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Reminiscing My High School Days - Hannah

My first encounter with Hannah - the day we met.
I look back on my high school days and realize how easy it was to get some. Now that I'm older it's a little harder, no, quite a bit harder to get some. I try and look back to see what I did then that I'm not doing now to see if there is anything I can pick up on to help out my lame ass. Where the hell did my confidence and swagger go?

In high school I would always venture to the next town if I wanted to get laid for the weekend. It's not that there weren't any girls to fuck in my town, it's just I'd already fucked most of them and didn't want the same thing twice. Going to different towns insured me that I wouldn't fuck the same girl twice - unless she was worth it that is. And most of the time they weren't worth it. Except for one girl and here's the story.

A couple friends and I were venturing around the mall in the next town over just checking out the scenery and what the mall had to offer. We'd been there plenty of times before so not a lot had really changed. There were plenty of new faces roaming around, but that kind of thing usually happens in a bigger city. We made our way through the food court when we noticed a group of girls looking at us and smiling. Me being the outspoken one that I was, decided to approach the girls with the other guys chickening out and staying back a few feet.

"Hello ladies, I couldn't help but notice I was being stared at," I said with a cocky smirk. This caused the three girls in the group to start laughing at my expense.

"I definitely was!" One of the girls chimed in before the rest of them could say anything to me.

"And I definitely noticed that," I shot back quickly as I gave her a wink. "Sorry my friends are a bunch of pansies and are afraid to come over here," I said as I looked back towards them and waved them over.

"It's all good, we won't bite. Promise!" Another girl said as my two friends approached.

"This is Corey and Zach and I'm Mike," I said as I extended my hand out to the girl who was still blatantly staring at me and giggling while Corey and Zach mumbled a lousy hello. "Quit being pussies and talk to the girls already!" I yelled at the other two and immediately the two finally woke up and started stringing together some words that actually made sense.

"I'm Hannah, and this Lauren and Shelby," she said as she took me off guard and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and picked her up off the ground. "Oh wow! Looks like we have a strong one here." She gave me a sultry look as I set her back down - the look that said fuck me now!

"Nah, I'm not strong at all. I think you're just tiny and making me look better than I really am," I said with a laugh that seemed to lighten the mood for everyone. "So what are you lovely ladies doing for the rest of the day?" My question more directed towards Hannah.

"We wanna hit a couple more stores before we leave for the day. What are you guys gonna do?" Hannah seemed to be the only one talking to me.

"We could possibly join you ladies? Or you three can go see a movie with us?" I suggested, Corey and Zach nodding in agreement.

"Yeah! That would be awesome!" Lauren finally spoke to me.

"Sounds great to us!" Hannah and Shelby said almost simultaneously.

"Alright, let's go," I said as Hannah took my arm. Shelby wanted Corey and Lauren wanted Zach.

I can't remember what movie we got tickets for - at this point does it really matter? - but I do remember being anxious about being somewhat alone with Hannah. We made it into the theater and Hannah and I went about two or three rows from the back while Corey - Shelby and Zach - Lauren, went to different aisles. I was beginning to think this was either planned, or it was coincidence. Either way worked for me.

"So, Hannah, how old are you?" I asked, thinking I probably should've asked this earlier.

"Just turned eighteen last week," she replied as she beamed at me. "How old are you?"

"I'm eighteen as well. Just graduated high school actually," I replied, just looking into her eyes. Her eyes were definitely gorgeous.

"Me too! That's so cool! I wasn't sure how old you were. I was thinking you might have been older," she said as the movie was about to start.

"Nope, not really," I said as I smiled at her. God she was gorgeous.

Immediately we began holding hands which kind of surprised me because I didn't know what kind of girl she was. I knew that she was into me for sure, but I didn't know what she had in mind so I was just going to go with the flow and see what happens.

"I think you're gorgeous by the way." I leaned over and whispered in her ear to maximize the effect of my words.

"Aww, you think so?" She asked with what appeared to be a red face.

"I do," I returned with that same smile.

"Aww, thanks!" She snuggled close to me. I took that time to put my arm around her.

I knew I was in, so I figured I might as well take advantage of the situation. I really wasn't too interested in the movie anyways so I figured that was the time to make my move.

"Hey, can I have a kiss?" I whispered in her ear.

"I thought you were never gonna ask," she replied as she shifted to better kiss me. This girl could kiss.

The kiss started out soft and gentle before progressing into something more along the lines of heat and passion with some friskiness thrown in the mix. It was a hot kiss to say the least. Little did I know how that was going to turn out. Anyways, Hannah turned in her seat to make it look less obvious that we making out so heavily in the already deserted theater. I didn't give a shit what the others were doing. All I knew is that I was getting something out of Hannah - whether that was some finger play or a blowy, that was to be determined.

Hannah turned so she was facing the back of the seat as we continued to make out. Things were definitely hot and heavy and there was no way I was letting this situation go without at least one of us getting off. Just then, I felt Hannah's hand rubbing the hard on that somehow managed to grow without me being aware of it (how that happened I'm not for certain). At this point it was obvious what she wanted and I was going to do what it took to give it to her.

