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road head

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I love my truck, I won´t bother to much with the details of my truck. It is an 82 ford F150, has big tires, a big motor, 4 wheel drive, basically its just a fucking beast. My favorite piece of my truck has nothing to do with how it runs, sounds or drives. Most people probably would not even think twice about this part of my vehicle or any vehicle for that matter, but I love sex. Most of the stuff in my life is picked out to best suit sex and not what it is actually or at least mostly intended for. My bed set is the perfect height so I can pull my lady to the edge and fuck her while she is laying down. My couch set was picked for a similar reason. My shower was set up so it would be the most comfortable to have sex in, with dual shower heads a bench seat and plenty of room. As for my truck I love the ease of fooling around due to having a full bench seat. There is no center console or shift nob in the way, no reason why a perfectly good drive can not be made better by getting a little road head.

It only takes a couple of drinks for her to start getting in the mood and loosing her inhibitions. Tonight was no different, we saw a movie at the theater then went for dinner and drinks. With no rush or reason to get home I decided to take a long scenic route home. It was past dark already and she knew I had something in mind as soon as I bypassed the highway. I unbuckled my seat belt and then hers. I grabbed my soft cock through my pants letting her know what I wanted. Neither of us are opposed to sex in unusual spots, and she knows I love to get a blow job while driving.

She took the hint. Leaning over she unbuttoned and unzipped my cargo pants and pulled open the fly. She cupped my balls in her hand and started to message them while taking my soft cock into her mouth. I love getting a blow job when my cock is still soft. I could feel my self getting hard in her mouth, she bobbed her head up and down. Her mouth getting so wet I could feel her spit running down to my balls. I placed my right hand gently on the back of her head, letting her know I wanted to control her rhythm. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head up and pushed it back down. Guiding her in long slow strokes, I pushed her head down till I could feel the back of her throat. She swallowed, I could feel her open her mouth and take the last inch of my cock in. The head of my cock was now inside her throat I know she can only hold it there for a few moments so I release the pressure on the back of her head so she can come up when she needs to. She releases my cock from her mouth, looks up at me and smiles. I love how she can make the simplest gesture so very arousing.

She grabs on to my cock, completely wet, and strokes it slowly from top to bottom. Her hands are so soft it feels like she is wearing a velvet glove. As she slides her hand back up my cock she squeezes hard and pre-cum oozes out the tip. Her tongue circles around the pink sensitive head of my cock and licks it up as it starts to run down the shaft. Using her fingernail she gently scratches the bottom of my cock from my balls towards the tip. This produces even more pre-cum to leak out. Her full lips wrap around the head of my cock and I feel her sucking hard to get the bitter sweet nectar out of me. She lets her teeth like drag on my cock as she slowly move her head up and down on me.

Releasing my cock from her mouth she move to my shaved scrotum, licking my balls and gently pulling them into her mouth while she strokes my slippery shaft. My testicles twitch in anticipation and we both know my orgasm is getting closer. She switches from her mouth being on balls to sucking on my cock, and back several times. My breathing has gone from full deep breaths to short gasps. I am close.

I reach my hand to her shirt and undo the buttons. I need to touch her before I cum, I need more control. I manage to get the front hook of her bra undone. Her tits are free for me to handle. I squeeze them, I pull and twist her nipples. Harder and harder, anything to get my mind off the work her mouth is putting in on my cock. The longer I hold out the bigger my orgasm.

I find a spot where I can pull to the side of the road. She knows I want to cum now, she knows I am ready. With her left hand she is pulling on my cock with short hard stokes. Her tongue is licking the head, drool dripping from her mouth keeping everything slippery. With her right hand she pulls hard on my sack giving me a few more seconds of pleasure before I release. She can taste the pre-cum with her tongue as she licks it up as fast as it is leaking out. My cock twitches there is no more delaying it, she releases my sack so I can cum. Her mouth makes one last long decent on my cock. As she comes back up only leaving the head in her mouth she strokes my shaft and the first spurt of my orgasm is in her mouth. Three more big spasms fill her mouth and finally to smaller ones. She pulls on my shaft from bottom to top squeezing out the last drops.

Sitting up she leans her back against the door. I can barely see her from the dash lights, I turn on the dome light. Her nipples are hard, she has a seductive grin on her face. She opens her mouth, and pushes out her tongue. My cum falls from her mouth, drips down her chin and onto her chest. She pulls and twists both of her nipples. Her tongue runs over her lips, cum still hanging on them. I love the extra show she is giving me tonight. As my cock starts to soften she takes it in her mouth one last time all the way down and all the way back up. As it falls from her mouth she gives it a little kiss right on the tip.

She smiles as she returns to her seat next to me, never putting her bra or shirt back together.

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