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Rosie wanted another lesson

Lesson two, the forbidden one!
Just last night whilst driving home I saw Rosie walking through the estate.

Only last Friday I had reluctantly (not) offered my cock to Rosie to use so that my wife could teach her the art of oral sex. Rosie had a new boyfriend and did not want to appear like an amateur and wanted to give him 100% pleasure.

Anyway I pulled the car over and rolled the window down and called out to Rosie.

Rosie came running over and asked if my wife had passed her message on.

"What message would that be?" I asked.

Rosie wanted to see if I would act as her dummy again before she tried out her new skills on her boyfriend.

I told her that my wife had mentioned it but was not completely happy with it and she felt it better if I did not.

Rosie looked really fed up and disappointed at my reply.

I asked what was wrong.

She said that she had hoped I could help as she was still nervous about performing with her boyfriend but felt confident with me and my wife.

I said that I was sorry about the decision and really wanted to help especially as she had a good technique and great tits. Although I did not mention the latter.

Rosie asked if I might drive her home as she had missed her bus, this I agreed to do.

Rosie got into the car and the first thing I noticed was her amazing long slim legs. She was also wearing stockings that were now quite visible as her skirt rode up as she sat down.

We soon got to her house and being the gent I am I walked her to her door.

Rosie invited me in for a cup of tea, I accepted as my wife was working a late shift and would not be home until late.

We sat drinking our tea and I inquired as to where her parents were.

She replied that they were on a two week vacation in Europe and that she had the house to herself.

I sat looking at Rosie's amazing legs in her nice heels and stockings, the one thing that really gets me turned on, with my cock starting to twitch.

I wanted to help Rosie out, out of her clothes if I tell the truth, when she stood up and slipped off her short skirt.

I sat gob smacked, she then lifted her jumper over her head leaving her in her matching lingerie and silky black stockings.

Rosie looked at me with her big brown eyes and said, "Are you sure you cant help me?"

Rosie did not wait for an answer, she just grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs and into the master bedroom. Her parents had a huge 4 poster bed.

She pushed me back onto the bed quickly removed her bra allowing her gorgeous breasts to come into view. They looked bigger and firmer than I remembered.
She knelt down in front of me, pulled off my shoes and socks, loosened my belt and unzipped my fly.

She then unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off me, then pulled me to my feet and removed my trousers and boxers allowing my cock to spring into view.

We stood facing each other and then kissed for the first time, during the kiss I examined her gorgeous breasts with my hand pinching her big dark nipples, something she seemed to really enjoy.

I also managed to slip her panties down to reveal a neatly trimmed virgin pussy.

Rosie then took a step back, I thought OK that's it time to go home.

How wrong could I be. She just said, "Are you OK with this? I want another lesson but I also want you to make love to me, please be my first."

I just nodded in disbelief, and she was on me like a shot, knocking me back on the bed and taking control of my semi erect cock.

She started just giving me a good hard rub then she went to work with her mouth, doing everything my wife taught her.

I somehow managed to get her in a sixty nine position and buried my tongue deep in her so sweet pussy.

She came straight away, covering my face with a her sticky juices, but did not stop giving me a great blow job.

I continued licking her pussy and using her juices. I managed to slip a finger into her very tight anus, she moaned with pleasure and came again, giving me another mouthful of her juices.

I was now close myself and wanted her to suck me off so I did not tell her my position, but just kept fingering her anus and nibbling her pussy as I filled her mouth full with at least four massive jets of my cum.

Rosie slowed up but did not stop until I was dry.

She came up for air and lifted herself off me and we resumed deep kissing, swapping the flavors of our juices as I once again massaged her breasts.

I remained hard and with her on top I suggested she lower her soaking pussy onto my cock.

She took it real slow and it was clear it was quite painful but inch by glorious inch I was pushing inside her.

Once fully inserted I gave her instructions to ride me and this she did slowly and carefully and from the look on her face she was enjoying her first ride.

We did this for a few minutes until she was worn out and her legs ached, so I suggested I take her doggy style.

We changed positions and I was soon deep inside her and pumping away, she soon had another orgasm and almost collapsed.

I has holding onto her bouncing breasts as I rode her harder and harder.

She then indicated that she wanted to try the missionary position, so I lay her on her back, slipped between her legs and once again I was deep inside her.

This way I was able to suck and nibble on her wonderful breasts giving her yet another orgasm.

I was riding her deep and hard and was getting close to coming so I grabbed her legs and slipped them on my shoulders giving me better penetration. She was moaning with pleasure as I filled her pussy full of my come.

I pulled out and my cock was covered in our juices and going limp but this did not stop her wrapping her lips round it and sucking me dry.

When we finally came up for air and were lying on the bed together I asked how she knew what to do.

She replied that she had borrowed loads of DVDs and had watched them so she could give me a good time.

I just had to play with those tits for a while before I had to leave.

I went home and was showered and ready for my wife when she got home, she was gladly too tired for sex.

Rosie has promised I can take her anal virginity at the next lesson.

Watch this space.

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