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Pretty Please Officer

All I want is to get home to my girlfriend, but Officer Moore has different ideas.
I was on my way home from a two day work conference, I couldn’t wait to get home and see my beautiful girlfriend. The past two days had been full of work and boring team building tasks. The whole time Paula was on my mind. What made this trip even worse was the fact I had to share a room with my colleague, Paul. Paul was a great guy but all I wanted to do when I got into the hotel room was take a shower and phone Paula. Of course there were other, more private things I wanted to do, but with Paul asleep in the other single bed I didn’t feel like being risky and jeopardising my work relationship with him.

It was only a few months ago when Paul told me he was attracted to me, at the time it was really awkward but I laughed it off. I seem to have this problem everywhere I work, I do really well and then after a few months my boss or a male colleague will try it on with me. Little did they know I was in a long term relationship with my first and only partner, Paula. We were both 18 when we told each other about our feelings. We had been best friends for years but one drunken night we both got a bit crazy and made out. Ever since then we have been totally in love.

Paula and I couldn’t be more different. I had short brown hair and brown eyes, 34C breasts and curves. Paula had beautiful long red hair and deep grey eyes that constantly sparkled. She had a very slim figure and small 32B boobs. We were both 20, but Paula had a lot more sexual experience then me, she was bisexual and had slept with both guys and girls before we got together. Paula was my first and only, but she has taught me so many things.

Thankfully I drove home alone, everyone else decided to say for an extra day, to learn how to organise their work life from their personal life. To be honest I really didn’t want to sit there for hours, pretending to listen and care about what the over enthusiastic woman was saying. The drive home would take 6 hours, so I left in the early hours of the morning, so I would be home with Paula for lunch. All that was in my head was what we would be doing later that day.

It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining through the windscreen. Being stuck in the car was roasting, even with all the windows down. I decided to pull over onto the hard shoulder, I was pretty sure I had a skirt in my bag and a t shirt. I was still wearing my black work suit, and the heat was unbearable. I finally found my clothes and decided to get changed by the side of my car. Luckily the hard shoulder was beside a forest and my car was high enough to protect me from being seen from oncoming traffic. I slid my trousers down and felt so much relief as the air hit my skin, cooling me instantly. I quickly slid the short denim skirt up to my hips, and removed the heavy suit jacket. I had just removed my shirt when I heard footsteps coming towards my car. I panicked and didn’t have time to replace my shirt, I covered my breasts but as I looked up I saw a policeman standing at my boot looking straight at me. My face turned bright red.

“Miss, are you alright? You really shouldn’t undress in public; you could put someone off the road,” I was so shocked and embarrassed, but when I turned to face the officer, I was taken aback with how attractive he was.

He stood at least 6’4 and he had short brown hair and incredible green eyes. He clearly worked out as his shirt could barely fit around his triceps. He looked very young as well, probably only in his 20s. He had one of those smiles you could stare at all day. Any feeling of nervousness was gone from my body as I had become completely attracted to him.

He walked closer to me and he had a mischievous grin on his face, “Miss, do you have your car documents with you? We need to have a look at them.” It was at that point I looked over at the police car, in the passenger seat sat another officer, he was just as good looking as the policeman that was standing next to me but he had cute blonde hair that was cut perfectly. His eyes were brown and he too had a lovely smile.

“Why do you need my papers, I’ve done nothing wrong!” I was getting worried about how much trouble I might be in.

“You have done something wrong, you're nude in public and on the hard shoulder. Now please give us your papers so we can check up on everything else.” His voice was stern but he still smiled.

“Urgh fine.”

 I knew arguing wouldn’t get me anywhere, plus I didn’t want to get in any more trouble. “Can I at least put my top on first?” I joked but when I turned to look at his face he was checking me out.

He has this serious look on his face,” No, leave your top off ma’am, just get the papers,” then he smiled as if he was enjoying seeing me like this. I bent down into my car and fiddled around in the glove compartment until I found my driving documents. As I bent down, I felt the cold air on my ass, my skirt was clearly too short and I knew my lace French knickers would be showing. I got ready to cover my boobs but before I could, the policeman slapped my ass, hard.

I was in shock but I was still able to scream out. I turned angrily at the cop but all he did was laugh.

“What the hell was that for!!”

