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Seduction of a Friend...2

Their lust for each other grows...
John found it difficult to walk so fast, his hardened member contorted in his pants. He knew it showed to all who looked, but he didn't care; he just knew he needed to have her. Joe watched them walk past, his eyes following Sarah’s breasts heaving up and down. Joe saw the doors slowly closing and the last thing he could see was John pushing her up against the back wall of the elevator, his body pressing up against her.

As soon as Sarah entered the elevator, John took control again; he knew what he wanted and was not going to be denied. He took her by the shoulder and pushed her up against the back wall. In a flash his body was pressed up against her, their chests rising and falling together. His fingers wrapped in her hair, pulling her head to the side as his ravenous lips sank into her soft flesh. Her moans were filling the elevator and they were lost in their rapture.

The ding of the elevator brought them back to reality and the doors slowly opened. John reached down the front of his pants, adjusting himself. He turned to see a younger couple enter the elevator. Slightly annoyed at the interruption, John moved Sarah so she was in front of him. The young woman had a perplexed look on her face, but turned around and pushing a button for their floor.

As the elevator started to rise again, John began to whisper in her ear. He divulged to her how much he needed her. As he whispered in her ear, his hand slid under her dress. Confidently his fingertips drifted up her wet inner thighs. John could feel her body going rigid, at the fear of being caught.

“Relax” he whispered in her ear, his fingers drifting up her smooth flesh. Finding her thong still pulled to the side, John slowly rubbed over her dewy swollen lips. Sarah cleared her throat, squirming, trying not to moan out.

Without warning John thrust two of his fingers into her sopping womanhood. Caught by surprise, she could not suppress her moan or the sudden loss of balance. John swiftly caught her around the waist, holding her steady.

The young woman again looked over her shoulder, this time catching John’s smile as he looked at her. She could also not miss Sarah’s obvious lustful look in her eyes. The young woman whispered something to her mate, and he nervously looked back as the elevator came to a halt.

Sarah regained some of her composure and meekly smiled as the couple stepped off the elevator. John drove his fingers deep inside her again. He took hold of the front of Sarah’s dress and lifted it up, exposing her pelvis. Her loud moan caught the attention of the young man who looked back just in time to see John’s fingers deep inside her. Sarah spun around, jumped into his arms, her legs wrapping tightly around him. Her body was on fire and her lustful kiss made John feel it.

The elevator sounded as they arrived at their floor. She hung onto his shoulders, her legs feeling wobbly as she stood. They made their way down the corridor, breathing in short hard breaths. John was feeling as if he was going to explode, his mind swirling with the thoughts of having her. Sarah was also momentarily lost in her thoughts. She ached for him; she did not want to wait another moment to feel him filling her every need.

John pushed the door open, allowing her to enter first. Sarah started to pull him into the room, and he stopped dead in his tracks, pulling her hard back to him. Sarah tried to kiss him, but John resisted, instead pushing her up against the wall. He took her wrists in his hands, pushing them up securely against the wall.

His smile was devilish, his throbbing member grinding into her. His eyes locked with hers, a playful smile came across his full, hungry lips. Her eyes widen, full of excitement and curiosity. Brushing his cheek against hers, his soft lips rubbed against her ear.

“You’re not going to leave this wall till you cum for me again my sexy slut”. Sarah’s body shivered at his voice, his words, the feeling of his hardness pressing into her. She was melting against that wall and wanted to please him in every way he wanted. She wanted to be his slut for this night.

John could feel her pulse pounding against the hot flesh of her neck as his lips descended her body. His tongue slipped out, tasting her flesh as he worked across the front of her chest. Sarah moaned softly, his tongue on her body making her feel weak and wanted. She so wanted to run her hands into his hair, but his grip was firm.

Methodically, his hands drifted down her arms as his lips and tongue moved down her chest. The feeling her ample breasts pressing against his cheeks brought forth a deep growl from within him. Sarah pushed her chest out to John, wanting his mouth everywhere.

