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A new pet.
“Hands up, chin down!” my voice booms through the boxing club.

I have barked out these words a million times. Instructions that were also barked out at me a million times by my coach, for the first few years of my training when I was a teenager.

Three loud electronic buzzes signal the end of the training session.

“Good work ladies and gentlemen. See you at the next class,” I announce, dismissing the class.

I am fifty four years old. Outside of work, I train and teach at my friend’s boxing club three days a week. I have son and daughter, both in their mid-teens. Their mother and I divorced eight years ago. Shortly after the divorce, I was introduced to the Dom\sub lifestyle. Since my introduction to it, I have indulged in Dom\sub relationships regularly. I am a Dom.

I have been working as a marketing consultant at the same firm for fifteen years. The owner and I became very close friends over the years. We vacation once a year with our families, and celebrate the major holidays together.

Sarah, the owner’s daughter, graduated from university and started working at the firm two months ago. I watched Sarah grow up alongside with my own kids. Sarah was a late bloomer. At nineteen she still looked girlish. While she was away at university, she transformed into a beautiful woman. We are very close and talk openly about almost everything. Her transformation has stirred a strong sexual attraction towards her, in me.

Tonight the firm was having a party to celebrate the launch of a nationwide marketing campaign, for a major financial institution. I took the day off to teach a boxing class and workout. No one would be very productive at the office today. It is Friday, and they all would be anxiously counting down the minutes to the party. Deservedly so, everyone had worked their asses off on this campaign.

I finish my workout, take a quick shower, jump in my car and head home. I’ll take a proper shower at home before I head to the party. My cell phone dings three times as I pull into my garage. I kill the engine and take out the keys from the ignition, as I read the text message on my cell phone. Sarah has sent me a picture of two dresses side by side, laid out on her bed, a red one and a white one. Both dresses are deliciously short.

I text back a question mark. Knowing full well that she is asking me which dress she should wear.

She texts back, “which 1 shud I wear 2nite? DUH! lol”.

“Which dress is shorter?” I text back.

“Red one has a slit up the left side…perv,” she replies, followed by three smiley faces.

I laugh out loud to myself as I send my reply, “Red one.”

My cock starts to swell and grow as images of Sarah in the slinky red dress flood into my mind.
Three dings from my cell phone bring me back to reality.

Another text from Sarah, “k, just 4u.” followed by three kiss emoticons.

“Fuck,” I mutter to myself, “It’s going to be a long night.”

I go inside my house, empty my gym bag and throw the clothes in the washing machine.
Set the washer timer to four hours, and head upstairs. I have dinner and take a proper shower.
Put on a dark blue suit, white shirt and matching blue tie. I jump in my car and head to the party.

I arrive at the hotel, park my car and head for the ballroom. The room is elegant and well lit. I walk through the ballroom, greeting and chatting with my co-workers. The usual handshakes, hugs, bro bumps and small talk. Everyone is in a great mood and ready to enjoy their evening.

I make my way to the bar and take a seat on a bar stool, close to the end of the bar. The bartender asks what I want. I order a Johnny Walker Red, neat. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around. It's Sarah, a heartwarming smile on her face and looking ravishing. She is wearing the red dress with the slit on the side that we had texted about. Her four inch stilettoes are the same color as her dress, a deep bright red. She places both her hands on her hips and twirls around slowly for me.

Sarah finishes her twirl, and asks, “Well, what do you think?”

A big girlish grin lights up her face.

My eyes roam over every inch of her. Her brown eyes are big and bright. Her lips covered in a crimson glossy lipstick. Her large breasts exposed by the low neckline of the dress and are held tight to her chest by the dress.
Her slender waist and the flare of her hips are wrapped tightly in red. Her shapely legs and gentle curve of her calfs are accentuated by her stilettos.

“Wow, you look nice,” is all I can force to leave my lips.

Sarah slumps her shoulders forward, visibly disappointed in my reply to her question.

I take her hand and pull her close to me. I place my lips to her ear and whisper, “I will have to whisper the rest of my thoughts, if you want to hear them, Sarah.”

I lean back and hold her gaze. Her eyes widen, she takes the right corner of her bottom lip between her teeth and nods enthusiastically, motioning me to continue.

