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Rachel's Ravishment - Pt III

I’m not sure if days of the week have the ability to be sentient but I’m convinced Thursday is plotting against me. Thursday is in cahoots with its cousins, Tuesday and Wednesday, to extend every one of their minutes to an hour, their hours to days, days to weeks. By the time my digital clock ticked over to 12.00 am I could feel Thursday laughing at me, the little red dots calmly blinking the seconds at me, mocking me with the fact that it may be the day I was desperately waiting for but there were still fifteen hours to go before Maitena would arrive. Nine hundred minutes. Fifty-four thousand blinks of those infuriatingly insignificant little red dots that suddenly had the power to drive me insane with frustrated self-denial.

For a fact I knew how fertile the imagination could be but I’d never realised how effective it could be as a weapon when it is used against the bearer. I was adamant that I would prove Maitena’s estimation of me wrong. I would learn the patience and discipline she accused me of lacking if it killed me but that was before I knew what a treacherous instrument the mind was.

It felt like everything I was, was trying to force it’s way out of my too tight skin. Anything I wore felt like sandpaper & I had wrapped myself in a silk kimono in an effort to alleviate the feeling. I had abandoned all clothing as too constricting; my bra enfolding my breasts made me want to pinch and twist my nipples until the pain made me come and my clit felt so hot and swollen that if I even thought about soft lace rubbing against it, I moaned with the need to pluck at it furiously until I exploded. I just sat in my desk chair, trying not to fidget, surrounded by the memory of when Maitena had tied me to it three days ago and I watched that fucking clock as it spun out the hours with all the speed of molasses in a blizzard.

The more I tried to not think of Maitena’s breasts or that winking diamond gracing her impertinent clit, the more aggressively my imagination tried to shove it to the front of my mind. By mid-morning Wednesday I‘d abandoned all pretence of normality and shut myself in my room in an effort to avoid the rest of the house.

In my mind’s eye, everything I saw immediately took on a sexual connotation. The arm of the couch was the perfect height and width to straddle and rub against. Remote controls became excruciatingly phallic and had me wondering what all those little plastic knobs would feel like, bumping in and out of my hole. I’d pressed my arse against the washing machine during the spin cycle until the vibration nearly made me scream and had experienced a fervent desire to be reincarnated as a stamp when I happened to see Cybele licking one. It was when I’d almost caved and done the unthinkable, nearly lost all trace of lucidity and been gagging to beg Cybele to lick me like that stamp, that I’d locked myself away in my room to wait it out. Even there I wasn’t safe. I spent the last four hours prior to Maitena’s appearance, contemplating how neatly a paperclip could fit over the end of an aroused nipple.

When she walked in that door, I would have crawled over razor wire if she’d have asked it of me. I was so full of emotion but so empty at the same time and as I stood, I just wanted to collapse into a fit of tears, so great was the relief of just seeing her. She watched me intently and I prayed, actually prayed as in “Dear God,” and everything, that she found whatever it was she was looking for in me. Because if she didn’t, I knew that I would shatter like crystal if she walked out again.

“The lesson has been a hard one,” she observed as I squirmed in front of her, “but I can see that you have obeyed.” She smiled as she walked towards me and I thought my knees would refuse to support my weight. She reached out and undid the sash at my waist and pushed the robe open and I whimpered pathetically when her fingers brushed across my naked stomach. “What has the lesson taught you?” She was tracing circles on my hips as she waited for my answer.

“There are three hundred and forty-five thousand, six hundred seconds in four days,” I replied.

“And?” she prompted.

“And I spent every one of them aching to please you.”

“Did you, now?” Her hands swept up to take the weight of my breasts as she gauged my answer. She watched my nipples pucker before she bent and licked each one. My body tightened like a drawn bow string as she blew across the wet peaks. “Do you promise to obey me in all things?” she asked. I nodded in bliss. “Will you exercise patience and obscurity, as we discussed?”

“Yes, Maitena. I promise,” I told her vehemently. “Anything, anything at all.”

“Well then,” she said as she wrapped her hands in my hair, “I believe we have an accord. But know this. If you defy me in any way, your last four days will seem like fairy floss at the park compared to what I will do to you.” She used her grip in my hair to force me onto my knees before tipping my head back to look up at her. I could smell her musk inches from my face and I nodded at her helplessly. She bent over to kiss my upturned lips. “Good girl,” she praised and stood, lifting the hem of her crisp pencil skirt.

Once again she was naked beneath it, the jewel of her intimate adornment peeking out from between her outer folds. As she leant back against the desk and spread her legs slightly, I felt the saliva flood into my mouth and groaned at the sight of that which I craved a taste of.

“Why haven’t you tried to touch me yet, Rachel?” she goaded. “Don’t you like what you see?” I desperately wanted to get myself off as I knelt looking at her but I knew if I was to have any hope of getting my tongue inside her I had to hold off.

“I have promised to obey,” I whispered as I stared at her exposed skin. “A pet exists to please it’s owner.”

“Then we understand each other,” she purred. “You may lick my cunt as your reward.” I could have died right there and then.

I scooped that teasing diamond onto my tongue and curled it back into my mouth, pulling the hood of her clit gently in too. I closed my eyes as I flicked it up and down so it clicked against the back of my teeth before cramming my face tighter against her so I could plunge my tongue in and out between her folds. Her perfume was intoxicating and I greedily licked at her, pushing her folds open, making the flat of my tongue hard to press it over her swollen nub until I heard her moan. I sucked the piercing back into my mouth, suckling it lovingly.

