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Rachel's Ravishment - Pt IV

Rachel's mistress introduces her to an old aquaintance.
It seemed like Saturday was here in the blink of an eye. One minute it was Thursday afternoon and I was flopped on the floor of my room where Maitena had left me, dozing in post - orgasmic bliss and the next it seemed like I was getting ready to meet her. I had occupied the last day and a half with small, stress free pleasures like sleep, blatant avoidance of study and, after catching my step-sister Cybele in my room again, nitpicking at her about everything and nothing, although mostly about how small I was sure Nathan’s dick was.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to pick you up tomorrow?” Dad asked for the eighth time. He was driving me to Maitena’s like I was a ten year old attending her first parent - free party. I’d assured him that if I could get into Uni I could find a house three suburbs away via public transport but he insisted on driving me none the less. I secretly felt he was doing it to be nosey and my suspicions were confirmed when he whistled as we pulled through the impressive gateway and began winding our way up the asphalt drive.

“I don’t think Maitena really needs the money I pay her to tutor you,” he mused as we gawked at the oceans of manicured lawn on each side of the driveway, dotted with picturesque grottos of trees. “Woman lives on a bloody golf course,” my putt-putt mad father muttered jealously. The house finally came into view and I was actually a bit surprised at its modest proportions. Where I had been expecting a Gone with the Wind style pile was a rather futuristic, streamlined double storey with seemingly acres of black, tinted windows. The entire front façade of the house was glass interspersed with support beams and I wondered if Maitena’s family had shares in Sigma - Aldrich.

As we pulled up in front of the house, Maitena appeared in the front door, dressed as casually as I’d ever seen her in cut-off jeans that showcased her fabulous legs. I thought my stomach was going to turn inside out as I tried to appear as casual as possible, a blasé smile plastered on my face, an extremely difficult act whilst having a frantically whispered last minute conversation with my dad.

“Dad, I’m a fully functioning adult now, I don’t need you to pick me up. And yes, I will ring you if I change my mind and yes, I will make sure I don’t drink too much and I’ll have a good time, so stop fretting,” all while trying to extricate my overnight bag from behind the seat in a silent hint for him to get lost. Maitena reached my side as I slammed the passenger door shut and gave me a friendly hug, waving along with me at my dad as he completed the loop the driveway had become and disappeared from sight in the general direction of home.

We stood looking at each other awkwardly for a few seconds before she leaned in and kissed me. Although not overwhelmingly passionate, it was enough to break the ice and I followed her into the cool surrounds of the house.

“I like your house,” I commented politely. “Do you live here by yourself?” I was unaccountably nervous and simply filling in empty space with chatter although it had occurred to me that despite knowing her body intimately, I didn’t really know much about Maitena’s day to day life other than she was incredibly intelligent and her father was from somewhere north of Spain.

She smiled and took my bag from my nerveless fingers. “Not exactly,” she answered. “It’s my parent’s house but now that my brother and I are older, they spend quite a lot of time through the year overseas so Cesare and I have the run of the place usually.”

So she has a brother, I mused. Despite being in a sexual relationship with her I was by nature a devout admirer of the male of the species and I wondered idly if her brother had copped an equal slap with the gorgeous gene that Maitena seemed so unaware of possessing. She led me upstairs to a tastefully appointed spare room with en suite and I spent a pleasurable half hour with my legs spread, being meticulously “groomed” by her, after which she instructed me to get showered while she sorted through the four outfits I’d eventually packed because I wasn’t sure what to wear.

As I shampooed, exfoliated and rubbed my fingers over my newly smooth pink parts I wondered if there were any other guests in residence and if so, where they were. “Rachel,” she called from the bedroom, “this dress is gorgeous. Wear it and nothing else and I’ll meet you downstairs in about half an hour.” Her head popped through the bathroom door. ”I’ve got some people arriving soon so I have to go meet them.” I nodded to her, my curiosity satisfied, and adjusted the heat.

