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I should never have upstaged you in front of your friends as I knew you would get me back...

You had decided that punishment was due for my misbehaviour. I had after all embarrassed you in front of your friends and though it turned out well, you remained a little red-faced from the moment.

There was a glint of evil in your eye - you sought revenge but what exactly, I was unsure.

We stumbled back into my room at the hotel. It was not quite late, the sort of late when you actually consider if it is worth going to bed or just start the next day.

We were both a bit happy being in each other's company, despite not knowing each other all that well, we respected each other immensely and I had a crush on her anyway.

Our heads were floating a little. Thank goodness it was just near where I was staying and you were certainly not going to go home just yet. These conventions are killers; talk, talk, watch, listen attentively, more talk, then socialise with a hundred strangers with the only connection being the same industry, blah blah blah blah and blah!

We poured into my room, falling backwards onto the king size bed, side by side. You rolled over and kneeled across my body and kissed me like there was no tomorrow.
“Oh dear,” was my only thought, “If this is to be punishment, bring it on!” as I succumbed to your advances.

It was merely a few minutes before I found myself with no clothes which was almost embarrassing as we had never gone further than a French kiss, but I thought here was I naked on the bed and erect as a skyscraper right before your eyes.

You had removed most of your clothes by now and was crawling all over me, your musky pussy whisping its lust-fuelled fragrance up my nose making me ever harder. Staring into my eyes you raised my arms up the bed with a look of trust, of assurance - and proceeded to tie my wrists to the bed-head with my tie and my belt.

I knew you meant business when you turned and placed your clean-skinned vulva over my mouth which was clearly an invitation to taste of you, eat you, lick your already swollen lips and drink of the beautiful precum forming along your slit. I managed to saturate your pussy and your anus with your juices mixed with my sloppy saliva, the heat increasing and the moment now stretching.

You held that position for sometime; I was so hard I was aching now, my own precum streaming down my shaft and my balls swelling quickly. Oh how delightful your taste as you released your orgasm into my mouth, rubbing yourself over my face smearing me with your wonderful juices.

You stopped shuddering, your body trembling as your orgasm finally subsided. Turning yourself around on the bed, you slid downwards until you were off the mattress. Perhaps I was to be treated, not punished?

You picked up a couple of pieces of clothing and tied my ankles to the foot of the bed, my legs wide apart; not too tight as to inflict pain but certainly not able to slip through the nooses you had created.

I was now restrained.

That glint in your eye appeared again. You crawled halfway up the bed with your face hovering over my rigid phallus, your eyes smiling at me cat-like.

Slowly, ever so slowly, you lowered your moist lips over me of which I observed my hardness slipping into your mouth until the whole length of my swollen cock was hidden from view. Your tongue danced around my glans and I was ecstatic with pleasure to feel the wet warmth surrounding my manhood.

You started to suck me, your head moving up and down, the sloppy, slippery motion driving me crazy, your hand now sliding with your mouth to provide a long, frictionless surface that would shortly get me off. I was taken by this so quickly, I could feel my balls filling and shifting upwards as a sign of my pending orgasm.

You stopped .

Sitting up, kneeling each side of my legs, you simply smiled at me and not one element of your body touched me. I was high but quickly coming down, just as though the phone had rung and thrown me off.

After a couple of minutes of watching you slide your fingers along your dripping slit, inside your opening, your face screwing up from the sensation, I watched you withdraw them and lick them clean. You smiled and moved your fingers towards my mouth to taste, but pulled back at a hair’s breadth from my lips.

I was starting to ache now. The pressure of my erection, the erotic show you were putting on for me, it was becoming too much to cope with until you placed your mouth around me again and took me on that ride towards satisfaction.

You stopped.

Just as I was very close to cumming. You showed no mercy as suddenly it dawned on me what you were doing. This time you stepped off the bed and just wandered around the room, drank some water, flirted with me through hand gestures, teased me with obscene and erotic poses.

Minutes passed and again you went down on me. You sucked me hard this time as though you were preparing yourself to capture my ejaculate.

You stopped again .

A complete and utter cock-tease at the ultimate level. Each time you sucked me, the quicker my response grew and the sooner you stopped.

It seemed like forever but in actuality, only an hour had passed. I was in pain; I had almost breached the threshold of orgasm so many times and you refrained from pushing me over the edge. The head of my engorged cock was bright red, the veins ready to burst and my balls causing me to groan in painful agony.

You continued to tease me, tempt me, you masturbated to three orgasms before my eyes after which each time you then sucked on my fattened cock and took me to the edge again, but stopped. With pain in my face and perspiration all over my body, you took me in your mouth again and this was for the last time; you drank of me as a sun-soaked warrior would drown themself with water after a long march.

I cannot describe the sensation - the pain of my body passing through a hoop of fire and then sweping me along with the most intoxicating pleasure I had ever experienced. I orgasmed for over a minute. I spewed my cum deep inside your mouth, forcefully into your throat, filling your hunger and your eyes thanked me for this sustenance. I lay shattered, exhausted.

You wiped your lips and your face of my now spoiled, white cum and ran your fingers across my parched lips - oh such an exquisite taste!

I was duly punished for my embarrassment. And you felt amply rewarded for administering my discipline.
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