Prisoner: Part Two

By BiUKSwinger

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The nightmare continues

The next three nights Danny would make me perform like his slutty little bitch. Each time he fucked my ass, it did get easier but he was still very rough and aggressive when he did it. He would even slap my butt cheeks and call me his whore; his idea of romance I assume.

On the 5th day at breakfast in the mess hall I saw Danny talking to two other inmates and making hand gestures towards me, then I saw packets of cigarettes changed hands and all of them smiling at me. I had no idea what was going on.

Later that day I was working in one of the greenhouses in the yard when Danny and the other two guys walked in. They walked straight up to me pushed me over the work bench pulled down my overalls. I was shocked and surprisingly aroused.

“See, I told you this bitch had a tight ass.” said Danny.

“Move out the way let me feel just how fucking tight.” replied the first guy.

With that I felt him spit on me and then push a finger into my hole, I looked around there was three other inmates in the greenhouse trying to carry on working but was trying to watch at the same time. This guy now shoved a second finger in my arse and began pumping in and out, I knew better than to complain.

“Bend him over that stool.” said the second guy.

With that Danny lifted me up spun me round and pushed me over a stool.

“Now I am gonna fuck your mouth, slut.” said the second guy.

I looked at his hard rigid cock, it was not as big as Danny’s. I opened my mouth and felt him push straight to the back of my throat. I choked and gagged, thought I was going to throw up.

Then I felt the first guy push his hard cock against my ass rim and begin to slide into me.

“Fucking hell yeah, she is one tight slag, Danny. I’m gonna enjoy this, well worth the two packs of fags.” he grunted.

I am being used for two packets of cigarettes; that made it all seem even worse than it did already. Could've been worse, I suppose. At least this time it was not hurting my ass so I guess Danny had broken me in for them and anyone else that would pay him for my usage. I tried to blank everything out but this time it seemed different. I was actually starting to enjoy it! A lot!

“You three come here!” Danny shouted to the other inmates that was watching.

“Get wanking and cum over this slut.” he demanded

They all took out their hard cocks and began wanking beside me, the guy in my mouth was leaking some cum onto my tongue then he grabbed my head shoved really deep and shot his spunk down my throat, I was gagging eyes watering and struggling to breathe as I tried to swallow all his seed.

Then the guy fucking me went rigid grunted and filled my ass with his hot cum, when he pulled out he made one of the three watching get on his knees and suck him clean and made another one kneel behind me and lick his spunk from my ass. Danny grabbed the third guy bent him over my back and fucked him till he shot his load. Then the three of them simply adjusted their clothing and walked out the green house while the rest of us redressed and carried on working as if nothing had happened.

After work I went for a shower, about 8 of us in the showers when a guard came in and said “Right, every scumbag out except you convict.” pointing at me.

The others grabbed towels and ran out, the guard was swinging his truncheon around and pulled me from the shower cubicle.

“Your going to clean me bitch then I am going to have my way with you! Any complaints?!!” he shouted.

“No.” I replied.

“No what convict.” he yelled.

“No sir!” I said.

“That’s better, now I will undress and you get the temp right on that shower.”

I did as I was told and watched the guard remove his uniform; he was very muscular and very well built between his legs without a pube insight.

He walked into the shower still hold his truncheon. “Right, get soaping me up.”

I took the shower gel in my hands and then began rubbing it over his rippling body. Fuck his muscles felt hard. As I rubbed over his butt cheeks he said, “Part them and clean me good bitch.”

I pushed my fingers between his firm butt cheeks and began rubbing up and down making sure I cleaned his ass hole too. This, he seemed to like as he moaned each time I touched it. With my other hand, I reached round the front of him and soaped his hard smooth massive cock and smooth balls. I could feel myself getting very turned on.

He then turned me towards the sidewall rubbed his truncheon along my ass crack then nudge it against my sphincter before starting to push it into me.

“Just to get you warmed up and loose enough for my cock.” he said in my ear.

After a couple of minutes fucking me like this, he then pulled it out lay down and told me to straddle his cock. I did as I was told and he held his rigid shining cock as I lowered myself onto it. I felt like I was being skewered in a good way.

“Fuck that feels good..” he said.

I began to rise up and down; taking more and more of his massive weapon into my ass as he wanked on my cock.

“Your doing really well convict. I am going to fill your girly cunt with my jizz.”

A little while longer and he did just that. I felt every spurt enter my ass. When he was done, he made me stand in front of him so he could suck my cock. He was bloody good at it and in no time I shot my load in his mouth.

“Mmm very nice, good job. I can see we are going to get on very well, convict. Now finish your shower and get back to the population.