The diaphanous silk dress was my formal dress from last year and I’d never had an occasion to wear it since. The rich burgundy-wine colour suited my rather neutral colouring and the material flowed down from the high under-the-bust waist to drape my slightly flaring hips in a way that I hoped looked alluring. The bodice basically consisted of banded layers of silk that pulled up over each breast and somehow managed, through the sheer genius of some unknown designer and the weight of my own breasts, to stay anchored just at the point of my shoulders. The beautiful confection had been a nightmare of paranoia at my graduation dinner, I was so worried the whisper - weight fabric would slip off my shoulders without me noticing and expose one of my breasts to the entire Class of 2010.

I blow dried my hair and elected to leave it down, discarded the idea of shoes and, completely naked underneath as per her directions, headed downstairs in search of my hostess. As I reached the foyer I heard the muted sound of Maitena’s laugh and followed it towards the rear of the house, down a handful of stairs into a vacant sunken lounge, bathed softly in the reflected light of afternoon sun on the pool surface outside the lounge room’s sliding doors. It was a modern room with leather couches and huge, framed Impressionist paintings hanging at intervals on the walls. I noticed this distractedly as I stopped, quite puzzled because I was sure I’d headed in the direction I’d heard her laughter come from but it was obvious the room was empty and no one was on the decking surrounding the pool.

“Maitena?” It was obvious that wherever she was, she was busy with someone, maybe a fellow guest, and I was loath to interrupt her if she was having a private moment before proceedings kicked off. To my complete surprise, one of the paintings hanging on the east wall swung outwards to reveal Maitena, dressed now in a very formal pencil skirt topped by a waistcoat that barely buttoned over her full breasts, framed in a narrow doorway hidden behind a Renoir. For once she wore no blouse under the tailored waistcoat and I was so astounded by her entrance that I didn’t feel even a hint of envy when I spotted her fabulous 1920s inspired shoes.

“Holy shit,” I laughed with amazement, “that’s fantastic.” I walked over to her, marvelling at how cool it must be to live in a house with a bona fide hidden passageway.

She gave me a once over. “You look pretty fantastic too,” she complimented. “You remind me of a wood nymph before she’s been ravished by Dionysus.” She reached out and lightly flicked the scrap of material on my shoulder. My hand shot up automatically to stop it as it began to fall and she smiled smugly at the ease with which she was able to dislodge it. “Very nice,” she murmured. She stepped back into the space behind her, inviting me to step through the wall. She took my hand and pulled the picture back into place, plunging us into darkness and led me toward a doorway outlined with soft light at the other end of the short passageway.

We stopped before the door and as my eyes adjusted to the dimness I saw her turn towards me, her hands coming to rest on my upper arms. Through the door I could clearly hear other people talking quietly but blocked out the sound, focusing on her face in front of me. “Do you remember when I told you there were three things you had to remember if you wanted to be my pet?” I nodded silently, sensing that this may be some sort of test that I needed to pass before I could go through into the next room. “I’ve revealed two of them to you. What were they, can you recall?”

I inhaled deeply as I recited, “Obedience and obscurity.”

“That is correct. The time has come for you to learn the third, and possibly most important, thing. Emancipation.” I was busy wondering what the American Civil War had to do with me when she continued. “To free from restraint, bondage or oppression. To liberate.”

My heart began to thud heavily and I felt my inner muscles contract. Ever since she’d tied me to my desk chair I’d been secretly hoping she would tie me to something again. I’d tried to recreate the contradictory feeling of freedom that being bound by her had created within me but it’s pretty hard to tie yourself up and I know that if I’d have asked her to do it again, she would have denied me as one of her “lessons” in patience.

“What I elect to do to you or have you do for others is entirely my decision. By agreeing to be my pet you have forfeited the right to refuse any command I, or others I am directly involved with, give you.” My ears perked up at the mention of “others”. Was that what those people on the other side of the door were here for? To watch me be Maitena’s play thing? Were they expecting to play with me too or had they brought their own pets along? I’d never had any interest in watching other people have sex but my mind was racing at the thought of other people witnessing my abject subservience to Maitena.

“I know what your sexual demon is and I know that there will be times when you will say no when you really mean yes because it excites you to feel that you have been forced to serve. However, you do have the right to feel safe and that’s where Emancipation comes in. If at any time you don’t feel safe or a session is not stimulating, regardless of whether it’s me or someone I’ve lent you to, just say Paladin. It’s the safe word all of my associates are familiar with and is one that is instantly recognizable as not having a sexual connotation.”

