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Rewarding Phoenix

This is an account of some real events plus some planned ones. I hope everyone enjoys.
Nervous...breathe..inhale slowly through the nose, exhale slowly through the mouth..

As I calmed myself down repeating this over and over finally feeling the wave of calm wash over me. I hadn't known that I had grown so nervous until I hit the threshold of the door then WHAM. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn't breathe or move I just stood there panting.

Why was I so nervous? Hadn't this been the continuation of our romance on lush? I said to myself in the doorway to my home with my small suitcase. Touching my neck feeling the black leather collar I felt calm and drifted back to thinking of our time online.

We had met in a chatroom you and I. I saw you talking to someone about work. I hadn't been in this chatroom before but saw that topic as my way in. We began talking first in the chatroom then came a whisper. Before the night was over I had opened the chat box you had sent me. We talked online but quickly that wasn't enough. I needed more of you everyday. We exchanged phone numbers and began texting. The excitement of seeing your number across the screen the feel of my cell in my pants when it vibrated. The smile stretching across my face.

Was I in love? Could I be?

The question snapped me out of my dream state not noticing I had both hands touching my collar. I straightened myself up and locked the door. Settling into my car, warming the gps up I set on my journey. It would be most of the day before I would make it to my Master, but I wanted to be early. In the last message I would receive before seeing you I was instructed to be to be careful and use the key under the mat.

Fast forward nine hours of touching my collar, looking at my phone; even though I knew there would be no message for me I came to my destination. Pulling in your driveway I panicked once more. I needed your reassurance but knew that I had been instructed not to contact you.

Letting myself in your house I began to prepare. You had left my favorite shower items in the bathroom and I settled for a nice hot shower hoping you would still the red places the hot water left on me. Upon getting out I toweled my hair just a little wanting it still to be wet for you I had just a few minutes before you would be home. Slipping on my collar, black heels and corset with matching thong I readied myself at the door. On my knees, hands on my thighs ass perched out. Looking straight at the door.

I hear the click of your key and resist to look down knowing that punishment was not what I wanted. You open the door and seem not to notice me. I know this is you waiting to see if I will be good so I hold my breath afraid to even twitch my crotch already growing wet. Finally you lock eyes with me. I can feel our desire building like an electric circuit between us. I want so badly to get up and kiss you but I know that isn't what good girls do. Finally you touch me on the shoulder and indicate that I can get up. I stand weakly knowing that my legs are already putty. You walk around my back and encircle me kissing my neck and nibbling my ear. You tell me that it was a long hard day at work and I know that this is my cue. Setting the full length mirror in front of the couch I motion for you to sit down my eyes down when I am asking you to do something. You sit and take off your shirt. Looking dead into your eyes in the mirror I began kneading your back, arms, neck and chest. Never breaking eye contact. You motion to your lap for me to sit down and caress my face. There have been no words yet as there doesn't need to be I have earned this reward of our first time being slow and passionate.

Cupping my face in your hands you begin to kiss my forehead, cheek, neck, ears, and throat. Not knowing where your next kiss is going to land has me already on edge of cumming for the first time. A soft moan escapes my lips and with that your lips crash into mine. Your hand on my back untying my corset, gripping my ass you lay me down on the couch and begin teasing my breast, pinching my nipples to cause just enough pain for me to arch my back you plant more kisses and love bites on my check and stomach. I know I will climax as soon as your tongue crashes into me and I have been instructed to do so. You kiss down one hip to my thigh and back up the other taking notice of how wet my thong has become as it sucks into my swollen and drenched pussy lips. You are the definition of control as you move your hands from my breast to my stomach not taking me in too quickly. Finally a hand over my clit pushing in ever so gently, I have to open my eyes and look to be sure it isn't a dream. A wave crashes over me as I climax to your first touch. Seeing my drenched thong and feeling me climax has finally set you over the edge and you begin to plunge fingers into my wet hole as you lick and tease my clit. I climax again and begin asking you Master may I orgasm I have been very good. I wait writhing in estacy as you crash your tongue all around my swollen hole. You say the final words..

I love you Phoenix and with that the orgasm crashes through my body. As I come down off my high your smirk looking down on me I once again assume my position and wait for my instruction. Hoping it has something to do with the hard cock that I can see through your pants.
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