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Servicing A Need

Lots of girls do babysitting to earn extra money but I added a few extra services.
It's a secret and I'm only telling you. But you have to promise you'll never tell anyone, ever.

Okay. Well, it all started when I was sixteen. Like lots of girls, and boys, too, I guess, I did babysitting to earn extra spending money. My first job was with the Parsons, she was a friend of my mom. They paid me four dollars an hour and my first job netted me twelve dollars.

I sat for them several more times and the third time, Mr. Parsons drove me home. On the way, we usually talked about how their two boys behaved but this time, the conversation was different.

"Just don't get married, Mandy, it doesn't work out. You never get what you want," he said angrily.

"Something didn't go right, huh, Mister Parsons?"

"I'll say, just a simple request. Not a big deal. No, she says, not tonight."

Without really thinking about it, I asked, "What did you ask?"

"Well, geez, um, Mandy, you're what, how old?"

"Sixtteen, I'm a sophomore. Oh, was it sex? I know about that."

"Well, yeah, it was. All I wanted was a blowjob, you've heard of that, right?"

"Mister Parsons, kids today know about that lot younger than I am."

"Geez, well, okay. So, that's it. I was just all ready, that's all. I'll live I guess," and we pulled into my driveway and I went in. That was it, but it did stay on my mind coming back to me at times.

Two weeks later, they had me babysit their two boys again. On the way home, I thought I'd ask him about it again.

"Are you still mad at your wife about the blowjob thing, Mister Parsons?"

"Oh, that, well, yeah, actually, I am. Used to get them all the time before the boys were born. Think I'll just go downtown one of these nights and get it done by a pro."

"You mean, pay for it, have some, um, prostitute do it?"

"Well, I have before, yeah, well, it wasn't very good, really. Thirty bucks and it really wasn't worth getting."

Thirty dollars? I thought. I'd been giving a boy blowjobs after school. He was licking me, making me cum, we both did each other, then he just recently moved away.

"Um, I'd do it for thirty dollars if you want."

"Really, Mandy? I mean, it would have to be a secret between just you and me."

"I know. I've done it before. I really kind of liked it."

He turned down a street and we went behind some industrial buildings and parked.

"Now, you know what you're doing, right, Mandy. You're sucking my penis until I cum in your mouth."

"Yes, Mister Parsons, I've done it before. Lots of times."

"And you can keep it a secret?"

I put my hand on his lap where the large bulge was and he reached down and unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his penis as he turned toward me.

I had turned facing him and now saw in the dim light that his penis was a lot larger than Ronnie's. Well, thirty bucks was thirty bucks and I leaned over and put my mouth around the top end and began sucking up and down.

"Oh, Mandy, that is really good, oh, yes. Run the tip of your tongue around the head of my cock as you suck, okay? Oh, yes, oh, wow, that's great."

He was petting my cheek as I sucked and was moaning softly now.

"Mandy, oh, baby, you suck me so good, it really feels great. I hope you know how to swallow cum, do you?"

I nodded and kept on sucking and pretty soon, his moaning became continuous as I felt his muscles stiffen and spurts of warm cum filled my mouth as I tried to keep up. There seemed to be so much more than when Ronnie cummed. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, Mr. Parson's dick was much bigger, too.

He reached and opened the glovebox and pulled out some tissues and handed them to me. I dabbed at my mouth, then bent back down and licked the little drop that had oozed up afterward.

"Oh, Mandy, I'm gonna give you forty just because you did such a good job. I think we'll be using you even more for sitting, and for this, too, if that's all right."

"Well, it's not good for you to be angry with Mrs. Parsons over something that I can do just as easily. And, it makes you happy, right?"

"Mandy, it makes me very happy, indeed. Very happy," and he patted my leg, tucked his happy dick back in his pants, I tucked the four ten dollar bills in my pocket and we continued home.

As he let me out, he reminded me, "Now, Mandy, remember, it's our secret." I assured him it was safe with me and went inside.

Well, fifty-six dollars, including the sitting money. Not bad. And I really didn't mind doing what I did, his dick was nice and I liked him. So, fifty-six bucks. Pretty good.

Then, two weeks later, I sat for them again and, on the way home, he again pulled into the industrial area and stopped the car.

"Do we still have our agreement, Mandy?"

Of course, I knew exactly what he meant so I simply reached over and pressed my hand on his bulging pants.