It made sense to me that a “safe word” would be associated with historical warriors who went around freeing people from oppression and I knew with that as a reference point, I wouldn’t forget the word itself. She peered at me intently. “Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

I swallowed and a whispered “yes” escaped past my dry lips. Her fingers moved to the small pocket in the front of her waistcoat and in the dark I saw a flashes of light reflect off of a delicate jewelled collar. While it was no wider than my index finger and screamed elegance, there was no mistaking the fact that it was a sign of ownership. She smiled, fastening it around my neck. The gold links fitted snugly at the base of my throat, heavy with their dark stones and I felt my neck elongating with the urge to display it proudly.

She took my hand again and reached for the door knob. “From now on you will address me as “Lady” when we are in intimate circumstances or company.” I could only nod in agreement as she opened the door and led me through.


If the rest of the house could be described as modern and minimalist, this room was decadence incarnate.

The walls were a shade lighter than the dress I was wearing and decorated with antique looking Afghan rugs. Low couches were placed in clusters of varying sizes around the enormous room, all covered in beaded cushions and multi hued scarves and veils and I counted six people reclined on one group, chatting quietly, seemingly oblivious to our arrival. Brass lamps sat on end tables, giving the room the soft, glowing light I’d seen from the hallway and the air was sweet with the faint trace of patchouli.

As we made our way towards the room’s occupants, I look up at the ceiling and could barely see it as someone, presumably Maitena or an inspired interior decorator, had attached about twenty or more swaths of chiffon to a small ring in the centre of the ceiling and then radiated those outwards to the walls, where their trailing tails fell between the hanging rugs.

Maitena gracefully reclined next to an older man who bore a striking resemblance to someone I was sure I’d seen frequently before. She pointed to a spot next to her feet where presumably I was to sit and as I sank to the floor, I remembered where I’d seen him. My dad has the big time hots for Grace Kelly, the only reason I reckon he married my blonde, ice queen step - mother Elyse, and a name popped into my head - Cary Grant. The guy looked a lot like Cary Grant in dad’s favourite movie, To Catch a Thief. He was quite handsome and impeccably dressed in casual linen and greeted Maitena with an affection that spoke of long association. Now that I’d solved the puzzle of his identity, I was happy to sit and study the people surrounding me as it was obvious Maitena had no intention of introducing me.

The couches were arranged in a U shape around a low table laden with platters of fruit, cheese and powdery sweet confections that everyone picked at as they talked. The seat Maitena and her companions sat on was at one end of the U. Next to “Mr Grant” was a small, attractive dark haired woman of around his age who I presumed to be his partner, as she sat quite close to him and listened with quiet respect as he and Maitena spoke. Opposite us was a blonde woman and a man who could only be described as smouldering, with lots of brooding under-the-brows stares from dark eyes and a "fuck you" nonchalance. The woman was rather pretty but my attention was constantly drawn to the man, who was clearly Maitena’s brother, Cesare.

Everything about him was just the other side of acceptable. His hair was slightly too long by fashion’s dictates and a study in insouciance. Unlike his sister, he seemed to favour gothic inspired clothes and his military style sleeveless vest could have been plucked straight out of a My Chemical Romance video. Boredom practically oozed from him as he sprawled carelessly, taking up more than his fair share of the couch, barely contributing to the conversation taking place between the blonde and a pair of large breasted brunette twins sitting on the remaining couch and his behaviour bordered on outright rudeness. The only clue I had that his attitude was an accomplished veneer was when I first sat down. He’d looked over at me as I’d sunk to the floor at his sister’s feet, spotted the collar I wore and raised an eyebrow at his sister, smirking at me with a curiously cheeky look in his eyes before adopting his current lethargic mask.

The conversation between the other seven individuals in the room chopped and changed for the next hour or so, from world economics and government policy to global warming, the possibility of space tourism and whether Christiano Renaldo really was a father. I was getting rather bored and wondering what the hell I was doing at this get together. Apart from Cesare’s silent enquiry, no one had acknowledged my presence in the room or spoken to me, Maitena had virtually ignored me and I was getting hungry watching them eat. Whenever I started to fidget, Maitena would stroke my hair soothingly until I was still again but other than that, I was virtually invisible.