John slid his hands into her dress, cupping her breasts and wrenched them free. Sarah sucked in hard at the feeling of his hands on her breasts and the cool air that washed over them. Sarah could feel her nipples stiffen even more, goose pimples covering her flesh the instant his hands blanketed her pillows of flesh. Sarah slipped the straps of her dress from her shoulders, letting it carelessly fall to the floor.

John had only one thought in his mind. His tongue trailed down the center of her chest, lazily gliding back and forth over her smooth, taut stomach. His fingers squeezed her hardened nubs, making her cry out. She was so turned on, feeling her essence dripping down her lips onto her trembling thighs. His nostrils gorged on her sweet smell, his lust for her exceeding his every expectation.

Without thought, he grabbed the sides of her skimpy thong and tore it from her body. His roughness was unexpected and the sudden rush of air against her naked pelvis causing her to shriek. He gazed up to her, their wanton eyes meeting. His tongue slid over her smooth mound, her scent was so much stronger. He could feel her heat on his chin. His mouth was watering in anticipation, saliva dripping down his outstretched tongue. John wrapped his lips on her skin, sucking in hard. Sarah instantly flung her head back, her hands grabbing his head. She was on the edge and he knew it.

John’s hands moved down her sides, her thighs, to her knees. Holding her legs firmly, he pushed them further apart. John lifted her left leg, draping it over his shoulder. John paused a moment to take in the view of her inner beauty. Her swollen lips glistening, agonizing for his touch.

Sarah pulled him by his hair, wanting to feel his tongue on her hot flesh. Swiftly his mouth moved towards her, his tongue bursting forth, pressing flat against her swollen pussy. Sarah’s mind was in overload, the sensation of his hot tongue making her shudder.

“More” she softly moaned as his tongue dragged over her, pulling her soft wet flesh to him. Sarah rocked her hips towards him as her lips pulled free from his raspy tongue. John forced her back against the wall, letting her know where she needed to stay.

His fingers climbed her toned inner thighs, coming to rest on either side of her steaming wetness. His fingers pulled on her skin, forcing her lips to part. Snatching one of her lips into his mouth, he sucked it into his mouth hard. Forcing the supple lip to the roof of his mouth, his tongue glided back and forth over it. Her essence was coating his tongue and her taste inundating his mouth. Growling against her hot lip, John pulled back, tugging it, forcing it to pull free from the grip of his tightly pursed lips.

John felt the electricity they shared racing through his body, his nerves feeling raw and intense. Sinking his fingertips into her supple ass, John yanked her towards him, as he buried his face in her wetness. His lips enveloped her entirely, sucking every bit of her into his mouth that he could. Ardently, he extracted her nectar, drinking down all that he could. Her orgasm was close, his teasing so torturous.

Sarah looked down to him, “Fucking make me cum you bastard!!” Feeling satisfied she has suffered enough; John spread her drenched pussy wide, exposing her hardened clit. Grabbing it in his teeth, he firmly tugged on it, trailing his teeth over it.

“Yes, that’s it!” she screamed. He sucked her throbbing clit into his mouth. Her moans grew stronger, his tongue grinding against her needy clit.

Digging her nails into the back of his head, Sarah jammed her sopping pussy against his face. His rough tongue swirled and flicked over her pulsing clit. Sarah squirmed and wriggled against the wall, feeling her orgasm so near.

Without warning, John drove two of his fingers deep into her. Sarah’s pussy involuntarily clamped down hard on his fingers. Simultaneously her cum sprayed out, coating his face and spilling into his waiting mouth. She humped his face uncontrollably till her legs grew weak. He gulped down her slick warm juices, savoring her unique flavor.

Sarah collapsed against the wall, barely able to stand. Standing quickly, John took her cheeks into his hands and kissed her intensely, sharing her flavor. Hungrily she returned his embrace, giggling at the feelings in her body. Recovering from her amazing orgasm, Sarah firmly took hold of his growing cock and with a sly smile says “It’s my turn now” …. To be continued 

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