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Road Trip

On the road out in the country, a young woman encounters a trucker.
By Miss Anonna

It had been a long three hours and there was no doubt she needed to stop, if at least for a cup of coffee.. Kelly pulls off the interstate onto a small country road and rolls down the windows to let in a nice summer breeze. Her hand moves towards the dashboard and she turns off the A/C and radio. She notices how quiet and pretty it is outside while the air rushes through her long brown hair and ruffles her blouse just enough to taunt her nipples into the upright position. She looks down with a smile at her well rounded breasts and hopes that no one notices when she pulls into the parking lot of this little convenience store.

“Cute.” She thinks to herself as she pulls into a spot in the back and away from other cars. “I’ll just hit the restroom, grab some coffee and breathe in a little fresh air.

She tugs at her blouse, opens the door and heads for the entrance. The store had a cute little porch on the front where she thought she might sit for a few minutes after she gets her coffee. She walks in and is greeted by a little old lady and what looks to be her husband.

“Hi!” She squeaks. “Do you have a restroom I can use?”

“Shore ‘nuff!” Says the woman, “But you’ll have to take this key and it’s around back by them thar trucks, the wooden shed” She points, “backed up to the woods. It looks like a rundown shack but it’s really nice inside. Bobby just finished all the tile work last week. He shore is a handy one.” She barks and smiles from ear to ear.

“Thanks, I’ll be right back.” She says joyfully.

“Take yore time, Sweety, we’ll still be here.” The woman assures her.

Kelly makes her way around the building and through the parking lot. She sees the shack the old woman was talking about and three or four 18 wheelers nearby. She notices a handsome young trucker getting out of his truck. She watches him while she’s walking as he lights up a cigarette and walks towards the woods.

“Nice ass.” She thinks to herself, looks down at her feet walking on the lot and then lets out a little giggle. She watches him discretely as he disappears into the woods on a little path. Kelly puts the key into the door and unlocks the bathroom. She pushes the door open revealing a beautifully new tiled bathroom. It’s clean and smells fresh as daisies and doesn’t even look like it’s ever been used. She makes her way to the toilet, coats it with tissue and sets down. Relieved, she looks for the roll of toilet paper , reaches for it and notices a little hole in the wall that seems to have a view to the outside. She wipes herself and gets a bit curious.

“I wonder where my trucker man is,” She laughs to herself and puts her eye up to the hole.. She sees many bushes and trees and then she notices a pair of tight jeans just beyond a close bush. “It’s him!” she thinks and watches him momentarily. As she admires his ass, he turns toward her and she gasps. “Oh my god!” She turns away. She giggles and puts her eye back to the hole where she notices he has his cock in his hand and he’s pulling on it slowly making harder and harder. Kelly watches the trucker’s cock pulse with each stroke. It grows to an enormous size and her eyes widen.

“Good God, that’s big,” she thinks and places her hand over her mouth and smiles.. “I wonder why he’s out there and what he’s thinking. I should help him out and give him a little show but how do I get him to look?”

She pulls up her tight jeans, shuts the lid and sits on the toilet. She puts her mouth up to the hole and whispers “Psssssssst!” She looks. Her trucker didn’t budge so again she calls a little louder. “Pssssst!” She looks and the man turns more toward the hole. He starts to move closer and she hisses again. “Pssssst! Look here!” He moves quicker to the hole.

Kelly backs off the hole and begins to rub her breast until she notices the mans eye in the hole. She smiles and lifts her blouse just over her breasts. Her perky nipples hold the blouse in place and the truckers eyes open wider and wider. She hears him breathing harder and his eye leaves the hole. She looks out to see where he has gone and see him holding his erection. It has grown even bigger and much harder than it was. Kelly smiles and giggles and backs away from the hole. The man again peers into the hole and Kelly licks her finger and thumb and begins to squeeze her taught nipple. The she runs her finger down her chest and into her panties, pulling them away so the trucker can see her push her own button and run her finger down her lips.

“Oh my God!” she hears him whimper and watches his eye move away from the hole again. She moves herself closer to the hole to see what he is doing but as she gets close the trucker’s cock comes through the hole and bumps her on the lip.

“Ooops,” she says. “Oh boy, what have I got myself into?” She thinks. She stares at the swollen cock and admires it’s length and girth. She puts her hand around it slowly and squeezes it at the base. “Oh my,” she squeaks ever so quietly. Her lip is wet from the accidental meeting of his dripping tool. She pauses momentarily and then licks it from her lip. The taste is quite sweet. His smell is pleasant and clean. She figures no one would ever know.

With her hand firmly around her trucker’s pulsing shaft, she curls her tongue around it, kissing it and moves her mouth over the top, slowly sending it deep into her mouth. She loves how it feels against her cheek and moves her other hand down into her panties. She works her finger over her hardening clitoris as she thrusts her mouth slowly over the shaft in her hand. She can feel it pulse and harden. Deep into her mouth she runs her tongue along the bottom of his cock and pushes it well into her throat.

“I didn’t know I could do that.” She thinks. She kisses the head of his pulsating organ and slides her lips down the underneath to the base. She squeezes the top with her other hand and begins to lick and suck at his taught testicles, coaxing them into her mouth one at a time. The warm juices drip out of his cock and between her thumb and fingers. She works the slick liquid out into a big drop squeezing and pushing with her hands and then places her finger under it letting it slowly drip onto her finger and then into her nail..

Kelly places her finger onto her already soaking clitoris and works it around and around and around until she begins to shiver. She is amazed at how much this is turning her on, closes her eyes and begins to feel the convulsions when she runs her finger deep inside and over her g spot. She puts the truckers cock into her mouth and flicks her tongue along the bottom. She gives the throbbing member a good squeeze and a twist and feels the twitching of his enormous erections. The warm explosion inside her mouth triggers another convulsion this time deep within her uterus and she slides her mouth back to the top of her truckers erupting tower. Another pulse coats her upper lip and she opens her mouth wide, squeezes his cock and aims for her throat. She grabs his balls and shoves his cock deep into her throat where he lets out a great moan. She feels the pulse and the burst and her new found friend twitches out of her mouth. She squeezes it again just to get that last drop and places it on her tongue. Moving her finger across her upper lip, she gathers the rest of his cream and sucks it off her finger. Her trucker slowly retracts his phallic friend and places it back into his trousers. He peers back into the hole in total disbelief and Kelly smiles and blows him a kiss.

Kelly gathers herself up and moves to the sink, washes her hands, winks at herself and closes her eyes and smiles. Practically skipping out of bathroom she wanders across the parking lot, shaking her rear at the trucker getting into his rig and smiles. He stops momentarily and proceeds to the cab.

Kelly returns the key to the old woman and heads for the coffee.

“Everything OK?” pipes the woman.

“Oh, yes indeed. Everything is just peaches and cream , thanks.” And she smiles.
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