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Second Visit to a Gay Sauna

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str8, bi or gay? An erection doesn't care!
I promised to write about my experiences in the sauna and in the Jacuzzi, but, to be honest, I had a far better experience lately on a visit to a different club. Well, there was no Jacuzzi, but they had a steam room, a sauna, a dark room, a glory hole, a TV lounge showing porn and a relaxing lounge with soft drinks and normal TV.

After stripping naked and donning a skimpy towel, I headed for the showers before exploring the rest of the club's facilities. I had taken a Chinese form of Viagra prior to visiting the club, and while in the shower noticed that, with the jets of water spraying onto my penis, I now had a ninety percent hard-on and the water felt pretty good.

The steam room was close to the showers so I opted for that to be venture-number-one at the club. Once my eyes became accustomed to the steam-filled room, I found it was empty, so I sat naked on my towel.My cock was still standing to attention, which was unusual for me. I normally only get hard for a minute or two then go all floppy.

Suddenly the door opened and a chap aged about thirty who obviously works out due to his well formed six pack, and an older guy about late fifties with a well developed beer belly, entered the steam room. The younger guy sat next to me, while the older guy sat opposite us. Beer-belly spots my erection and leans over and begins to wank me, then gets on his knees and starts giving me a blowjob. I look at the young guy and he is watching and stroking his eight inches of circumcised cock. I place my hand around it, squeeze, and stroke. But after a few strokes, he pushes my hand away and gets down behind beer-belly.

Beer-belly stands up and bends over, still sucking my cock, while the young guy shoves his cock up beer-belly’s arse. Two thrusts and he is fully up inside beer belly. The young guy, then starts pounding away at beer belly. I can feel myself cumming watching this erotic scene being played out in front of me and let beer-belly know. He sucks me harder and as pleasure explodes in my groin, I fill beer-belly’s mouth with my cum.

Beer-belly keeps my cock in his mouth until every last drop of cum has been sucked from me. The young guy is going like an express train and suddenly gives a loud grunt as he empties his load into beer-belly. Both exit the steam room as quickly as they appeared. The strange thing is not a word was spoken during the whole episode.

I showered again and to my amazement, found my cock growing hard again. Venturing into the sauna I came upon two middle aged guys. One guy with his back to me, was giving the other a blowjob. I started to leave but the guy getting the blowjob beckoned to me to sit down next to him.

Again I sat naked on my towel, my cock now fully erect. Whether it was the erotic scene or the Viagra I’m not sure. The guy I was sat next to began to stroke my thighs. I lay back and closed my eyes, enjoying the feelings that were embracing my body and mind. His hand moved higher, brushing against my gorged member and my balls that were now hard and begging for attention. His hand, close around my erect cock and began pulling my foreskin back, exposing my purple helmet.

A few strokes and then a hot breath and wet mouth encircled my naked helmet. Down went the mouth, down and down until my whole cock was being swallowed up in this stranger’s mouth. Up and down his mouth went while his hand was gently squeezing my balls.

The pleasure cascading through my body was totally unbelievable. I could feel my orgasm building up again and groaned as I unleashed another load of sperm into a stranger’s mouth. The guy swallowed every last drop and sucked and licked around the head of my cock until I had no more to give.

A few seconds later he shot his own load over the other guys face and chest. Again no words were spoken and I just gave the two guys a big smile and headed out of the sauna to continue my examination of the other facilities the club had to offer.
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