effortlessly without any gulps like she was taking a shot. She slowed and started sucking all of the cum out of me, giving my dick a few squeezes and licking the after-cum off the tip of my dick. She crawled up next to me and we both laid on her couch naked, catching our breath.

Tracy and I saw each other a few more times that summer, but she did not like finding out I was dating another girl (she only found out about one, who showed up to lay out at the pool one day and made it known to everyone we were dating). About a year later, Tracy and I started emailing and then even cyber-sexed a few times. To this day, we are still friends.