"I was hoping so," he said as he lowered his fly and wrestled out his cock.

"Can I see your breasts, Mandy, I'll pay you an extra twenty, fifty, in total. Well, make it sixty."

I started unbuttoning my blouse and slid it off then reached back and unhooked my bra and put it on my blouse next to me.

"Oh, you are so pretty, Mandy. Your breasts are beautiful, just beautiful."

I let him look at me for a few minutes as I stroked his dick, then bent over and sucked him off. All told, eighty-two dollars. I liked this and Mr. Parsons sure did, too.

The next time, when we were parked behind the warehouses, he asked me, "Um, Mandy, would you mind if I recommended yours services, well, along with your babysitting services, to a few of my friends? All on the confidential, of course. I think you could be pretty popular."

So, a few days later, a Mrs. Demos called me to babysit their daughter, Tracy, while she and her husband went out to dinner. On the way home, Mr. Demos pulled off into a wooded area and stopped the car. I was sure of what was coming and was soon proved correct.

"Um, Mandy, nice job tonight. Uh, Steve Parsons has told me that you are an exceptional babysitter and like to make sure that the everyone is happy with your work, especially the father."

Without waiting, I reached over and put my hand on his bulging lap and said, "I'm sure I can make you happy, it's part of my service."

"Well, well, um, let's see, well, fifty dollars seems a good amount for making me happy. Is that all right with you?"

"Yes, that's fine," and he got out five tens which I put in my pocket as he unzipped his fly and untangled himself out of his pants.

I leaned over and took his cock in my hand and began to lick all around the top. I had watched some videos on the internet, why not, right, job training, and had picked up a few hints.

Then I popped the end in my mouth and began sucking as I moved my hand up and down the shaft.

"Oh, Mandy, that's really good, you do it really good," he groaned as my mouth slid up and down over his cock, his hand resting on top of my head, not pushing, just laying there.

"Oh, you're gonna get me, it's real close, I'm gonna…UUGH, UUGH, UUGH, unh, unh, oh, yeah, that feels so good, oh, Mandy, you are so good. So good."

I raised up as he handed me his handkerchief which I used to wipe my mouth. Then, I bent back over and lapped off the few drops which had seeped out.

"Mandy, you were great, hon, I think we'll be using you a lot more for our babysitting if that's okay."

"Sure, Mister Demos, any time, I'm glad I could make you happy."

"Oh, Mandy, you've made me very happy," he said as he zipped up and started the engine. So, with the babysitting fee, I made eighty-eight dollars. Not bad, not bad at all.

A few days later, my mom told me a Mister Charney called and when I called him back, he asked if I could sit his son on Thursday night. I told him it was a school night and could only sit until ten o'clock and he agreed.

So, on Thursday, he came to pick me up. As we pulled into his garage, he stopped the engine and said, "Um, Mandy, before you get out, uh, well, Steve Parsons told me about you and, well, I'm single, I don't have any kids. But he told me that you had other services, and, uh, well, I'd like to hire you for those. Can we go inside and talk about it?"

I agreed and we went in, sat opposite each other as he continued, "Well I really don't want you to do anything to me, um, what I'd like to do is for you to take your clothes off and sit on the floor while I, well, um, while I masturbate as I look at you. All you have to do is just sit there."

Well, that's different, I thought. Pretty easy, except I'd have to get naked, like all the way naked. I figured I look pretty good naked, I'm five-four, one-twelve, curly medium-length red hair, green eyes, and a nice pair of boobs, if I do say so myself, 34-B, almost C, with small, dark red nipples which were, at the moment, really hard and tingly.

"What would you pay for that, Mister Charney?" I asked in my best 'business' voice.

"Well, is a hundred okay?"

I stood up and started taking my clothes off and putting them on the chair. He quickly got the picture and pulled off his pants and boxers and stood there with his big penis standing out pointing at me.

"Sit here?" I asked and he nodded and sat in front of me as he squirted some hand lotion on his penis and began stroking it back and forth.

"Um, Mandy, would you open your legs some?"

I did, which made me feel really sexy. I had some curly red hair between my legs, it started growing when I was about eleven. I scooted up to a chair to lean against, then opened my legs wide giving him a good look at me.

His hand was going back and forth along his cock. I was getting more familiar with men's dicks as my clientele grew and I was becoming more relaxed around men in a sexual situation.

