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Seminar – Day #2 (Dinner and Dessert with James)

Samantha and James get to know each other better.
We slowly walked back to the meeting room. James had his hand on the small of my back again and as I glanced up at him, our eyes caught. He was looking at me as if he wanted to devour me which sent a little shiver up my back at the thought. Trying to cover my response I asked, “What are you thinking?”

He responded, “Just trying to think of a way to top that little escapade of ours.”

I laughed as we took our seats, “I have a feeling you can come up with something.”

The speakers moved through pretty quickly after lunch. It was the final speaker of the day and once again I was bored out of my mind. I glanced over at James and he was looking at me too. We smiled and then he glanced toward the pad of paper in his hand and tilted it towards me. It said, “were you serious about dinner?”

Talk about feeling like a teenager again passing notes in class. I wrote on my paper, “Absolutely.” I tilted it his way and watched his face as he read it. A slow smile spread across his face and a very naughty look came into his eyes. I had a sudden feeling I would be getting more than just a fantasy tonight.

Finally the seminar was over, even a little earlier than they had planned so everyone milled around for a few minutes. Saying goodbye to the ones we had met, networking because you never knew these days when one of these people might be useful. I kept looking up, searching the room for James. Every time our eyes met and I felt this little thrill, he was looking for me just as much as I was for him.

We met at the entrance to the room a little later. “Where do you want to go for dinner?” he asked.

“How about we just enjoy the bar here at the hotel, their food is pretty good,” I replied. “Did you get your room back for the night?”

He looked at me, “That will work. And I was hoping I wouldn't need it.”

We stepped out of the meeting room and turned towards the hotel bar, I felt his hand go back to it's spot above my ass. I looked up at him and said, “In that case, pretty sure you won't.”

We sat down in a dark corner booth in the bar and when the waitress came I ordered a glass of red wine and he ordered a whiskey. We had slid around to the back corner and were sitting close studying the same menu. His arm was around the back of the seat draped across my shoulders, our thighs were pressed together, and I could smell his cologne wrapping around us. I hadn't felt so wound up in ages and was glad when the waitress arrived with our drinks, hoping the wine would relax me.

James asked, “Are you ready to order?”

I replied, “What are you having?” Thinking to myself, I haven't even looked at the menu I am so caught up in him.

He smiled, “not a clue yet.” And looked at the waitress who was waiting expectantly, “Give us a few more minutes please.”

She nodded her head and walked away.

He looked at me and said, “I have had to read the menu over three times already and still don't remember what my choices are.”

I laughed, “at least you were trying to.” I placed my hand on his thigh under the table and leaned into him. “I have this incredibly sexy man sitting next to me and can't seem to concentrate on anything else.”

He laughed at that. “Then I am not alone in being a little distracted?”

I moved my hand up his thigh, massaging his firm leg through his trousers and replied, “Most definitely not!”

He groaned and said, “let's order quick woman otherwise I might just take you right here.”

I laughed again. “I am going to have chicken, some kind of chicken. There it is...Chicken Piccata. Your turn now James, and just so you know, I would love to have you take me right here.”

He groaned again, “I will just have the same thing, keep it simple.” He grabbed his drink and drained it as my hand went a little higher on his thigh. “Are you always like this?” he asked.

“No, I am not like this all the time. In fact, I have never done anything like this before,” I stated.

He looked surprised, “Really? I would have thought. Never mind, that isn't really any of my business.”

I looked down at my wedding ring and turned to him, “We have been having problems but there is something about you. I have a feeling it would be something I regretted if I passed you up and besides, I deserve to have some fun.” I drained my wine glass and waved to the waitress. “Enough of that. You want another whiskey?”

He nodded his head.

I told the waitress our order and added another whiskey for him and glass of wine for me. “Thank goodness there is no driving involved tonight...can have a few of these with no worries,” I said as I fiddled with my empty glass.