I had wandered off into my own thoughts and jumped guiltily when I felt Maitena tap me on the shoulder. I belatedly noticed Cesare, the blonde and the twins had risen and were moving towards the door, leaving just she and I alone with the “Grants”.

“Well I must say, Maitena, she shows promise. It would appear you’ve chosen well.”

“Thank you, Alex,” she replied. “She’s quite stubborn sometimes but redeems herself with an eagerness to please.” They were discussing me as if I wasn’t even there. This was a new experience for me and I didn’t think I liked it.

“Sometimes the one’s with spirit can be the best,“ the woman, Maureen, agreed, “although you have to be careful how harshly you discipline them.” I was quite shocked to hear her speak in such a manner, for while I figured she probably had some connection to Maitena’s “lifestyle” I hadn’t realised from her behaviour how complete a participant she obviously was.

“Although your company is always a pleasure, I’m sure you didn’t ask us here for polite chatter and hors d’oeuvres.” Alex sounded mildly amused.

I could hear the smile in Maitena’s voice as she played with my hair. “As always, you’re right. Stand up, Rachel and face us.” I did as she asked and she moved the table to create a space before she came and stood behind me, to the side, and explained in her tutor’s voice, “Rachel is very pleasing in her form.“ She flicked at the straps of my dress and they obligingly fell down to rest above my elbows, exposing my bare breasts. I was feeling slightly uncomfortable under their combined regard and I struggled to keep my arms at my sides and appear undisturbed by my semi - public nakedness as the older couple on the couch nodded their agreement at the fairness of my charms. Although my breasts were not as large as Maitena’s, they were still quite ample and became heavier as arousal mixed with adrenalin began to ricochet around my system.

“I believe she has reached a stage in her training that requires a man’s instruction.” Her statement jolted me out of the realms of uncomfortable and plunged me fully into that of licentious. Was she going to ask this man to fuck me? She knew I wasn’t a virgin but did she really think I needed lessons in how to have sex with men? My mind raced as I studied this older man more closely. He seemed fairly fit with no visible amount of excess weight. He was handsome certainly and I felt my nipples tighten with excitement as I wondered how much he was hiding inside his crisp linen pants. The thought was not abhorrent to me and as much as I enjoyed my encounters with Maitena, sometimes I really missed the solid thickness of a cock inside me.

“She is quickly mastering the various ways to please a woman,” she continued to outline, “but if her training is to be well rounded, I need the services of a talented man.”

Alex sat for a minute studying me. I felt my spine straighten, lifting my breasts as my hips tilted slightly. “I’m flattered that you’ve considered me,” he finally answered. “But Cesare would suit your purposes just as well, if not better,” he countered.

“You are my mentor,” Maitena said, “and although Cesare is a skilled and accomplished master of his craft, you know how fickle he can be. He’s just as likely to lay there and lap up any form of devotion a woman lavished on him as teach her.” My mind conjured erotic pictures of me crawling all over the dark enigma that was Maitena’s brother and, as attractive as this Alex was, I was really hoping he’d insist on refusing her request.

Alex and Maureen both chuckled at Maitena’s description of Cesare. “Don’t pout,” he teased, “I agree that Cesare isn’t always focused but he just needs to find someone that intrigues him.” He turned to Maureen and she gave him a slight nod. “Alright,” he agreed, standing up. “Come here, Rachel,” he beckoned quietly. After a moments hesitation I moved the half dozen steps that separated us. He gently palmed my breasts, testing their weight before circling me. His hands slid under the floating hem of my dress to glide smoothly up my outer thighs before coming around to my stomach. I inhaled sharply as he pulled me back against him and my disappointment at having Cesare dangled before me then snatched away dissipated as I felt the ridge of his erection against my lower back. He was hard as steel and from the feel of it, quite well endowed.

