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Sex, A Waiting Game Ch. 02

While the family is away I get to play.
Ch. 02 Sex, A Waiting Game

I mounted her naked body and rubbed my penis up and down her wet opening. Then I slowly began to enter her. Little by little I felt the tightness of her pussy clamp down on my hard cock.

I kept pushing until I my entire dick was engulfed in her warm body.


I leaned over and turned the alarm off on my phone.

"Dammit," I shouted out loud as my alarm ruined my dream. 8:00 seemed to come sooner everyday.

I stood up and stretched before finding some athletic shorts and throwing them on. I opened my door and walked into the kitchen. My aunt was standing at the stove making something.

She heard me coming and turned around, "Good morning sweetie," she said way too cheerfully, the time being 8 am.

"There's no such thing as a good morning," I fired back, although having your hot aunt making herself breakfast in her panties and a long shirt was the start of a pretty good morning.

"Why are you up so early then?"

"I wake up early every weekday to workout."

"That's good, so what else are you doing on this beautiful summer day?"

I took a moment trying to remember what Taylor had signed me up for, "I think Taylor wants to go do some stuff so I will call her after I workout and I will let you know. What are you doing today?"

"Probably just gonna sit out by the pool."

"That's always fun. Have you talked to my family today?"

"Yeah, your parents are flying to Florida right now and their boat will set sail tonight, and your brother just landed at his basketball camp."

"Alright, I'm gonna go workout."

"Ok, have fun."

Apparently at 20 years old I still needed a babysitter to stay overnight at my house without my parents. My aunt is good company, and good eye candy, but she really didn't need to stay for the entire two weeks that both my parents and only sibling were away. I was looking forward to having the house alone with Taylor before my parents sprung a babysitter on me. Plus, Katie and I had some history. The blow job a month back at my house during a pool party. I was dreading the time that we would have to talk about that.


The clock struck 10 o'clock as I finished my last of the 3 mile run after lifting weights for over an hour. My muscular arms and bare chest glistened with sweat as I downed some post workout protein concoction.

The doorbell rang and Katie came out of the spare room to answer it. The door opened and I heard her hit that high pitched girly tone as she said hi to whomever was at the door.

Then Katie came around the corner with Taylor in tow.

"Hey baby," Taylor said, as she came over and ran her hand over my bare chest before leaning in for a kiss.

"What are you doing here?"

"I hope you don't mind, but I called your phone to see if you were up, but Katie answered and I invited her to come to the mall with us."

"That's fine," I said, not really meaning it, "I'm gonna go shower and then we can head out."

"Ok," both girls chirped in unison as I headed down the hall.

I went into my room and grabbed a change of clothes before heading into the bathroom. Once inside I removed my shorts and admired my body in the mirror.

My workouts were working wonders on my previously lanky frame. I had transformed my arms into defined muscles from wrist to shoulder. My abs were finally showing the definition on my bottom two abs that would complete a six pack.

I took of my underwear and rubbed my limp cock. Then up through the stubble of public hair. I gently started to rub my cock and it started to stiffen. Taylor hadn't gotten me off in a while and I was getting hard quickly.

I started my shower before things went beyond the point if no return.

The warm water on my muscles relaxed me. I soaped everything up then stood under the warm rush of water once more trying to psych myself up for a day of shopping before I shut it off and got out of the shower.

As I was drying off taylor came into the bathroom. "You ready?"

"Almost," I responded.

"What's wrong?" She said as she shut the door behind her.

"Nothing," I said, "nothing is wrong. I'm just tired and you know the mall isn't exactly a guys dream."

"We don't have to go."

"No, it's ok. As long as I get to spend time with you."

"Right," she said sarcastically. Obviously she didn't believe my reasoning. "How about I make it worth your while?"

She pulled my towel off of my waist exposing my naked body. Then she got on her knees and started to lick around my cock and down to my balls. Soon I was completely hard then she bobbed her head up and down, ignoring her gag reflex as she went.