James put his hand on my chin and turned my face to him. He looked me in the eyes before he leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss. I leaned into him and the kiss naturally deepened as our lips opened and our tongues entwined. He tasted like his whiskey, spicy and smoky. We kissed until we heard a throat being cleared. Our waitress was back with our new round of drinks. We smiled at her and in unison said, “Thank you.” She left us to ourselves again.

“Samantha, do you realize how sexy you are?” James asked. He was running a finger up and down the back of my neck. “I noticed it immediately yesterday and it was all I could do not to stare at you all day. Talk about a crick in my neck. I just kept hoping you would notice so I could find a way to talk to you. I went to sleep last night thinking of you and woke up this morning thinking of you. And I have never been so disappointed as I was when you weren't there this morning and they were starting the seminar.”

I started laughing, “Then what a relief I show up late and sit right next to you. And you went to sleep with me on your mind? Really?”

“Yes on both counts, really,” he replied. “Why? Don't you believe me?”

“Oohh, I do believe you. Just so funny because I had the same problem yesterday and last night too, joined me in my room before bed last night,” I stated. At his confused look I continued, “You, me, and a very fertile imagination baby. And I am looking forward to seeing how close my imagination was to the reality.”

He laughed, “I was your little fantasy huh? How did that turn out? Was I good?”

“You were better than good, baby. You were fucking amazing! Water got cold before I was done with you.”

Our waitress set our plates down in front of us right at that moment.

James said, “Then let's finish our dinner because I definitely want to get you familiar with my reality and me with yours maybe use that tub again.”

We dug in and finished our meals and drinks, chatting about the seminar, work, staying away from the sexual tension that was surrounding us.

A short time later we were walking back down the hall towards the elevator to my room. Once again his hand was in the middle of my back, just above my ass. I loved how it just seemed to fit there, I could feel little shivers of excitement spread through my body as I thought of where else that hand would be touching very soon.

We stepped onto the elevator and I reached over and punched the button for my floor. Suddenly I felt myself pushed up against the wall at the back of the elevator. I looked up as James mouth came down and ravished mine. His tongue thrust in deep to wrap around mine, tasting, sucking on it. I responded in kind, melting into him, hands moving all over him as our tongues battled for control it seemed. His hands moved to my ass and he pulled me up tight against his hard cock.

The doors to the elevator opened and we slowly pulled apart. I glanced around him to see an older couple watching us. I smiled at them and then up at James, “Seems we might have been giving these poor people a show.”

The husband had a very large grin on his face and the wife's face was a bit pinched looking. They stepped in after we had vacated and I heard her say, “Well that was inappropriate. Michael what are you smiling at?” The doors closed before I heard his reply.

I started laughing, “let's get to the damn room before we get someone besides ourselves in trouble.”

We made it into my room without any further incidents but as soon as the door shut we were wrapped in each others arms again. Our mouths were fused together, tongues mating, plunging deep to taste the other. I pushed his jacket off and started tugging his shirt out of his slacks, his hands were busy undoing the buttons on my blouse, I raced through his buttons, opening his shirt at the same time he did mine. We pushed them off to the floor and our hands smoothed over each others exposed skin.

I moaned as his hands cupped my bra covered breasts and then I felt him unclasp it and push it off. He cupped my tits in his hands, feeling the weight as his thumbs slid across my nipples. They were rock hard by this time and his mouth left mine so he could lean down to suck first one nipple into his mouth and then the other. He took his time running his tongue over them, grazing his perfect teeth across them, and then suckling them again. I had my hands in his hair, holding his head to my tits, begging him not to stop.

I felt myself being pushed backwards towards the bed, when we reached it, James looked up at me and pushed me gently so I fell back onto it. I looked up at him as he reached down and took my shoes off, dropping them to the floor, and slowly began sliding his hands up my legs. I feel them slide higher and higher, pushing my skirt up until he was able to grasp the sides of my lacy black thong. He slowly slid the thong down and tossed it onto the growing pile of clothing on the floor. I unzipped my skirt and raised my hips as he pulled that down and off my body also, baring all of me to his hot, lust-filled eyes.