"Would you play with yourself? Play with your pussy, you know, finger yourself? I'll give you an extra fifty."

An extra fifty? Now, it's a hundred and fifty dollars for me to masturbate and make myself feel good? What a deal. I opened wider and began rubbing my wetness around, then slid a finger in and began finger-fucking myself.

Pretty soon, I was more concentrating on myself than in getting Mister Charney off, then he said, "Mandy if you make yourself cum for me, there's another fifty in it for you."

Two hundred dollars. And it was easy. Not only that, I got to masturbate myself until I cummed, something I did every night anyway. All he did was watch.

So I leaned back, closed my eyes and did my pussy the best way I knew how. It wasn't too long before I heard moans, opened my eyes and saw cum fountaining up out of Mister Charney's dick, just missing me.

He leaned back on the sofa and watched me as I fingered in and out with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. Pretty soon, I could tell I was close. He was sitting forward now watching me, his cock still fairly hard, his hand rubbing it, then the feelings rocketed and I had my orgasm. I wanted to make sure he liked it so I didn't hold back.

"UUNH, UUNH, uh, uh, oh, oh, oh, mmm, mmm, mmm," as I continued stroking in and out, then, finally, I pulled my fingers out and put them in my mouth and sucked my juices off as seductively as I could.

As he drove me home, I kept holding that two hundred dollars, ten twenty dollar bills, in my pocket. He's happy and I'm happy, I don't even have to masturbate when I get in bed tonight. How nice.

I was still sitting for the Parsons and Demos families, complete with my special 'extras.' Now, Mister Parsons is having me show my boobs and my pussy before I suck him off and I'm getting one hundred each time. Mister Demos just picks me up sometimes and drives to a remote place and sometimes I jack-him off or suck him. He wanted to fuck me but I told him I didn't do that and he accepted it without a complaint. Even for five hundred dollars, I turned that down.

A more recent referral, Mister Grant, was, like Mister Charney, a single man with no children but he called just like he wanted me to babysit.

As we were driving away from my house, he asked me for something that the others, so far, hadn't asked for, something that I had never experienced before.

"Could we do 'sixty-nine?'" he asked and I told him that I knew what it was but had never had a man touch me before in what I was doing.

"You do suck guys off, I understand, that's touching them, right?"

"Well, yes, but no one has ever touched my body in a place that's, well, private."

"If I gave you five hundred for us to do sixty-nine, until both of us cum, would you do it? What do you think, Mandy, five hundred bucks?"

Well, I would still be a virgin. I've sucked a number of men's cocks. I've been totally naked with a guy. I've never been eaten out by a man, just by Robbie, though the thought of it was making me really wet. So, the idea of it has made me wet and tingly right where I love being wet and tingly. It's this last thought that makes my decision.

"Okay, let's go inside," I said and I followed him in through the kitchen, down a hall and into his bedroom.

"Can I undress you, I'll pay you an extra fifty?"

So, I stood there as he unbuttoned my blouse and took it off, then I turned my back and felt the hooks loosen as he lifted off my bra. As I turned back, his hands cupped my breasts and gently squeezed as he asked, "May I kiss them? They're so pretty."

I nodded and he bent over, holding each breast underneath and kissed them and licked them and sucked each nipple. I really let him do it for longer than I usually might have because it simply felt so good. I had been giving sex much more than receiving any of it, so his kissing and sucking on my boobs felt wonderful, so I let him do it.

But, I did move his hands down to my shorts which he started unbuttoning and pulling down. As he pulled them to the floor, he leaned forward and kissed me right on my mound through my panties which were by now, rather wet.

I spread my legs a bit and he pulled my panties off, leaned in again and licked up along the wet red hair between my legs.

Then he stood up and quickly took his clothes off and was soon standing there in front of me with his sizable dick moving slightly just on its own.

"I'd like to be on the bottom, it that's all right?" he asked and I nodded toward the bed and he got down and I crawled up over him facing the other way and dropped my head down, my lips sliding over his cock.

His hands went up and held my hips which guided me down over his face.

Then, his tongue touched my pussy and began licking back and forth along my lips. Oh, yes, this was wonderful. I was sucking him, I had done it so many times before on other men, but this time, I was being sexually pleasured as well. And, it was feeling wonderful.

