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Scott Learns All About Oral Sex From His Nurse

A post-op visit to the clinic becomes a lesson in cunnilingus.
My last patient of the day needed a check-up after a minor operation. I was running late so I’m the last one at the outpatient clinic, the rest of the staff had already left for the day.

“Wow, this is a very nice young stud,” I thought, as soon as I saw him. I invited him to come with me to the examination room. He had dark hair, brown eyes, was a little muscular, not too tall and an aura which made me at the least, very curious.

As soon as we were in the examination room, I locked the door. I thought to myself, ”Why am I locking the door? We never lock the doors, why would we? We’re not even allowed to do that.” Nevertheless, I just did it.

As soon as I turned around, I could see him looking at me, with an intense and sexy look in his eyes. I started to fiddle on my nurse dress, feeling a bit awkward by his gaze.
However, I soon regained my composure; I’m a professional nurse, so this young stud was not going to make me feel shy.

“Is there something you want to say?” I asked.

“Nurse, you are just drop dead sexy. I have seen you walking around and watched those big breasts jiggling under your dress. You arouse me and make me lust for you. I’d love it if you would teach me the language of sex as I've heard nurses are very good at teaching that.”

Stunned, I asked myself, “What did he say? Is this real?” I stared back at him and one thought was running through my head, “Oh yes, I want this delicious guy for sure.”

“Wow, you are clear in what your needs are, my boy! That’s the way I like my patients. Tell me what you would like and I’ll see what I can do for you.”

“I would love to lick your pussy, Nurse.”

Oh damn, he made me so hot with his bold statement. I love giving pussy-lapping lessons and the guys who got them all loved it, too. My nurses are always fighting over the guys who've had my pussy licking sessions as soon as they found out they had a lesson from me, because they knew I taught them so well.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked.

“Yes, Nurse,” came his response.

“What is your first name? All I know is your last name. And, how old are you?”

“My name is Scott and I’m 18.”

“Well Scott, I've taught many virgins how to properly eat pussy; they all loved it and tried out my nurses afterwards. Have you ever watched a pussy closely young boy, besides all those you most certainly have been watching at the net? Get down from the examination table, I think I will use you as a face chair as soon as I've taught you properly."

“No, I've never seen a pussy in real life, but I love the ones I've seen online.”

I pulled him up carefully because of the stitches from his operation and had him sit on the table. He watched as I swayed a bit, my eyes locked on his, while I slowly worked on removing my uniform. When the front was completely unbuttoned, I pulled the shoulders down and let the uniform slip to the floor as Scott looked on lustfully. I then released the closure on the lacy white bra freeing my large breasts. With Scott looking on, mesmerized at the sight before his eyes, I grabbed my tits and fed my nipples to his mouth,
 “Suck them my little virgin slut, make them hard for me and squeeze my boobs. Yes baby like that.”

He sucked and licked them, wrapping his lips around my perky nipples and circling his tongue around them, being hungry for my soft flesh and the feeling of my erect nipples in his warm mouth.

“Press my tits firmly together, so my nipples will be next to each other...that way you can suck them both at the same time, I really love that.”

He did as I said and sucked both my nipples in his mouth.

“Oooh yes. Scott, you make me so wet this way!”

Then he started to grind his face between my tits, squeezing them firmly. I moaned because this horny tittie play aroused me so much. I put my hand at the back of his head, gave him a deep kiss and our tongues met hungrily. He continued to cup my tits and pinch my hard nipples.

I thought, “Damn, I need to stop, before I get too horny and can't hold back for more. He is such a delicious piece of sex toy.”

“OK, lets stop and start the lesson, you sexy virgin,” I said as I take a deep breath to recompose myself a bit.

I quickly, but carefully, pulled him down off the examination table. I allowed my lacy thong to drop and left it at the floor. I laid down on my back on the table, and spread my legs for him.

“Look at my pussy and I will tell you what you need to do and things you must never do with my sweet candy.”

Scott's eyes opened wide as he looked at my shaved pink pussy, with only a little landing strip of pubic hair and my small, swollen lips, glistening from my wetness. He licked his lips and his pupils widened from being turned on by all the sexiness he was seeing.

“Can I touch you, can I finger your hot pussy Nurse?” he asked breathlessly.

“Not yet, the lesson starts now. First, tell me where my clit is. Find it and touch it softly.”

Like an eager schoolboy, he started to explore my sweetness with his fingers, watching me very closely and inhaling the scent. Watching my lips moving under the touch of his fingers was turning him on so much.

“Ooh, not so rough, baby. You need to touch me a bit softer when you begin.
Mmm yes, I like it that way. NO, not IN my pussy, you naughty boy! You need to find my clit!”

I slapped Scott on his hand for being so cheeky, though I understood that he wanted so much more of that delicious pussy he had his hand on, he just needed to know how important it was that he listened to my instructions. He giggled naughtily and resumed exploring, letting his fingers slide over my slit.

I thought, “Oh, I like the feeling of your exploring fingers so much, you’re making me even wetter and I can feel my clit is swelling.”

Suddenly, he let his middle finger slide upwards through my soaked slit and pointed out my clit while he spread my lips with his other hand so my little clit was fully exposed. He was grinning and I noticed he felt like such a big boy.

“Mmm, I guess I found it Nurse?”