Maitena seated herself in front of us to watch the proceedings with Maureen. Alex had bunched the front of my dress in one hand, exposing the juncture of my thighs and I watched her face to gauge her reaction as her “mentor” slid his other hand between them. Within two slow passes my legs were trembling as I tried to remain impassive and his hand was coated with the telltale moisture of my excitement. From the satisfied look on her face, I could tell my “Lady” was not convinced of my detachment and was actually pleased with how quickly my body had responded to a complete stranger.

Her look of approval encouraged me to relax in Alex’s arms and I allowed his body to take the weight of mine as my hips thrust lightly against his intruding fingers. My head lay back against his shoulder and I rested my hand lightly over the one he held my dress in. I moaned quietly when his fingers brushed my clit and he reversed our hands so now I was holding up my own dress in a wanton display of exhibitionism, leaving his free to roam the hills and slopes of my breasts.

“Your Lady would have you learn how to accept a man’s pleasure,” Alex murmured in my ear as he plucked lightly at my nipples. “Do you know what that means?” My eyes closed and I shook my head ‘no’, intent on absorbing the sensations I was feeling. “It means the only attention you will receive will be that which a man derives pleasure from. For example, it gives me pleasure to feel you squirm when I do this,” and I gasped with thrilling pain as he pinched my nipple before slapping the round globe it adorned. “Or this,” he twisted my other nipple as I panted and pressed my arse against his groin. His hand encircled my throat and I felt the strength in his fingers as he whispered silkily in my ear. “You will become a canvas upon which a man can express his basest desires and you will let him. If it excites you, all the better but it won’t matter if you do or not, just as long as you serve his needs.”

His words were electric to me as I realised that my sole purpose here was to be used for the pleasure of others. Now I understood why Maitena had given me a safe word as it was a situation in which many would feel threatened. But for some reason, within me, there lurked a creature begging to be taken, debased and abused for the entertainment of others and I felt myself hovering on the brink of orgasm simply from the revelation of his words.

“Undress, Rachel,” he commanded and I almost felt as if my hand belonged to someone else as I slid down the small side zip on my dress. It allowed enough give for the entire garment to slide to the floor and I wriggled to aid its descent, my breasts swaying.

I was no longer leaning against Alex for support but tilted slightly forward, one of his hands clutching my breast as his other rubbed between my legs from behind. He smeared my own juices between my arse cheeks before circling first one globe then the other. His movements became hypnotic as he repeated them; dipping, circling, dipping, circling. I rocked gently in response, lulled by the sensual monotony of his movements.

“Are you paying attention to what I’m doing?” Alex asked me quietly.

“Mmmhmm,” I assured him. Through half closed eyes, I saw Maureen lean and whisper in Maitena’s ear, causing the latter to smile at whatever it was her companion had said. I registered the minute change in Alex’s rhythm just seconds before his circling palm lifted and came down with stinging accuracy on the right cheek of my arse. I gasped with shock as my lassitude was shattered, straightening from my relaxed position so abruptly my head narrowly missed connecting with his chin.

He fisted a handful of my hair and twisted carefully with just enough pressure to make my scalp sting but not causing any undue pain. “Liar,” he countered lightly as he spun me around to face him. “At the moment, I am the centre of your entire universe. You should not be happy unless I am happy.” He crowded me back until I felt the couch touching my calves. “Kneel,” he said as he released my hair. I did, achingly aroused by his show of dominance, and I felt Maitena’s knees on either side of my arms as I nestled between her legs, facing Alex.

Maitena’s hands smoothed over my naked shoulders and cupped my jaw, thumbs caressing my cheeks as Alex freed his erection. He was a man of average length but I swallowed as he stood stroking himself, mildly bewildered by his impressive girth. He moved towards me and rubbed the head over my closed lips, pre - come coating them like salty lip gloss.

“Open your mouth,” Maitena crooned in my ear as she tilted my head back slightly, allowing Alex to enter my mouth from slightly above me. Despite the fact his cock was quite wide it fit comfortably in my mouth and as he began to slide in and out, I felt my saliva glands working to lubricate his way. Maitena reached down to clasp my elbows and draw them toward each other behind my back, causing my tits to jut out and the sensitive peaks to brush agonisingly against the linen of Alex’s slacks. I sucked as he thrust, encouraged by his moans and instinctively began to bob my head back and forth but Maitena hissed at me disapprovingly and I realised that the idea was for me to be still.