He was sucking my clit as he put a finger up into me and began finger-fucking me with it. It was good, really good. I'd never had any of this done to me before by a grown man and I was loving it. My pussy just felt on fire.

My head was bobbing up and down on his cock as I heard a few moans, always a good sign that I'm doing a good job. I'd given him a moan or two also, this was much better than I had thought it might be. A friend of mine, Trish Hammer, had told me how she and her boyfriend do this everyday after school. They both want to stay virgins so they do oral every afternoon. Why they just don't fuck is beyond me but I can see how they love doing this, it's sure got me wound-up. And, it's going to be my first ever orgasm from another person. Sure felt good.

I couldn't help myself, I just had to press down some and scoot my hot, wet pussy all around on his face, oh, it was hot, so hot, now I knew what getting eaten-out was all about. He was so much better than Robbie. And, I knew that I would want it again and again. Could it be that fucking is even better?

The feelings were building, I think in both of us, I was sucking mostly the top half of his cock, pausing as I pulled up toward the tip and running my tongue around and around until her squirmed each time, I knew then that he was in my power to make him cum when I wanted him to.

But, I can tell you, he was getting me close, too, his licking and tonguing was fabulous, I was just loving it. I was thinking that it might be fun to both cum at the same time, I thought I could control my orgasm and time it with his, so I began to concentrate mostly on my own.

Pretty soon, I knew I was just a few flicks of his tongue away from cumming, so I pulled up and worked on the tip end of his cock. Sure enough, right at the first spurt into my mouth, the flash of ecstasy exploded in my pussy and I ground down on him as I sucked faster and faster on him.

I just lay on top of him, softly sucking him, as the wonderful feelings washed back and forth through me, his tongue still caressing my happy pussy, it just felt so nice, so wonderful. I didn't want to move.

So, we didn't move for a while, we just kept sucking and licking each other in the stillness of his bedroom. Since I had started the 'extras' in my babysitting business, I have done things that I might not have ever considered doing before. Like right now, I'm laying on top of a man, we're both naked, I have the tip of his dick in my mouth, he's licking me on my pussy, and I'm quite happy and contented doing this this.

In fact, I've enjoyed our oral sex together so much, that I'm thinking of telling him that I'll do it for two hundred in the future, just so I can get eaten out and have another fabulous orgasm. It was really that good.

I got up off him after a bit and sat cross-legged as he lay there looking at me.

"I hope you're happy with how things turned out?" I asked him as I played with his cock, something I might not ordinarily do except that I was pretty sexed-up myself.

"All I've got to say is that Steve Parsons gave me the best tip of my lifetime. Mandy that was the best. So much better than just a blowjob and, you, my dear, have the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted."

"I taste sweet? Down there?"

"Oh, honey, you sure do. Have you ever tasted your fingers after you've finger-fucked yourself?"

"Yeah, I have, well, I guess I do taste all right, yeah, I guess so."

"Have you had your boyfriends eat your pussy before?"

"One boy did."

"Well? Did you like it?"

"I actually loved it. It was the best orgasm I've ever had."

"Well, Mandy, I'll do it anytime you want. Maybe we can strike a bargain? What do you think?"

"It's funny you ask me that. I was kind of thinking the same thing. Do you have any ideas?"

"Well, maybe we could do this once a week, um, maybe two hundred, you know, like a regular thing, every week, like a contract kind of thing."

I was thinking, that's almost a thousand dollars a month. And I get my pussy licked.

"Yes, I think we can do that. Um, on school nights I can usually be out until ten, that should give us enough time, don't you think?"

"Oh, sure, pick you up around seven, back at ten, my dick and your pussy all nice and happy and you've got an extra two hundred. Sounds fine to me."

"So, how about every Wednesday, seven o'clock?"

"It's a deal, and call me, Kevin, okay, Mandy?"

"Okay, Kevin, and, I guess since we did have sex together, you can kiss me goodnight when you drop me off," and that finished our first evening together, one of many to come.

I'm eighteen now and still have all my regulars, including my first customer, Steve Parsons. He just loves my blowjobs, says I'm the best he's ever had.

My bank account currently shows sixty-three thousand, seven hundred, thirty-eight dollars and twenty-eight cents. No, I don't make change, I have an interest-bearing account, after all, I'm a budding entrepreneur. I may just retire when I hit a hundred thousand. Oh, and here's my cell number, call me any time.

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