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Scarlett Roses - Part Two

Scarlett experiences the beginning of her college adventures...
Scarlett was sitting there in her English class. She was marking her classmate John’s paper since they were peer reviewing that day. She couldn’t believe how bad his paper was written but it made sense. John was obviously not very bright but more worried about parties and fitness. He was quite tall and muscular, catching Scarlett’s eye despite the lack of intelligence.

Since her experience with Ryan, Scarlett had been wrapped up in sexual thoughts. She often found herself looking at the bodies of guys in her classes rather than the class material. She wanted to feel the pleasure of sex again. She needed it … and soon. Scarlett thought maybe John could be the solution.

“Look, if you don’t start writing better than this you’re not going to get through this class,” she told him.

“But that’s how I write, I don’t know how to write different,” he replied.

“Well, I don’t know what to tell you then,” said Scarlett.

“Could you help me?” asked John.

“I guess so… how?” she asked.

“Come to my dorm and help me write this paper, I’ll owe you,” he answered.

Scarlett agreed to help John later that night. She spent the rest of the class thinking of how he could owe her. Honestly, she knew what she wanted. She wanted John to strip her down and fill the sexual pleasure she was lacking. However, she had no clue if John would do that, or if he was even attracted to her.

Class ended and Scarlett made her way to the cafeteria to meet up with her roommate Amanda. They took their food to go and went back to the dorm. They were sitting there eating while Amanda droned on about her classes. Scarlett didn’t pay much attention, she was still thinking about later that night.

Scarlett changed the topic to guys, asking Amanda if there was any guy she was interested in. Amanda quickly told Scarlett that she didn’t while also mentioning how useless guys were and how they played girls. Scarlett began to wonder if Amanda had ever been with a guy or if she even liked guys. She thought maybe Amanda was into girls.

Scarlett got up out of her bed and started to change her clothes. She wanted to look sexy for later and also to test the idea she had about Amanda. Within a few seconds, she was left with only her black thong still on, the rest of her body fully exposed. She went over to the mirror, pretending to look at herself, but instead watching Amanda’s gaze through the reflection.

Amanda’s eyes were glued to Scarlett’s tight ass. She was basically pulling the thong off with her eyes. Her gaze moved to Scarlett’s D cup breasts. Scarlett felt a little uncomfortable now but at the same time flattered. Their eyes caught each other, Amanda quickly looking away.

Scarlett stopped teasing her and started getting dressed. She was quickly done changing, wearing a very short red skirt clinging to her ass and a black halter top that showed a large amount of cleavage. Scarlett felt the need to mess with Amanda just a little more.

“Is this too short?” asked Scarlett.

Amanda turned to look, finding Scarlett somewhat bent over, her ass clearly showing along with her black thong. Amanda didn’t speak at first, just staring.

“No, that looks great,” she answered.

Scarlett smiled, hoping John would feel the same later that night…

Scarlett knocked on the door. She waited, listening to some fumbling around from inside. John opened the door, letting her in. He was shirtless, his muscular body on show for Scarlett. She was trying not to stare, but her eyes kept moving back to his perfect abs. John was definitely more built than Ryan. She could only imagine the things he could do with her and how intense sex would be with him.

“So I’ve been writing since class, could you let me know what you think?” he asked.

“Uhm… sure,” replied Scarlett, moving over to his desk and sitting down in the chair.

She started looking at his paper on his computer. John, however, was standing next to her, looking straight down her shirt instead. The view was amazing, and his growing dick thought so too. Scarlett turned to him, beginning to talk while noticing his eyes quickly moving off of her breasts.

“You really need to be more descriptive and use more details,” she stated.

“Like what?” he replied.

“Like… okay, here, we’ll try this,” said Scarlett, placing her hand on John’s abs.

“Tell me what you feel in detail,” she said, running her fingers over the hills of rock on his stomach.

John paused, quite surprised by Scarlett’s blunt action. However, he certainly wasn’t going to complain. Scarlett was also surprised herself. She could have never seen herself doing such a bold thing weeks ago.

“Horny,” John blurted out.

“That’s not quite what I meant but okay,” replied Scarlett as she laughed.

John reached forward, running his hand through Scarlett’s bright red, curly hair. She moved her hand further down his body, placing it over John’s dick, bulging through his pants.

“This isn’t going to help you get this paper done,” said Scarlett.

“But it will help me with how horny I’ve been since seeing you in class,” replied John.

Scarlett smiled, flattered to know John had been thinking about her all day.

“Well then let’s take care of that first,” she said as she began unzipping his pants.