I brush her long brown scented hair over her ear, and place my cheek on her cheek.

“You look ravishing, Sarah. You are without a doubt the most beautiful, sexiest woman I have ever laid my eyes upon. I was rendered speechless when you twirled for me. As enchanting as you look in that red dress, my first instinct was to tear it off you,” I whisper to her.

I lean back and meet Sarah’s gaze. Her eyes are filled with excitement and shock. She is biting down harder on her lip. I can see the skin turning white, where her teeth sink into her flesh.

I smile at Sarah and ask, “Shall I continue, or will that answer suffice?”

Before she can answer, I stand up and pull her close to me, placing a kiss on her cheek. I take a step back, lift her hand over her head and twirl her into the bar stool next to me. She lifts her hips and sits on the bar stool. I sit down also, keeping my eyes locked on hers. She gracefully crosses her left leg over her right leg. The slit of her short red dress rides up and exposes more flesh than is appropriate. My eyes wander to her legs. Firm, tan, shapely and reflecting the light of the room, in a long shiny line across the length of her thigh. I shift a bit in my seat, to accommodate my growing cock.

“That will more than suffice, Gil” she answers, with a slight quiver in her voice.

I chuckle as I lift the glass of scotch to my mouth and take a sip. I place the glass back on the bar keeping my hand around the glass. Sarah’s eyes dart to my hand. She reaches over and moves the glass out of my hand, placing her right palm against the palm of my right hand. She pulls my hand onto her lap and lowers her head, her eyes widen as she studies my knuckles.
Her arms squeeze her breasts together, as she holds my hand on her lap. I shift again in my seat, as my cock twitches at the sight of her cleavage.

Blushing a bit, she confesses, "I used to be so scared of your hands, Gil. Your calloused knuckles always look bruised and swollen. I was terrified when you would extend your hand to shake mine, when I was younger. But at the same time, I wanted to touch them."

Innocently she adds, "Is that weird?"

“It’s not weird at all, Sarah,” I assure her.

I pull my hand away from her lap. Her touch is making me incredibly horny.

 I need to get outside for a bit and clear my head. I need a cigarette. I am picturing Sarah naked. Wrists bound tight behind her back and draped over my knee. Her firm ass cheeks at the mercy of my hand. I want her pussy dripping at my touch. I want her addressing me as Sir, and begging me to allow her to cum.

"Get back to your friends and have some fun Sarah. I'm going out for a quick cigarette now." My words come out in a more aggressive tone than I intend.

"Yes Sir," Sarah replies in a little girl voice, mocking my tone.

"I will get to spend some more time with you tonight, won't I Gil?" she asks.

I lift my glass to my lips and finish my drink in one gulp. Her words send a shock wave through me, she called me Sir.

“Of course Sarah, we have all night to chat,” I warmly reply.

I kiss her cheek, turn and walk towards the exit. I light my cigarette while I'm in the revolving doors. Take a deep hard drag and hold the smoke in my lungs, then blow the smoke out slowly. I can't keep images of Sarah out of my mind. It's going to be a long night.

I walk to the corner of the hotel, turn the corner and adjust my cock. I lean against the wall, shifting my weight to my right foot and take another drag. A voice interrupts my thoughts of Sarah.

"May I have one?" the voice asks.

I turn to see Sarah standing a few feet away from me. I look at her for a long moment, not as the little girl I watched transform into a woman. Not as the young, hot as all fuck, beauty that is causing my cock to ache. I look at Sarah and picture her as my sub.

"Sir, may I have one Sir," I sternly correct her.

She gasps at the harshness of my voice. My eyes are focused and cold. She is all I see, and she senses it. Her breath stops for a moment. Her cheeks turn a pale red in a heartbeat. Her body stiffens as she lowers her eyes.

In a faint voice she says, "I am sorry Gil. I will leave you alone."

"Say it," I say in a clam but commanding voice.

Sarah looks up to meet my eyes. She is not sure of what to say or do. I take another drag of the cigarette and exhale slowly.

"If you want to spend time with me Sarah, you must obey certain rules," I continue, in a matter of fact tone.

I anxiously await her reply. Will she understand what I am hinting at? Will she accept it or storm off, royally pissed off at me?

