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Her breath came in short, sharp pants, shallow and sporadic. Her face was flushed a fiery red, tears were filling her eyes and spilling over the lower lashes onto her burning cheeks. Her breath caught involuntarily as the wide leather collar was abruptly yanked back and held...forcing her to arch her back. She knew better than to cry out, the consequence would be swift and merciless, so she had to be satisfied with the silent tears that were washing down her face.

Just minutes before, she had been stripped naked, roughly. She hadn't fought the attack on her clothing, fearing it would make the casualties worse, and knowing she had better behave. Luckily, she had been wearing the collar as instructed, but it had been cinched tighter than she was used to wearing it, and used to bring her to her knees amidst an onslaught of humiliating name-calling.

She was now on her hands and knees. Her ankles were spread apart by a length of metal rod and fastened to it with wide leather cuffs . Her wrists were similarly cuffed to short chains that connected to bolts in the concrete floor. She was completely naked, other than her bindings, her movement limited by chains. It was fairly dark and not too cold in the room she had grown to fear, and love.

She had relaxed a bit since her collar had been yanked back, so the sharp sting of a riding crop across her naked ass almost made her squeal. She did flinch, which earned her a harder smack. With great effort, she tried to keep her breathing even and steady, and to keep her mind clear...if she thought too hard about the next cropping, it would cause her to become jumpy and flinch at any sound or sensation. She wanted to lower herself onto her elbows to help her relax more, but he had deviously held her in place by holding her collar back on a leash clipped to her ankle spreader.

The next few swipes were rapid and hard. They were close together so it stung more. She could feel the heat and knew raised welts were forming. As she let her breath out as slowly as she could, she was jolted by the loud, hard smack of a paddle on her right buttock. She jumped and immediately regretted the reaction. She didn't even have time to brace herself for the rapid succession of paddles that he inflicted on her, and the barrage was simply too much. Her stoicism crumbled and like tumbling dominoes she started to break down.

Her previously silent tears became gasping sobs, punctuated by barely intelligible pleas for mercy. Her mind raced as she knew that each infraction was being recorded and would be dealt with, she simply had lost control and could not stave off her physical reaction. She was flinching at every slap, her ass was on fire and her wrists were straining on the chains. She tried not to pull too far forward because she couldn't breathe enough handle the increasing violence of her sobs. An involuntary wailing escaped her body and she knew she was in serious trouble.

The spankings stopped abruptly. She could barely comprehend the sensation...the stinging and throbbing almost felt worse now. Her sobbing and crying was much more audible now in the silence and she tried desperately to stop.

She felt him near her face, she could smell his cologne. Despite the knowledge that he was in a brutal mood, his scent was like a drug to her. She relaxed as she inhaled, but was cut short as he pushed his dick between her lips and started shoving it in her mouth. He had un-clipped her collar and now he wrapped his fingers in her hair and pulled them into a fist and yanked her head into him as he thrust his cock into her throat.

The involuntary wretch, was controllable, and she tried hard not to gag, but he was holding himself too deep for too long, and she couldn't help it...which she knew he enjoyed. He pulled out to let her gasp for breath before fucking her mouth roughly. She knew that the slurping, gasping, and gagging fueled his arousal and that he was likely going to cum in her mouth, or on her face, neither of which she was wanting.

He slowed his thrusts down, probably so he could prolong his pleasure. She was relieved when he actually withdrew his dick from her mouth, but worried about what he planned to do next.

She flinched slightly, but noticeably, as he grabbed her tits, and he slapped her face for the reaction. She knew she deserved it but she was infuriated with herself for being so weak and disobedient today, and being punished by her adored master was unbearable. The tears and sobs that bubbled to the surface were the emotional kind...profuse and uncontrollable. She felt him pause...but then he mercilessly fastened clamps to her nipples. They were connected to each other by a chain and he tugged on it maliciously.

Exhaustion and soreness were setting it, but she was still anxious to feel him inside her. She sincerely hoped that he would not deal her the worst punishment of all...denial. She cringed inwardly at the terrible thought, but she knew it would not be an unjust sentence. She felt her clit throbbing and she knew she was wet as she ached for him.

She was brought out of her thoughts by a hard downward yank on her collar. It was fastened to a bolt in the floor by a short tether, and her tits touched the floor painfully with their clips on.

She heard him behind her and risked a tiny smile of anticipation and expectation. When she felt his hand on her ass, she felt a gush of moisture between her legs, and nearly moaned with pleasure as he slid a finger between her lips and entered her. She felt him teasing her ass with something slick and cold, and she got heavily aroused. She relaxed her muscles as much as she could to make it easier to handle. He pressed the stainless steel toy harder against her and she yielded. She thought she knew what toy this was and grew eager for it.

As the toy filled her she quickly realized this was a new...larger...toy and the sensations fluctuated rapidly between pain and pleasure. She was equally excited and afraid as the size of the toy was realized, and she tried to welcome it with relaxed ease. She finally felt herself wrapping around the narrowed base and let herself breathe deeply. It was a heavy toy, and much larger than any she had been subjected to before, but she could handle it.

She was wound up like crazy at this point, and she was like a bitch in heat...she wanted him to fuck her like mad right now. But she knew that he knew this. He had felt her swollen wetness, she was eager to please him, and equally eager to be satisfied. But she had been very disobedient today. She had broken countless rules, and had been emotionally and physically weak.

Fear began to build that he was going to leave her there, unsatisfied, when she felt his bare hand slap her still sore ass. She gasped as the toy became almost unbearable when her muscles contracted around it. The intense sensation rode that fine line between ecstasy and torture, wavering as it crossed over to both sides. That battle was like a drug to her.

He spanked her again then entered her cunt roughly, forcing himself all the way in. He smiled as he felt the constriction from the toy and the taught muscles in her body as she struggled with being filled beyond her limits. He was calling her every filthy name he could think of, as if she didn't already know she was his cock-sucking whore.

She was barely able to resist the urge to scream, every muscle in her body strained in the effort. His dick was ripping into her, making room where there was none, his hands clasped like vice-grips on her hips as he rammed into her. The agony of her nipples in the clamps being smashed to the floor was compounded by the toy being pushed in her ass, and the yanking of her collar at each thrust. She was desperately trying to relax to relieve some of the tension, but she knew it was futile, she knew he wanted her this way. She knew he loved the way her body felt when she was out of control.

He was fucking her harder than she had ever felt him before, he was frenzied and brutal, and she fucking loved it. She felt herself spiraling towards an orgasm and panicked. That was forbidden without express permission. The consequence would be dire. But fuck! Her brain and her body were too exhausted and too worked up to heed reason, to contemplate punishment, to deny this level of bliss.

She felt his thrust growing more desperate, heard his grunts and breathing become primal and ragged. Almost without warning she felt her body convulse violently and a scream ripped from her core as she tried to process the warring sensations. Her scream was joined by his as he exploded inside her, thrusting deeply as he pulsated in the tight wetness.

As he came around to presumably unfasten her, she braced for the impending punishment. She had never cum without his permission, and did not know what to expect. She shivered with dread as he unfastened her collar and knelt in front of her as he had earlier when she sucked his dick...and the realization hit her. He grabbed her hair and made her suck his cum soaked cock that was covered in her own wetness...

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