Within seconds, Scarlett’s hand was wrapped around John’s hard dick. She began stroking it, sliding her hand up and down his shaft. She was still quite inexperienced with such things. Actually, she had never jerked or sucked a guy before. She looked up at John to see if she was doing it right. The expression on his face definitely confirmed so.

Scarlett felt John’s hand gently pushing the back of her head forward, motioning for her to begin sucking his dick. She was nervous because she didn’t know if she would do well. Also, John’s dick was huge compared to the previous one she had experienced with Ryan, about nine or ten inches. She wanted this badly though, so she moved her head in place.

Scarlett’s lips parted, allowing John’s long, hard dick to enter her mouth. She wrapped her lips down on his shaft while slowly sliding her tongue along it. The taste was very different for her. She didn’t like it, but she didn’t hate it. However, she couldn’t help but begin getting wet at what she was doing. She felt like such a slut, meeting a guy and sucking his dick the same day. She loved it.

She continued moving her head back and forth, sliding her lips over his shaft. She tried doing different things with her tongue, looking up at John to see what pleased him. Scarlett twisted her tongue around his dick, and then followed be her flicking it against the head of his dick. He seemed quite pleased, so she continued. She could taste the pre-cum coming out and licked it all up, loving the taste.

Suddenly, Scarlett felt John grab the back of her head, forcing her further down on his dick. She felt his huge dick slide to the back of her throat, pushing down into her throat. She started gagging and tried to pull her head away to breathe, but John held her head in place. Finally, after a short moment, John pulled her head back, his dick exiting her throat and mouth. Scarlett gasped for air.

“Are you okay?” John asked.

Scarlett wanted to punch John in the balls for doing that without her knowing. However, at the same time, she loved it. She enjoyed being dominated and somewhat forced. As uncomfortable as it felt, she wanted him to choke her again, even longer this time.

“Please do it again,” she begged.

John smiled, pulling Scarlett back to his dick, sliding it back into her mouth. He continued shoving his hard dick down her throat, making her choke on it. However, now Scarlett tried keeping it in place longer. John started taking control, moving his dick into her mouth himself. He began pumping it in and out of her mouth, using her throat to stroke his dick.

“I’m gonna cum!” exclaimed John, still thrusting his dick in and out.

Scarlett knew his load would be huge and she was worried she would choke on it. She pulled away from John just as he was about to release. Warm, sticky cum shot out onto Scarlett’s face. The first stream went right into her eye, followed by some on her lips, her cheek, and her hair. Scarlett was unsure of what to do, so she sat there with John’s cum covering her face.

“Lick it up,” John instructed.

Scarlett hesitated for a moment, but then opened her mouth and licked the cum off her lips. Surprisingly, it didn’t taste that bad. She continued sliding her tongue around to clean up the mess, using her fingers to gather up the cum from the rest of her face. Scarlett felt so dirty and her pussy was soaking wet now.

Scarlett was ready for John to take his huge dick and fill her pussy with it, but she remembered what happened with Ryan. She wanted to make John wait. She wanted him to crave her so he would keep giving her what she wanted. So, she decided she would leave and continue the fun another night.

“I need to go, but maybe we can continue another time if you do me a favor,” said Scarlett.

“Sure, what do you need?” asked John.

“My roommate and I are too young to get any alcohol, so we need someone to get it for us,” she told him.

“So you want alcohol, and I get…?” he replied.

“My lips wrapped around your dick every time we get a bottle,” she answered.

John quickly agreed as Scarlett prepared to leave. She used a towel to make sure she cleaned the rest of the cum from her face. She exchanged numbers with John and then left, delighted by her new source of pleasure and alcohol. She made her way back to her dorm, entering to find Amanda lying around on her bed.

“Hey,” greeted Scarlett.

Amanda looked up at her.

“Looks like you’ve been busy,” replied Amanda with an unpleasant tone.

“What do you mean?” asked Scarlett.

“Look at your hair,” Amanda answered.

Scarlett walked over to the mirror, examining herself. There was a decent amount of cum still in her hair, clearly able to be seen. Scarlett was immediately embarrassed, thinking back to all the people she passed by on the way back. They must have seen the cum, viewing Scarlett as a little slut. Although embarrassed, Scarlett somewhat enjoyed the thought.

Scarlett washed her hair out, changed, and then lay down in her bed. She was pleased with the events that happened today and wondered what else would soon come. She found herself still soaking wet from before. Scarlett fingered herself to satisfaction before falling asleep…

To Be Continued

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