I wanted to fill my mouth with her, take her essence into me. I wanted to be so full of her that her scent oozed out of my pores, an olfactory indication to any who came near me that I belonged to her. Her knees parted to allow my shoulders between them as I wriggled under her. I could tip my head back now, the object of my attention directly above my mouth and I voraciously plundered her succulent opening.

I rubbed my face between the lips of her cunt, burying my tongue into her entrance, sucking out the cream of her arousal to swallow it hungrily before returning for more. My hands were filled with the lush globes of her arse and I kneaded them restlessly as I grazed my teeth over her hard bud. Her small moans and sighs drove me on and although I’d spent days gripped in the torment of unfulfilled lust, my focus was such that my longing to please Maitena overruled my own need to orgasm.

“Oh, fuck yeah, Rachel. Squeeze my arse while you eat my cunt,” she commanded, rocking her hips against my face. I set to with a renewed vigour, more than happy to comply, clutching her arse cheeks in my palms, pushing them together and then spreading them apart as I delved into her.

She hitched herself up onto the edge of the table and spread herself wide, resting on her elbows and clutching her own arse, parting the full hemispheres to reveal the puckered rose of her anus and allowing me full access to her exposed mound. I licked at her deliriously, pushing two fingers into her passage. Her movements were becoming more frenzied and her juices were flowing so freely I knew that she was going to come soon. I turned my hand and plunged my fingers in and out of her hole while I watched what I was doing to her. I felt decadent and perverted as I worked to make her climax. I was a slave to depravity and as such I leant in to lick the puckered rose of her anus as I crammed another finger inside her welcoming snatch.

“Oh, you filthy little slut,” she groaned as I repeated the licking action. “You wait until we’ve finished. I’ll punish you for taking such liberties. Now lick my cunt and fuck my arse with your fingers, you debased whore,” she panted.

I burst into flames with a dark rush of excitement that surged through me at the prohibited nature of what she wanted me to do to her. Despite her threat to punish me, I felt my pussy clenching at the thought of invading her arse, stretching that forbidden aperture while I bit her clit until she screamed with an agony that crossed over into all consuming ecstasy.

I licked her arse again, testing her resistance with the point of my tongue. With two fingers coated in her own fluids I applied pressure against her opening, shoving my tongue back into her cunt while I determinedly pushed passed the ring of muscle. As I began to move my fingers back and forth, she spread her arse wider and watched me eat her. “Harder,” she gasped, “fuck me harder.” That briefly experienced sadistic streak I’d discovered the other day raged within me and I plunged my fingers into her with furious piston-like efficiency. An uncultivated wildness overtook me as I saw she was about to come and I firmly bit the inside of her thigh before sucking hard on her clit. I felt the muscles around my fingers clamp down and pushed my tongue as far as it would go into her cunt so I could feel her essence bath it as her orgasm washed over her.

As the last spasms shook her body I moved away from her, stunned by the ferocity of my feelings. I’d been wild to the point of abandon, pushed on in my excitement by the way she spoke to me and rather than feeling ashamed of myself, I wanted to do it again. I revelled in her debasement of me, as if her derogatory labels for me freed me to be exactly what she named me. A slut. A whore. As I exulted in the liberty I felt, I heard her move around behind me, not expecting the pain that I felt as she grabbed me by the hair and dragged me across the room.

“You are a presumptuous little harlot,” she panted accusingly as she sat on my bed. “But you have satisfied me so I will be lenient in my punishment of you.” She positioned me across her knee and shoved my legs apart. I became wetter at the thought that she was going to spank me, which I felt to be a bizarre reaction to something I loathed as a child, but her first stinging blow landed not on my clenched arse but my swollen and excruciatingly excited pussy. I gasped with shock and then explosive pleasure as the heat from the painful sting spread over my bare folds and I was lifting my arse when the next blow landed. I spread my legs further, silently begging her to keep smacking my cunt, the biting hurt transmuting into escalating pleasure with each blow she landed as I squirmed on her lap.

“Do you like that?” she asked aggressively, landing another stinging blow, this time followed by a rough palming before she smacked it twice more in rapid succession. “Hmmm?” she prompted as she pulled on my swinging tits with her other hand. “What a little tramp you’re turning out to be.” Smack, smack, rub. “I wonder what your father would say if he knew what a fine little trollop his darling girl has become.”

Her query triggered my overly fertile imagination to create a picture of my father’s shocked face if he walked in and caught me now, my tutor’s juices still shining wetly on my face as she spanked me, and I bit my lip to keep from crying out as I felt my climax come crashing down on me while Maitena’s hand slapped my wet cunt relentlessly as I stiffened in orgasm.

I rolled gracelessly onto the floor and lay there panting as she smiled down at me. “Better?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” I groaned with heartfelt relief.

“You’re progressing well. Quicker than I expected so on Saturday, I won’t be coming here.” She held up her hand to silence me when I was about to protest. “Spend tomorrow doing some revision; God knows we need to make it look like I’ve been teaching you something. Cool compresses on all your pretty pink parts to recuperate and get plenty of sleep.”

“Okay. Can I ask what will be going down on Saturday?”

“You are going to be making a social call. To me.” She trilled mockingly, “Oh, Mr Simmons, Rachel and I have become such great friends that I just have to invite her to my place on Saturday for a girl’s night in. It’s for charity and all my best gal-pals will be there. Say she can, Mr Simmons. Pleeease.” I laughed as she batted her eyelashes comically at me. “And,” she promised as she rubbed her lips over my chaffed bottom lip, “you can make as much noise as I say you can at my place.”

I sighed as she kissed me. “Will there really be all your gal-pals there?”

She lifted my hands and rubbed them over her breasts. “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

To be continued...

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