Her hand was beginning to drive me crazy. I needed to release my hard on considering it was straining painfully in my pants. Sensing what I needed - and without asking or breaking the kiss - Hannah expertly unbuckled my pants and freed my aching cock. I wasn't going to say a word but only let her do what she wanted to with me. Whether that was to stroke my cock or suck it. Like I said, either way worked for me. And from what it seemed, sucking my cock was on her mind.

She began stroking my cock while never breaking the kiss. At the same time I was rubbing her pussy through the outside of her pants. Her moans were light, but evident as they came between each kiss. I found her little love button which caused her to grind against the pressure of my hand. I couldn't get in her pants because of the angle she was sitting. She increased the speed of her stroking but I knew I wasn't going to blow my load any time soon since she wasn't stroking my cock fast enough or sucking me off.

"You can do whatever you want with me, just so ya know," I whispered into her ear after I broke the kiss.

"Okay, babe," she whispered back before kissing down my neck and working her way down to my dick.

Oh fuck, this is gonna be good. I couldn't believe what was about to happen. I've never received a blow job in a movie theater before. I've received a hand job and I've also had sex in a theater, but never had head. And I wasn't going to pass on that either.

Just then, I heard a moan escape the mouth a girl coming from a few rows ahead of me. Hannah either seemed oblivious to it or she knew what was going on - assuming since she continued bobbing up and down on my hard shaft while I continued to rub on her pussy. I tried to get a better look to see what was going on, but all I could see was the back of Corey's head. I couldn't see Shelby so I assumed she was laying across a couple seats the same way Hannah was. As for Zach and Lauren, I had no fucking clue where they were. Oh well, I was getting a blowy, so at that point I didn't give a fuck.

I went back to concentrating on what Hannah was doing with my cock. Her mouth was moving expertly over my extremely hard cock. I was beginning to think that this wasn't the first cock she's sucked on. At least in a movie theater anyways.

"I'm gonna situate myself so you can finger me properly," she said as she released my dick from the warm depths of her mouth. "I'm so fucking horny and that's the only way I'm gonna get off and fucking in here is too risky."

"Fair enough. I'll just fuck the shit out of you when we get out of here," I said with my usual cocky smirk.

"God, I hope so." She shuddered as she said that. "But for now I'm gonna suck your cock. Warn me when you're cumming so I'm not surprised with a mouthful of unexpected cum."

"Will do. Now suck my cock like a good little slut and you'll get what you deserve later," I ordered her just before she went back to devouring my cock. I slipped my left hand down her panties and went to town on her cunt.

I kept my mind on other things just to prolong the eruption. I didn't want to end this just yet since this was the first blow job I've had in a theater. Hannah was quite the expert and I knew it was only a matter of time before I blew in her mouth.

I began searching the theater to see who else was in there. I noticed a couple of girls who appeared to be maybe a year or two older than I sitting two rows behind and a few seats to the left of us. One of them kept glancing over at me and when she realized I was looking she quickly turned to her friend and made a subtle gesture my way. Both girls looked down at me and both made a gesture as to what I was receiving. Both started cracking up as I pointed down to Hannah's head and gave them a thumb up (I only had one free hand). One of the girls stood up to take a better look before turning back to her friend to get her to look at what was going on.

Being my arrogant and cocky self, I leaned back while putting my free hand behind my head - acting like I was a fucking King or something - while I enjoyed receiving attention to my cock and attention to the fact that I was getting head in a public place. I looked back and made eye contact with one of the girls. The attention I was receiving and the look the other girl gave me was almost unbearable. I couldn't hold back any longer when the girl I was making eye contact with gave me the sign that she wanted to blow me too. I tapped on Hannah's head as I felt the cum rush through my shaft and explode in her waiting mouth.

The anonymous girl must have noticed that I just exploded from the look I gave her as I saw her shudder with what could've been excitement. I couldn't believe I had just gotten head from a random girl I just met while being watched by two more random chicks - one who wants to blow me later! I noticed she pulled something out of her purse, write something on it before holding it up for me to see and casually dropping it on the seat in front of her before getting up and leaving the theater. She blew me a kiss and out the door they went. She's just as sexy if not sexier than Hannah.

Hannah cleaned up my dick while I began watching the movie. I pulled my hand out of her pants without even checking to see if I had gotten her off or not. At that point I didn't care because I got what I wanted. I knew she still wanted me to fuck her later, but that would have to wait. And once my cock was cleaned up, Hannah put it back in my pants and got up to head for the bathroom. I took that time to get up and see what that other girl left for me.

I made my way to the seat where the paper lay and picked it up and saw a little message that was left for me.

It was really hot seeing you get sucked off like that in here! In fact it was so hot that I was almost tempted to get up and take your cock away from her and finish you off myself. Here's my number. You should call me soon so I can suck you off in this theater.

- Kayla

She left her number at the bottom of the note. I still couldn't believe that I had just gotten head while being watched and now that other girl wants to do the same thing to me! This all seemed too good to be true, but why the hell would I argue about something like that?

Hannah returned and cuddled up beside me for the rest of the movie. All I could think about was taking care of Hannah later and then being serviced by Kayla as soon as possible. What was going to come from both situations? I had no idea at the time. All I knew was that I was going to fuck both of them at least once and probably call it quits. As for my sexual adventures with Hannah, well, that's going to have to wait for the next chapter.

To be continued...

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