I felt a hand rubbing over my right nipple and realised it must be Maureen as Maitena hadn’t let go of my arms. She rolled my nipple slowly, making me writhe with yearning for added stimulation. “I think you should make her take more, Alex,” Maureen observed.

Alex pushed more forcefully into my mouth, sliding himself in a further inch and despite my eagerness to obey, I felt myself trying to pull away in an effort to cope. “What? Don’t you like it now?” he goaded, pushing. “Too bad. Sit still and take it,” he demanded, cramming more of his cock into my already full orifice.

I was choking on him, on the brink of gagging, trying desperately to accommodate him when Maitena must have taken pity on me because she leaned forward to quietly instruct me. “Don’t try to suck,” she whispered. “Relax your jaw and let your tongue go slack.” I struggled to do as she said and instantly there seemed to be more room for Alex’s member. I stopped gagging as he pressed against the back of my throat and elation filled me as the entire length his cock disappeared into my now welcoming mouth, my nose pressed to his lower stomach as he held himself inside me before sliding out again. His fingers wove into my hair to hold my head still as he surged forward again and I watched him as if he truly was my entire universe, slavish devotion shining from my eyes.

“We’ll make a half decent pet out of you yet,” he promised. I squirmed as my cunt throbbed in response to his praise, rabid for release as Maureen teased the only nipple she could reach from her position on the couch. My hands opened and closed uselessly and I tried to pull against Maitena’s hold on my arms, desperate to rub myself but she refused to release me. Alex was now thrusting powerfully into my mouth over and over, eliciting wet choking sounds from me that were driving me into a frenzy as to how far down my throat I could take him and it seemed to spur him on. I could feel his cock swelling as his breathing quickened and his balls felt hard as they tapped against my chin.

“That’s it, that’s it,” Alex muttered encouragingly. A fresh wave of lustful greed swept over me and I tried to open my throat further, making him groan in ecstasy.

I imagined what kind of a tableau we must present to a bystander; me on my knees, the only naked person in sight, tits jutting out like the prow on a ship, restrained by a sharply dressed goddess while Cary Grant is up to his nuts fucking my mouth, his wife encouraging him from the sidelines as she gropes my nipples.

Maitena's whisper in my ear heightened my fervour. “What a craven slut you are, letting a complete stranger plunge his cock down your throat.” I moaned with frustrated appetite and felt Alex’s movements becoming more frenetic.

Maureen twisted my nipple, drawing another gagged moan from me and I sensed for all her quiet charm she had a malicious streak that excited me enormously. “He’s about to come in your throat, you undeserving whore. You better not waste drop,” she warned. She slapped my nipple over and over in time to Alex’s thrusting.

“Oh, Jesus, she’s got a throat like an angel,” Alex roared as he came, a small spurt hitting the back of my throat, quickly followed by an outpouring of creamy liquid that was coaxed down my throat by a combination of his continued pumping and Maitena stroking my neck. I guzzled it hungrily, sucking on his cock as he withdrew himself from my mouth.

My arms fell to my sides as they were released and Maitena tilted my head back to kiss me thoroughly, her hands roughly wandering over my aching breasts. I arched my back to fit my tits more fully into her hands but she broke the kiss and held me away.

She indicated towards a carved Moorish screen in the corner behind us. “Behind that screen is a door,” she said. “Go and refresh yourself and then come back and get something to eat and drink.” I stood up shakily, reaching for my discarded dress as I did so. “Give me the dress,” she instructed. I handed it to her reluctantly. “There’s no point in putting anything on,” she lectured when she saw my look. “You’ll be naked until I say different so get that sulky look off your face,” she reprimanded me sharply. “Now thank me and do as I asked.”

“Yes, Lady. Thank you,” I uttered obediently, feeling overwhelmingly embarrassed at her treatment of me in front of other people but unable to deny the electrifying twitches her tone had triggered in my pussy.

“Oh and Rachel,” she called. I turned to look at her. “You’d best be quick. There are a lot of hours in the night and your evening has just begun.”

To be continued...

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