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Pool Side

A hot afternoon's swim becomes much more
So it's a hot, sunny, summer afternoon. I've finished work, and am hot and sticky, just the type of day for a swim at a friends pool. 

I drove out into the country and turned up into the driveway, my friends live pretty far out of town on a secluded country lot, so it was a surprise when I saw her car in the driveway. Walking back to the pool, I found her reading on one of the chaise lounges located around the pool, stretched out with her feet up, and dressed in a modest one piece bathing suit. I said hello, and asked where our friends were. She mentioned that they hadn't been there all day, and that no one had visited.

We commented on the heat and how great the water looked. I stood at the edge of the pool but hesitated unbuckling my belt. Our group had always been fairly open as far as bathing suits were concerned, but I didn't want to offend her. After a moment's hesitation I figured "What the hell", and slid down my zipper, dropped my jeans at the side of the pool, and dove into the water.

Ah, what a fabulous feeling the cool water enveloped me, and I did a few slow kicks around the pool. Ah, bright sun, blue sky, what more could you ask?

After a few minutes I pulled myself out of the pool a bit self-consciously and stood for a moment with the sun warming every inch of me.

I pulled a chaise over beside hers and lay down naked on my towel to soak up the sun. We chatted a bit and then, horror of horrors, I felt myself start, very slowly, to react to the warm sun soaking into my groin.

I quickly apologized for the reaction, and hoped that it wouldn't continue, however I saw her eyes dart down my front...when she smiled I knew I was in trouble. When she said she certainly didn't mind, all was lost. I glanced down, and saw myself grow in slow gentle jerks, until I was, shall we say, fully alert. 

Her gaze was now locked on me, and I involuntarily reached down and gave myself a little stroke... her eyes widened. I touched myself again briefly, and noticed her rub her legs together ever so gently. I was really afraid to go any further, but couldn't help myself now that it had reached such intensity. With my left hand I slowly stroked myself, and with my right hand I touched her arm. When she didn't react negatively, I moved my fingers up and slid my them into the top of her bathing suit. I gently rubbed her soft skin, and moved to her hard nipple.

As I caressed and rubbed, she closed her eyes and took her lower lip between her teeth, a low moan coming from her throat.

My hand trailed down the front of her suit, and I toyed with the fabric at her upper thigh... I could feel the heat under her suit, and slipped my fingers beneath the edge. I touched her thick pubic hair, and moved my hand further, how warm and soft she was. Her eyes where still closed, and when my fingers entered her she groaned her approval. Within seconds she was moving with my hand, both of us caught in the intense passion, and moving together like I was part of her. Reaching her peak, her breathing increased with each touch. I felt her wetness explode, and her back arched away from the chair.

I took my hand away from her crotch, and rubbed the wetness down the shaft of my hardened cock. At the same time, she pulled her chair forward until it was even with my waist and leaning over, took me into her mouth. With a soft pull of her lips, she had almost all of me inside her. Drawing her lips back up the full length of me, she gently kissed the purple head, and then with both lips together, she continued moving down the outside of the shaft. 

She continued to work her magic with her mouth, until, as she was massaging my balls with her hand, I reached my peak. My ass raising off the lounge chair, I felt my cock tighten until I could hardly stand the ecstasy. With a powerful shudder, I felt my self come from down inside, and shoot through the tightened cock. She gasped in delight as my come came in spurts inside her mouth. I could see her swallow two or three times as my ass settled back down on the chair. With one final squeeze, I had spent the last drops onto her tongue; this she brought out onto her lips, spreading it along the surface. 

We both collapsed back into our chairs and felt the sun continue to warm our bodies, although now there accompanied this warmth, that inner glow of satisfaction.

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