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Puss and the Cops

To Protect And Service?
A storm had blown up and waves were rocketing against the Seal Beach Pier. It was about ten at night and the surfers were out in force. I caught a big one and lost my bikini top in the process. It would probably turn up in the morning on the beach with all the other debris.

It didn’t take long for the Huntington Beach police to fly overhead in their copters.

Out of the water. Now!came their voices booming out of their bullhorns. They turned spotlights on us, as though that would make us quit. It wasn’t often we saw waves like this and everyone wanted a shot at them.

“Fuck you, pigs!” one of the surfers shouted, but his voice didn’t carry in the howling wind.

A cheer went up when we saw them turn the copter and head back down the coast. It was a short-lived victory, though, as I heard sirens in the distance and then saw a police van drive onto the beach. Some of the surfers scattered; others stayed in the water to defy them.

I came in with a wave and a spotlight was shone on me. I was about to turn around and head back out, but one of the cops was running towards me and he had his fucking gun drawn. I held my board in front of me for protection, but he was already up to me and grabbing my arm hard enough to leave bruises.

“You’re coming with me, Titties,” he said.

He practically dragged me up the beach and I was more worried about my board than I was about me. He had blond hair in a buzz cut and was built wiry and strong. I wondered why he didn’t grow out his hair so that it covered his big ears, but I guessed hair that length wasn’t allowed on the force.

I was pretty sure he was just going to give me a lecture and let me go. They usually didn’t do more than that unless we were drinking or the guys were smoking joints, and this time none of that was going on. We needed our senses to be alert when the waves were that high.

I was soaked and freezing cold from the water and the wind and rain wasn’t helping. Being practically naked wasn’t helping either.

The cop driving the van got out as we approached and walked around to the back. What the fuck? Why would they take me in? The driver I was familiar with as he’d lectured me more times than I could count. The other cops called him Clack, or at least that’s what it sounded like. He’d been around as long as I could remember and was getting fatter and balder over time. He was always partnered with a younger guy who could do the running.

Clack grabbed my board and tossed it aside while I yelled in protest. He started to throw me in the back of the van, but I managed to shake him off and scramble in on my own. I thought he’d close it up then and they’d get in the front, but both of them climbed in after me. I was squatting defiantly on one side of the van and both of them sat back against the other side, Clack with his legs spread out.

They sat with their hands on their crotches and their eyes on my bare tits and I stared right back. The back of the van was lit up, but I doubted anyone could see in with the rain coming down so hard. I felt like I’d been ambushed and was now being intimidated.

Clack finally spoke.

“This is Pussy,” he said to his partner, "and I’m referring to her name, not her species."

“I could use some pussy,” said the younger cop, and his mouth formed into a crooked smile that didn’t look friendly at all.

I lowered my eyes when I saw movement and the young cop was stroking himself through his uniform pants.

Clack nodded.

“Couldn’t we all. And look at those nipples, hard as hell. You think maybe they’re telling us something?”

“Fuck you, Clack,” I said.

Clack chuckled.

“She’s also got a mouth on her. And from what I hear, it’s a very talented mouth in all kinds of ways.”

He must have heard that from the Seal Beach cops, whom I routinely sucked off when they hassled us. I’d learned that blowing a guy always had the effect of mellowing him out. Huntington Beach cops were too hardcore for that, more interested in making arrests than in spicing up their job.

“How old are you now, Puss?” Clacked asked. “I figure you for seventeen.”

“Fuck you,” I said.

(I’d be seventeen in another week, but didn’t figure that was any of his business.)

Clack unzipped his fly, which took some effort on his part as his pants were tight to begin with and had noticeably gotten tighter. He grunted as he wrestled his cock out and I could feel my mouth drop open when I saw what he had, well lit up by the overhead light. Jesus, I’d never seen a fatter dick. I’d thought my dad’s was thick, but Clack had him beat.

I hated Clack; I hated all cops. Even more than I hated cops, though, I loved dick. I could feel my pussy going into gear, getting all wet and tingly at the sight of that piece of meat.

“Look at her,” Clack said. “She’s damn near salivating.”

His dick was working like a magnet on me and I couldn’t stop myself from diving forward on the floor of the van until my face was up against dick.

“Good little pussy,” Clack said, putting his beefy hands on my head.

I knelt between his legs with my elbows on his thick thighs and my ass stuck up high. I squeezed that thick muscle and I took my first taste with my tongue. I’ve never tried drugs because I have a feeling I’m an addictive kind of person. I’m already addicted to orange soda and Oreos and tacos, and most of all I’m addicted to the taste of dick. As soon as I got the flavor of it on my tongue, my mouth was all over it, sucking at the skin, licking up the moisture that had the hint of piss, pushing my nose down deep to sniff at his balls; I was like some starving dog with his snout buried in his dog bowl.

By the time I got my mouth around it and began to draw it in, I was lost in the world of dick and couldn’t have been more content. It didn’t matter that the owner of the dick was my enemy. All that mattered was that my addiction was being fed, and fed by the fattest, juiciest dick I’d ever encountered. Like a baby with a pacifier, my eyes closed in bliss.

“Jesus, Clack, she’s eating you up.”

“Yeah, ain’t it a beautiful sight?” Clack asked, and I could feel his laugh rumble through his belly that my head was pressed against.

“Now me, I’m an ass man,” said the young cop. “And I’m liking what I’m looking at.”

Clack was too fat to be able to lift himself to fuck me in the mouth, but I made up for it by slamming my head up and down on it and he moaned every time his dick hit a dead end. I was anticipating the moment when his cum would come splattering out, coating my mouth with its taste. If I was lucky, I’d wake up in the morning and still have his taste in my mouth.

I felt a spurt of excitement when the young cop started pulling my bikini down my legs and I didn’t fight him when he slipped it off my feet. My pussy started to quiver, but it wasn’t my pussy he was zeroing in on. A finger began to probe my asshole, which got me so hot, so fast, that I started pushing my ass back against it. I still couldn’t get that video out of my head, the one of the old guy fucking the girl in the ass. I’d liked it so much when Jack had done it to me, and then my dad had gotten me crazy when he did it. It was fast becoming my newest addiction

I heard Clack say, “She’s too small to do her ass,” and I wanted to take my mouth off his dick and say, “No, I’m not. I love it in my ass.”

The young one paid no attention to Clack and stuck his dick right up against my opening, and with both of us pushing, it inched its way inside. I’d never had two openings filled at the same time before and it was turning out to be the best sex I’d ever had. Now if there were only a third cop to get into my pussy, I’d feel complete. I wondered if I could get three of my surfer buddies to try it with me. They didn’t have large, meaty ones, though, and I was also getting addicted to size.

The cop was holding tight to my ass so his thrusts wouldn’t propel Clack’s dick down my throat, although I wouldn’t have cared if he had. Clack’s hand went down to my pussy and began playing with it, all the time moaning, and I was coming over and over again, the good feelings washing over me like breaking waves. Shit, this was even better than surfing.

Clack came first, and I was still swallowing his cum when I felt warm liquid squirting into my ass. I was kind of a sticky mess when they finished and too exhausted to move. The only noise in the van was the sound of panting.

Clack drove me home, and before I ran naked to the house, he said, “See you around, Puss.”

“Not if I see you first,” I told him, but I didn’t mean it. I was thinking I’d even rob a bank if it meant getting those two to do me again.

Who knew cops were good for something?

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