"May I have a cigarette, Sir?" she asks in a small voice.

I wait before answering, savoring the moment.

"Yes you may, my pet." I reply.

My words set something off in her. Her eyes widen, her jaw drops slightly, her body stands at attention. I take a cigarette from my pack, bring it to my lips, light it and hand it to her. Her delicate hand reaches for the cigarette, shaking slightly.

She takes the cigarette between her fingers, looks at me and says, "Thank you, Sir."

I smile warmly at her and reply, "You are most welcome, my pet."

She is pleased to see me smile at her. I lean back against the wall. Sarah leans against me with her shoulder. She takes a drag of the cigarette, exhales, looks up at me and says,

"I will obey all your rules Gil. I felt something stir inside me, when you called me your pet. Something I have never felt before, and I liked it. Do you want me as your pet, Gil?"

She pauses an instant and adds, "I am not a little girl anymore Gil, I know what you meant when you called me, pet."

Her tone is serious and needful. I see a hunger in her eyes. She is excited and desperate, waiting for me to accept her or refuse her. She is offering herself to me. I am certain my heart beat can be heard from deep in my chest, from where Sarah is standing.

“When would you like to begin, Sarah?” I ask.

Sarah smiles at me. “This very instant, Sir,” she replies.

She throws her arms around my neck, pulling my mouth to hers. She bites into my lower lip. A feral grunt gurgles deep in my throat. I break the kiss, my hand grips Sarah’s wrist and I lead her to my car. I open the rear door on the passenger side and lay down across the seat. Still gripping Sarah's wrist, I pull her inside the car and on top of me, she closes the car door behind her. Sarah's fingers frantically undo my zipper. She slides one hand in my pants and pulls my cock out. She smiles hungrily at my throbbing cock. She runs her tongue over her lips. She parts her lips and lowers her head towards my cock. I grab a handful of her hair, tight to her scalp and yank her head away from my cock. She gives out a frightened and shocked yelp. Her eyes dart to mine. My eyes are on fire with lust. I want my cock deep in Sarah's throat. I need to fuck her warm wet mouth and feed her my cum.

"You must ask permission to suck my cock and swallow my cum," I growl at her.

My words excite her. Her body sinks into mine. A long lustful moan leaves her lips.

"Please Sir, may I suck your cock and swallow your cum?" She pants, through quick breaths.

She learns quickly, she is young and hungry and beautiful. She is mine.

"Yes my sweet pet, you may suck my cock and swallow my cum," I reply in one long breath. “Show your Sir, how good of a cocksucker his new pet is."

Sarah smiles back at me and whispers, "Yes Sir."

Sarah licks my cock from the base of the shaft to the head, slowly, deliberately. Keeping her sparkling brown eyes locked on mine. She gently kisses the head of my cock and takes it between her full lips. She bobs her head up and down, taking my cock deeper in her mouth with each bob of her head.

"Fuck!" I moan out loud.

Sarah smiles, her eyes still glued to mine. She quickens the pace and sucks harder on my cock. She sticks her tongue out, making it easier for my cock to slide down her throat. She holds my cock deep in her throat a few seconds, before she lifts her mouth off it. My balls tighten, my body tenses, I grunt and groan with each breath.

Sarah feels my cock swell in her mouth. She bobs her head quicker on my cock, only taking the head in her mouth now, and swirling her tongue around it. I lift my hips and drive my back hard into the car seat. I scream out as my cum explodes from deep inside me, gushing out and spilling deep into Sarah's warm, waiting mouth.

Sarah swallows each spurt of my hot cum as it hits the back of her throat. Her mouth still sucking and bobbing, wanting to make sure she milks every droplet of cum from her Sir's cock. I pull her mouth off my cock. It's too sensitive to have Sarah suck on it any longer. She stretches out on top of me, her head on my chest and my left hand between both her hands. She runs her fingers over my knuckles, staring at the calloused skin. She gently kisses each knuckle lovingly, as if she wants her kisses to heal an injury.

"Do you like how your new pet sucks your cock?" she purrs softly.

I kiss her head and gently and reply, "Yes, I love how my new pet sucks my cock. We will continue at my place, after this party is over."

“Mmmmmmm, Yes Sir,” she purrs.

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