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Road Head Fantasy

An amazing drive...and more...
I kind of want to get out of the city, just for a day. I decide to do it on a Saturday. I won’t have anything going on. I’m thinking about hitting up the nearest state park. To be honest, where doesn't matter. I just want to be outside and away from the city. I’d really love your company. So I text you a few days before, let you know the plan, leave out in the morning and get back before dinner time. I ask if you want to go with me. I figure you’ll say no, but I have to ask just to make sure. To my surprise, you say yes. It’s the best news I could hear.

I show up that Saturday morning. You’re ready to go so we head out. We’re driving down the freeway, doing about 80, music up, windows down. You look absolutely gorgeous in a pair of sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a pullover. Your hair is back, you've got sunglasses and boots on. It’s warm enough that I’m in shorts and a pullover. The day is looking amazing. We don’t talk much on the way down. We’re just enjoying the ride and music. I’m enjoying having you beside me.

We get to a convenience store outside of the park and I stop for a few beers and some sandwich stuff. Nothing exotic, but it’s going to be great. We get to the park and get our stuff together. The sun is out, there’s a slight breeze, it’s warm enough for the birds to be active, but just cool enough that we have the place to ourselves. More importantly, you’re there with me. I was right, an amazing day. We grab lunch and drink the beers. I can’t keep my eyes off you.

After we eat we decide to explore the park a little bit. We pick a random trail to start off with. We’re talking about whatever, enjoying the scenery. I’m enjoying you. Your hand reaches for mine and I gladly take it. We spend the entire day at the park. I have a great day. My best in a very long time.

Too soon, it’s late afternoon. The sun is starting to set, it’s getting a little chillier. It’s getting time to head back. Once back in the car I tell you how much I enjoyed the day. We get back on the highway and you ask me why, what was it I liked so much. I say it was you. I expect you to laugh the cheesy compliment off. Instead, you surprise me again. You reach across the console and place your hand on my crotch. You smile as you feel me quickly growing hard at nothing more than your light touch. “Mmm, baby, don’t tease me,” I say.

Your smile broadens into a wicked grin, you’re not just teasing. Your hand moves to my thigh and you snake your fingers into my shorts, checking to see if I’m wearing boxers. Your fingers meet my balls, I’m not. I see you shift in your seat out of the corner of my eye and then feel your hand creeping further towards my dick, brushing my balls as you go. I let out a sigh, damn, baby. My breath turns into a gasp when your hand finds my dick. You take me roughly into your hand, squeezing me while you revel in the power you hold over me right now.

You shift in your seat again, rising to you knees. You lean further towards me and your free hand reaches for the zipper of my shorts. Oh shit. You lower the zipper so slowly...this is torture. I finally feel the cool air on my hard dick, but not for long. Both your hands turn their attention to my cock. You stroke me with both hands. I’m breathing harder, focusing on the road with all the control I have left. Fuck me.

You dip your head into my lap, lightly kissing the head of my dick, savoring the taste of me. My hips involuntarily ease up trying to turn the kiss into more. I need to be in your mouth, baby. Don’t tease me forever.

You sense my unspoken plea and your lips open just enough to take the first inch of me into your mouth. I feel your lips part around my dick as you take my cock the rest of the way. Your mouth is so warm and wet, your lips so tight against me. You've got me so hard, literally throbbing for you. Your hand reaches to cup my balls as you work me with your mouth. Up and down on my dick, squeezing my balls, bringing me closer to my release. This feels amazing. You settle into a deliberate pace, locked into a rhythm that’s driving me insane. We both know it’s only a matter of time before I succumb but I’m trying to hold out as long as possible. I want to feel this forever.

You know I'm holding back. That’s not what you want. You lift your mouth away from me, one hand still on my balls, the other returning to my dick. You look me dead the eye. With innocence on your face and sultriness in your voice, you say, “I want you cum in my mouth, baby…”

‘Fuck me,’ is all I can think. All that manages to come out is a moan. Your mouth returns to my cock. I’m as hard as steel, the head of my dick swollen and purple. You know it won’t be long now. You begin a faster pace, taking me all the way to your throat. Then I feel it. You swallow me whole. My dick is embedded in your tight throat, your chin touching my balls, your forehead pressing into my abs. It’s too much, baby.

A loud breath escapes my lips. The breath turns into a growl as you feel my body stiffen beneath you. This is it, baby. I explode deep into your throat, trying desperately to keep my eyes open. You hold me, your face buried into me, locking me as deep into you as I’ll go. You’re draining every last drop from me.

Your lips tighten around me as you pull off of me, torturing my sensitive dick. You pull away, a devilish grin on your face. You stare into me as you wipe away the last traces of drool from the corners of your mouth. You are purely erotic. You return to your seat, smugly satisfied with yourself. I can’t even speak. All that’s left to is enjoy the road, the music, and the satisfaction of an amazing blowjob...for now at least.

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