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Seminar - Day #2 (Meeting James)

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The object of her fantasy becomes reality...
I was running behind this morning, I had overslept which never happened. I blamed it on being totally relaxed when I went to sleep last night from my time in the tub. Had not even heard the alarm.

I stopped in the door to the room where the training seminar was being held, I was about ten minutes late, so I was hoping that I would not have to sit up front. There was nothing worse than being late and then having the whole room watch you walk to the only empty seat, the long walk of shame. As I glanced around, I instantly spotted the object of my fantasy, and wouldn't you know it, there was an empty seat next to him. I decided to go for it. “Maybe at least I can learn his name today,” I laughed to myself.

I walked to the end of his aisle and gave a little sorry to the three people I had to step in front of to get to the seat. He looked up and smiled at me as I asked quietly, “Is this seat taken?”

He responded, “It is now.”

I quickly sat down hoping that he didn't notice the color I could feel in my cheeks. “I never blush,” I thought to myself, “What the hell!”

I settled into the seat, placing my bag on the floor between us and crossed my legs towards him. I could see out of the corner of my eye that his head was turned looking at them as I did. I smiled slightly to myself thinking today might be a good day for flirting. I had on a tight black skirt that stopped just above the knee, a pair of black four-inch pumps, and a tight hot pink button up shirt with just enough buttons undone that you occasionally got a glimpse of my black bra underneath so I know I looked good. I had left my hair down today so all my curls were out of control as usual, all soft and needing someone's hands in them.

I glanced over at him and when our eyes met I gave him a quick smile. I grabbed my pen and paper and tried to concentrate on what the seminar was covering today. It didn't work at all, all I could seem to notice was his legs stretched out in front of him, which brought back my fantasy from the night before. I shifted in my seat, feeling myself get wet just thinking about it again. “Damn!” I thought, “Not what I need right now, all horny and no way to relieve it.”

Now though I had even more fodder for my little fantasy, I could smell him, he had on this spicy, totally male cologne, and I could see his hands. He had long, strong fingers, big palms, just a sprinkling of dark hair on the back of them, and once again I imagined how they would feel on my body. Hopefully he didn't notice the little shiver that went through me.

I once again tried to concentrate on the seminar, making small notes here and there, and finally we reached the end of the first segment. The leader gave us a fifteen-minute break and we all stood in unison it seemed like, including my fascinating neighbor.

I looked up at him and smiled. “Hi, I am Samantha, sorry for the interruption earlier.” I stuck my hand out to him.

He took my hand in his warm, large hand. “No problem at all. I am James,” he responded.

I noticed that the handshake lasted a little longer than normal and as I looked up into his handsome face, I could see his eyes taking in the view my low-cut blouse afforded him. I glanced down and then back up again with a big smile on my face. “Do you like what you see?” I flirted.

He coughed quickly, startled that he had been caught eying my tits. Then he noticed my smile and gave me one of his own. His brown eyes lit up with that smile as he said, “who wouldn't?”

I laughed softly and said: “Well, I am going to go grab a cup of coffee. I didn't get any this morning and I will never make it to lunch if I don't. Do you want one?”

“No thank you,” he said.

I turned and walked down the aisle, feeling his eyes on me. I glanced back and gave him my flirty little smile and a wink that said: “I knew you were looking.”

As I waited my turn in line for coffee my thoughts swirled around James. How handsome he was, his deep, sexy voice, and how well his suit fit him. The man definitely had the whole package going on. And apparently he enjoyed a little flirting himself, I knew I was going to enjoy the last day of the seminar.

I hurried back so I would have a few minutes to talk to James before the next speaker started. As I walked up he was turned the other way, speaking with another gentleman. I took that moment to run my eyes over his backside, it really was an excellent ass, perfect for running your hands over. When he heard me, he turned and smiled at me.

“Back so quick Samantha? This is Chris, he and I were just discussing how the overnight stays for these seminars can be such a bore. What do you think?” he asked.

“It totally depends on the person I think,” I replied. “Me, I enjoyed a very quiet evening alone last night in my jacuzzi tub. Sometimes getting away from the daily grind of family and work is just what you need.”

“You had a jacuzzi?” Chris asked. “I didn't, how did you get that?”

I laughed. “Prepared ahead, and paid extra over what the company is willing to. Have it again tonight since the drive home is so long, that way I get a fresh start in the morning.” I glanced at James and noticed how his eyes sparkled when I mentioned that.