I could practically feel his eyes caressing me as they moved up and down my body. I watched him undo the button on his slacks, then unzip them, and then as he hooked his fingers in the sides of his underwear he slid them all down at once. I felt my breath catch as I got to see him completely naked. I breath, “You are so damn beautiful, I didn't even come close in my fantasy, to imagining how you look!”

James laughed throatily, “Beautiful would be what I am looking at right now! Not sure how I got to be the lucky guy in your fantasy but I never look a gift-horse in the mouth. Now crawl back on the bed babe, I have to top lunch with some dessert of my own.”

I scooted back slowly until I was propped up against the pile of pillows. He knelt on the end of the bed and then lowered himself until he was laying between my parted thighs. James took each leg and bent them so there was one over each of his shoulders. They were so broad that my pussy was wide open to his perusal now. He looked up into my eyes, “You have a beautiful pussy Samantha. I love how you shave it completely smooth. It looks so soft and smells so sweet and I cannot wait to feel it and taste it.”

I moaned as I felt James' warm breath blow across my swollen outer lips. He did that several times building my anticipation of his touch. From my propped up position I could see his tongue as it began sliding up and down my slit, slowly spreading my lips so that he could then flick his tongue over my exposed clit. His tongue slid back down my slit so that he could slide it into my wet pussy, and then moved back up again to my clit. He moved from my clit to my wet hole and back again. Each flick of his tongue across my sensitive clit had my hips raising up to his mouth and gasping out, “Oohhh, that's it, James.”

He wrapped his lips around my swollen clit and sucked it into his mouth, sucking gently as his tongue continued to flick across it. Meanwhile I felt one of his fingers slide slowly into my wet pussy, sliding in and out of my hole, as his mouth and tongue kept up their action on my clit. My hips were bucking up against him of their own accord as I threw my head back and groaned. James slipped a second finger into my pussy and began sucking harder on my clit as he curled his two fingers up and expertly hit my g-spot. I reached down and entwined my fingers through his thick hair as I held his face to my pussy feeling my orgasm closing in on me. I moaned, “James, baby, I am close. Ahhhh, I am going to cum.”

Suddenly my orgasm overtook me and my pussy muscles tightened around James' fingers. I screamed, “Oh fuck yes!!” as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me He continued to slide his fingers in and out of me, his tongue still wrapped around my clit as my orgasm slowly subsided. I could feel my legs trembling where they were draped across his shoulders and as he looked up into my face I shakily said, “James...that was incredible.”

James started crawling up my body letting my legs slide from his shoulders. “That is only the beginning baby,” he said. He stopped at my breasts and softly sucked at first my right nipple and then moved over to my left. I entwined my fingers in his thick, soft hair enjoying his mouth on me. He continued to kiss his way up my body, first my neck, then my jawline, until our mouths met, our lips, then our tongues. I could taste myself on his lips and was amazed at how much this turned me on. My hands moved down his neck to the hard muscles of his back until I reached his firm, taut ass as I felt his hard cock sliding into my soft, wet pussy. We both groaned as I lifted my hips up to meet his slow, deep thrusts.

I looked into his beautiful brown eyes, “I am already so close, James. Oohhh my Goooddd!” My pussy muscles clenched around him as he continued to fuck my pussy, moving faster now. He threw his head back as I felt his cock expand and explode in me.

“ feel so fucking good,” he yelled. I could feel his hot, sticky cum filling my pussy and as he slowly pulled himself out, our combined fluids flowed out of me.

He rolled to the side and pulled me against him. I seemed to fit perfectly against him, head on his shoulder, one leg thrown over his hip, riding close to his softening cock. I felt his finger under my chin as he turned my face up for a soft, sweet kiss. I smiled, “Mmm, James that was simply amazing.”

“Darling, we still have most of the night. Like I said, only the beginning,” he responded as we dozed off together.

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