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Pre - Coffee Date

Shale could not believe that it happened before the actual date....

She was there, drinking her coffee. She turned her head towards him and looked at his direction. He smiled at her.

Shale was smitten. She could not stop looking at him. She looked at his features and drank him in - his muscles portruded in all the right places, his jaw chiseled, his lips a bit wet, his nose towering on his face , and his eyes doing the same examination of her.

She gasped and looked down, batted her eyelashes as she did. She smiled sheepishly and wondered if her move to regain her composure was made evident. She toyed with her coffee and crossed her legs when her mystery guy sat in the wooden chair across her and smiled at her. It made her knees weak.

"You must be..." he said, as he reached his hand out to shake hers.

"Shale" she responded shyly as she took his hand and shook it. "What a pretty name. It fits you. I am Devin." he gave her hand a gentle squeeze, and did not let it go. "Natalie's description of you were understatements of the beauty I am seeing now." he smiled and stood a bit, leaned to her and positioned his mouth in her ear. "Do not open your mouth like that, it makes me want to take you right here - right now" he wisphered and gave her ear a gentle lick. He sat back, smiling contentedly to himself.

She collected herself and closed her gaping mouth. She smiled and said, "I heard wonderful things about you." She continually toyed with her coffee and took a bite of the cookie he placed in between them when he took his seat earlier. She licked her lips and looked at him from under her lashes. She extended her legs and started rubbing his legs, travelling its way up. He smiled deviously and took her hand.

They stood up and walked towards his car. He opened the passenger door and she went in, he then moved his way inside the car and locked the door.

"Damn, good thing the glasses are tinted" she thought. He suddenly reached her and started kissing her, she kissed him back, returning his longing and his desire.

"I. Want. To. Fuck. You. The. Moment. I. Laid . Eyes. On. You" he said in between breaths as he kissed him, licking and sucking her lips, gently tugging it with his teeth. His hands travelled down from her face, to her breasts, to thigh. His hand slowly made his way to her core, his fingers finding its way inside her skirts, then inside her panties. He ran small circles in there, gently tugging her clit and feeling the moist mound of her pussy.

She moaned aloud and he smiled, turned on that she is giving herself to his touch. She pushed her pelvis towards his, sending the message that she wanted more. She reached out to unzip her fly and positioned her face infront of in his crotch so that she can stroke his erection. She smiled when her hand found his awakened cock.

He inserted a finger inside her. " Mhmm ..." she moaned. "You want me, baby?" he asked. She nodded in agreement and he started fucking her with his fingers. In and out, his fingers went in her as he opened her mouth and took his cock in it. He let out a small gasp. He let one hand cup the back of her head as his other hand continued violating her womanhood. He gritted his teeth as his cock recieved the pleasure his fingers were giving her cunt. She licked his erection from the balls up to the shaft. She felt his hand moving rythmically with her pelvis as she licked and sucked his hardening cock.

He leaned down on her wet mound and started lapping on her, tasting her every inch. She started using her hands to explore her breasts which he laid bare after constantly feeling her. He sucked her clit and it made her moan. He licked and sucked whilst inserting his fingers in and out of her. She in turn opened her mouth wider, taking his manhood deeper inside her throat, alternatley sucking and licking his erection.

Not being able to withstand it any longer, he thrusted his hips and held her head in place as he hastened the pacing of his fingers. She held his cock in her mouth firmly as his rod quiver in its release, her hand pushing his hand further to stimulate her own. She opened her mouth as she reached her end, spilling his cum on her mouth. He licked it off her chin as she swallowed his fluids. He smiled at her and helped her fix herself.

Moments later, after their disarrayed looks were fixed, he asked her sweetly. "Can I take you out for a cup of coffee?"

"Certainly." She smiled and took his hand, and they walked back together to the coffee shop ...

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