Chris replied: “Aahhhh, I see. Well I guess I better get to my seat.” He turned around and left us.

I took my seat, carefully balancing my coffee and my notepad. I looked up at James as he took his seat also.

“Do you have a long drive?” I asked.

“Yeah, about five hours. I have been trying to decide if I should leave tonight or wait until morning like you.”

“Mmmmmm...let me know and maybe we can have dinner if you stay,” I said.

The new speaker started and so we turned to listen to him. I was slowly sipping my hot coffee and at least trying to look like I was listening. I always hated when my company sent me to these dreadfully boring seminars but it was necessary since I was in charge of HR now.

It was finally time for our hour-long lunch break, James and I stood up in up together. I smiled up at him.

"Time to get some lunch I suppose.”

He suddenly had this very intense look on his face.

“I am not really that hungry but could use a walk to use up some of my energy. Would you like to join me?”

I shrugged. “Sure, why not.”

I grabbed my purse and threw it over my shoulder. James hand settled at the back of my waist, low just above my ass, as he guided me through the crowd to the nearly empty hallway. 

“Take a left.” He said.

We were very close together as we walked. I looked up at him and asked, “Where did you plan to head to?”

James looked at me again with that intense look and answered: “Nowhere specific, just knew I wanted to be alone with you.”

I gave him a look of surprise as I let that statement sink in, not sure how to answer. I noticed a little alcove ahead and decided that I was done thinking, it was time to act. I turned and he followed me in. I swiveled around to face him and putting both hands on his chest pushed him against the wall. I reached up and pulled his head down and gave him a soft kiss, my lips barely touching his. I reached out with my tongue and traced the shape of his sensual mouth. His mouth opened and I felt his tongue begin the same slow movements as mine, then our tongues entwined and the kiss became harder, deeper. I leaned into him, pulling him close as I felt his hands move down my back to grab my firm ass. His hands were kneading and pulling me up tight against him, I groaned deep in my throat when I felt his hardening cock press against me. I ran one of my hands down his chest lightly and then lower to rub over his cock.

He groaned at my touch. “Woman, that is just not fair.”

I laughed against his lips. “I think it is all fair in this game. And just so you know I never play to lose...ever!” I had both hands now on the waistband of his slacks. With one hand I undid the button and slowly lowered the zipper, while the other hand slid down inside his boxer briefs, wrapping itself around his now hard cock. I stroked my hand lightly up and down him, feeling him get harder with each stroke. I looked up at him and said: “Now I am going to taste you, which is a win-win situation for both of us.” I dropped to my knees in front of him and pulled his slacks and underwear down, watching in awe as his perfect, thick, 8-inch cock sprang free.

I lowered my head and reached out with my tongue, slowly swirling it around the head of his cock. I took my hand and pushed his cock up against his flat stomach so I could run my tongue up the underside of him, starting at the base and stopping at the cleft. I did this several times, stopping each time to flick my tongue over the cleft, loving how that elicited a groan from him when I did it. I then began licking with the flat of my tongue up both sides of him and then across the top, covering his cock with a layer of my saliva.

I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and then my lips around the head. I sucked gently as my tongue flicked over him in my mouth, sliding through the slit at the tip. I began bobbing my head up and down as I slid his cock in and out of my mouth, taking more of his cock in with each stroke. I knew I couldn't fit all of him in my mouth so my hand stroked up and down him keeping pace with my lips. I heard him moan as I moved faster on him, sucking hard.

One of his hands tangled itself in my hair as he rocked his hips forward, pushing hard into my mouth.

I heard him groan. “Samantha...I am going to cum if you keep that up.”

I looked up into his beautiful eyes and sucked harder on him as I took more of his cock in my mouth. I kept moving my lips up and down him, devouring his cock as he moaned louder with each stroke. I wrapped my free hand around his balls and began massaging them. I felt his balls tighten up and then his cock begin to widen as he came closer to cumming.

Suddenly James threw his head back and pulled my head down onto his cock hard, moaning loudly. The first stream of hot cum hit the back of my throat as I swallowed it down. I sucked and swallowed through the second, third, fourth, and fifth streams of cum that he shot into my mouth. James looked down at me as I licked his cock clean and moved my tongue over my smiling lips. He said: “That was fucking amazing woman.”

I laughed as I got off my knees watching him tuck himself away and put his clothes back in order.

“I am glad you enjoyed that as much as I did. Cannot think of a better way to spend our lunch break!”
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