“Miss, do not raise your voice, you’re in enough as it is!” he was clearly enjoying himself.

I looked down his body and my eyes stopped at the very obvious bulge in his uniform. He saw where my eyes where looking and covered himself. All I could do was laugh. I then caught a glimpse of his name tag.

“Officer Moore huh…” I knew I wasn’t going to get out of this situation lightly, so I decided to have some fun of my own.

“Listen here lady,” officer Moore came closer to me and was really invading personal space. As he continued to move closer, I backed up until I was leaning against my car. This didn’t stop him and soon enough he was resting his body against mine, I could feel all of him, his abs and his cock.

My head was all over the place. But if this is what he wanted then I was going to do anything to get out of this situation. "Officer, please I just want to get home to my girlfriend." 

"Girlfriend huh, that's hot." 

I was completely turned on at the situation. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass, what Paula didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt her. Now was time for my first cock, Paula and I had played with loads of toys so I knew what it felt like, but I still wanted to have sex with a man. I reached down in the available space there was between us, my hand ran along his rippling muscles, until I reached his belt, I slowly undid it keeping eye contact with him. This wasn’t hard because his eyes were stunning. My hand slipped into his uniform trousers and I could feel his pulsing cock. It was at least 8 inches long not only that, but his girth was incredibly large. He moaned when I felt ran a finger down his length, which was still trapped in his boxers. I smiled up at him as he closed his eyes and let out a little grunt.

I tried turning him against the car but he was locked against my body. I got on my tip toes and kissed his neck, slowly moving up to his jaw line. I continued until I reached his lips. He ran his tongue along my bottom lip, asking for permission before he let his tongue loose in my mouth. This loosened us up a little and I turned his body and pressed him up against my car. I broke the kiss and kissed his neck, behind his ear. Slowly I slid my body down against his. I got on my knees on the roasting tar. He reached down and pulled his uniform trousers down to his knees. I then saw just how big he really was. His cock was outlined in his boxers and it looked amazing. I looked up at him and we smiled. I ran my hand up the inside of his legs and stopped at the band of his boxers, my fingers bent around his cock cage and in one quick movement, they joined his trousers at his knees.

Although I had plenty of experience licking out Paula’s pussy, I was completely inexperienced at giving head. Paula and I occasionally watched porn together so I decided to think back at what the porn stars did when giving oral. I ran my hand up and down his shaft at first, my heart was racing, and then I finally picked up the courage to lick his head. I could taste his pre-cum and believe me it tasted amazing. I knew it would be hard getting his now fully erect 9 inch cock all the way in my mouth but I was going to attempt. His hands were in my hair and as I made my way down his cock, running my tongue all over his shaft. He started to thrust his hips, pushing his cock further into my mouth. He was fucking my mouth and I so horny by it all. His thrusts became faster and harder and soon I had most of him in my mouth, his head hitting the back of my throat, I gagged once or twice but I soon got used to his cock deep in my throat. As my tongue worked its magic I heard him moaning, pushing my head along with his thrusts.

My hand was busy rubbing his balls but I took a break to put my hand down to my skirt and pull it up, my knickers were soaked. I really wanted his cock deep inside my pussy. These thoughts added to my desire and I continued the blow job as he moaned every time his trusts pushed his cock to the back of my mouth.

“Ohh god I’m going to cum!!” he shouted as I began to suck on his meat.

And then It hit me, his warm spunk hit the back of my throat and I swallowed the lot of it. At least 3 blasts of cum erupted from his cock, my mouth was full of his cock and cum and after the last blast, some spilled out of my lips and run down my chin and fell on top of my boobs. He grunted as he got his breath back, his thrusts became slower and his cock finally became limp but still pulsed fast.

He opened his eyes and looked down at me, I was looking up at him, I licked my lips and chin of the final drops of his cum. He saw where my hand was, he pulled me up.

“Who said you're allowed to cum!” he pulled my hand from my knickers and took it to his mouth.”You smell good,” and then he put my fingers into his mouth.

“You taste as good as you look,” he winked and pulled his uniform back up, took my car documents and went back over to his cop car. I had completely forgotten about the other policeman who was sat with his cock in his hand smiling at me.

“Stay right there ma’am, hands on your car where we can see them,” the second officer said, he finished with a wink.

To be continued...

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