“Yes, you found it, very well done, my little sex toy!”

When I looked down, I could see the throbbing boy in his boxers but it needed to wait a little longer. I couldn't resist touching the big bulge in his boxers and so I started to massage Scott's cock a bit and cupped his balls. Mmm, his cock was already so hard. I rubbed it a bit and squeezed the top between my thumb and fingers.
So delicious and promising, I really wanted to have it inside me. Scott let out a moan and pressed my hand against his cock, but he needed to do some work first. I pulled back my hand, thinking of what might come.

“Now that you've found my clit I will teach you the lesson. My clit is extremely sensitive in the beginning, you may only touch it very gently and please lick it with a soft tongue. Never start licking with the clit. Lick and suck the area around the pussies you will put your mouth on in the future. While caressing their bodies, massage and stroke their flesh with your hands and play with their boobs. Always ask what they like because all girls are different.”

I continued, “I love it when you kiss my belly and inner thighs before you start licking. Don't forget my tits and nipples, they simply love to be played with, and you can do it a little more firmly and roughly. After you worked your way towards my little candy, start to lick my swollen lips, suck them softly inside your mouth, kiss and lick my slit and let your tongue find it’s way between my lips. Start slowly and gently, my boy toy. Try and use variety, fuck me with your tongue occasionally. Spread my lips and expose my clit once in a while to give a little blow on it, the cold breath is a nice, teasing feeling when my pussy is so hot and wet.”

“Yes Nurse”

“I like to feel the fullness of your tongue sliding between my lips; lapping, kissing and sucking them eagerly, with care and sometimes press your full tongue against my pussy and clit for a while and let your tongue quiver there. I really love that; hardly any guys use this technique, but it is exactly why all my nasty nurses are going to fight over you as soon as they know you've had your pussy pleasure lesson from me. This technique will really do it for me and my girls. After a short while, I love it when you finger me while licking and sucking my sweet candy, speeding up your tempo, and you can lick and finger my asshole too.
Mmm, telling you all this makes me lustful to experience it. So, I guess you need to bring the theory into practice now and try out your candy. Do you have any questions so far?"

Scott stuttered a bit and blushed, “No Nurse, I would love to try it out now.”

“So, I can see you got so hard by hearing all this information, I guess you are imagining yourself doing all that with this hot sweet candy between my legs. I got so wet in this short time, you are such a damn delicious pupil to teach. I think I want much more of you.”

I lay back and spread my legs a bit, waiting for what was to come. He started to kiss and lick the soft skin of my belly and cupped my ass cheeks in his warm and strong hands, lifting and massaging them a bit. He spread my legs and kissed my inner thighs while he started to massage my swollen breasts. Oh, I was so ready for him. He had such a nice tongue, licking and sucking me so well, and his lips were perfect, full and soft, he really knew how to kiss with them.

“Oooh my,” I thought. “What are you doing with me?” He slipped two fingers inside my wetness, fingering and pushing the G-spot, letting his tongue flick over my lips and clit so eagerly. His other hand held one of my breasts at a time, pinching my nipples firmly. He made me squirm as I lay there, watching him doing such a great job.

I started to play with my boobs, massaging them with my hands and sucking my stiff nipples, one after the other; biting and nibbling them softly while I pulled the stiff nipple of my other boob. He inhaled my sweet scent; the smell told him that I was getting very horny from what he was doing with his nurse.

It was the smell of sexual desire. I started to tremble, feeling an orgasm building up quickly. He sped up, fingering my fuck-tunnel so quickly now while licking my clit. My back started to arch, I spread my legs more for him, grabbed him by his hair and ground my pussy on his mouth.

“Oh, you nasty boy toy. Go on, plunge your fingers into my pussy, make me squirt; I want to cum for you Scott!”

Scott plunged his first three fingers deep inside and watched my soaked pussy, listening to the sopping sounds of my wetness. I started to tremble and felt the muscles in my body start tightening, then suddenly I came and my juices started to gush over his hand. He immediately started to lick off my juices as he continued to plunge his fingers into me. I let out a deep and loud moan; this just felt amazing and I needed to cum hard again as he worked with his tongue and fingers on my hungry pussy, which is sucking in his fingers.

“Finger my ass now, too.”

He let his pinky slide inside while his other three fingers were still in my pussy.

“Mmm, this is the way I love it; go on Scott, fuck my holes with your fingers.”

He started to speed up, plunging his fingers inside me and flicking his tongue over my clit. This made me squirm with lust and I felt another orgasm building up.

“Oooh yes, go on now, make me squirt.”

Soon I came again, even harder this time and my juices were squirting over his hand and mouth. He was delighted by what he saw, felt and tasted. He made me cum at least 4 times. I felt like I was in ecstasy.

"Enough baby, I need to pause a bit. You just did such a good job!”

I lay down and needed to take some deep breaths.

“Are you really a virgin my boy? Or are you just taking advantage of this naughty nurse? Did one of my nurses tell you to try to get a pussy licking lesson, huh? You are doing too good of a job for a virgin!”

I watched him closely, feeling a bit mixed up because now I just KNEW for sure he was no virgin! He was SO brazen, what should be done with him now? It also turned me on that he seemed to have made the plan to get me here, he must like me a lot, I guessed. He started to giggle, and admitted that he had heard about the lessons and really wanted to experience one...
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