She slowly traced her hands up my sides, giving me the chills. Her touch was soft and deliberate. I knew I wasn't her first blow job recipient, but her second, and the care and attention that she put into giving me pleasure made the feelings so much more meaningful.

I felt my orgasm coming on. My balls tightened and Taylor readied herself by putting her mouth snugly over my cock head as her hand pumped my cock. Inside Taylor's mouth her tongue went wild on my increasingly sensitive head until I came.

The pleasure overtook my body just like any orgasm, but then looking down and seeing Taylor and her blue eyes looking back at me sent another wave of pleasure through my body.

After swallowing my load Taylor said, "You ready to go to the mall?"

From my now seated position I watched her walk over to the sink. She opened the drawer and pulled out her tooth brush. She was wearing those colorful athletic short shorts and a t-shirt. From my angle I could see the curve of her ass hanging out of her tiny panties. I thought back to the pool party a month prior. That was the only time I'd seen her boobs. Now I was seeing more of her ass than any bikini showed off.

"Jim?!" Taylor shouted at me, "Jim?"

"Sorry baby, I was just thinking."

"Get up and get dressed before Katie walks in and sees you naked", she said as she exited the bathroom.

As I walked to my room, that sent my mind into another flashback. At the pool party, out of nowhere my aunt gave me a blow job that was nearing Taylor's abilities. I saw her boobs too.

A knock at my door startled me. I tried to find something to cover my naked body, but before I could my aunt came in.

"Why do I always find you naked in here?" Katie said to me.

"Sorry, I was just getting dressed."

"How about we have a little fun?"

"What about Taylor?"

"She's in the truck waiting for us. We've got time."

Katie scurried off to my bathroom and came back with lotion. She took off her shirt, shorts, and bra. She got down on the floor all the way on her back.

She squirted lotion between her tits and started lathering them up. "Come on Jim, fuck my tits."

Those words were a surprise coming from her mouth, but I did as I was told. I mounted her chest and started to slide my dick between her mashed together tits.

They weren't big tits, but they served their purpose just fine. The feel of skin wrapped around my slick cock was great, as well as looking at Katie's beautiful face while she masturbated me with her boobs.

Although I had just cum with Taylor I got to the edge pretty quick. "I'm close Katie."

After a few more thrusts and started to cum. I came all over her neck as I continued to pump between her tits.

"That was awesome," Katie said.

"Yeah," I replied, "that felt amazing."

We both stood up and headed to the bathroom to clean off. She wiped her neck and chest off then wiped my dick off for me. When she stood up we were face to face. I placed my hands behind her head and pulled her face to me and placed an innocent kiss on her lips. However, that wasn't enough, I went back for another kiss and Katie grabbed my head and pulled me close.

Pretty soon we were making out. I had my hands on her ass pulling her closer to me as our tongues collided.

We only stopped when we heard the garage door open. Katie grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom and I quickly got dressed like only guys can do.

"You ready?" Taylor said poking her head around the corner.

"Yeah I will be right out."

Taylor went back outside and I went into the bathroom to finish getting ready. Katie was completely dressed and fixing her hair. I went for a drawer and applied cologne and deodorant.

I went to my room and put on my shoes then headed to the truck as Katie exited the bathroom. I smacked her on the ass and she jumped with a little squeal. We went out the garage door and headed to the mall.


The mall was less than ideal, but walking around with two hot women made every onlooking guy jealous.

Upon arrival back at my house Taylor went home to pack for her week long vacation. We shared a passionate kiss in the driveway before she hopped in her car and drove home.

Once back inside I was feeling a little bummed. All that I did was hang out with Taylor. We were always somewhere doing something. How was I supposed to fill seven days without her.

Katie walked in the living room where I was sulking and said, "Do you want to join me in the pool Jim?"

It was already ten o'clock so I was about to say no, but I turned around and saw her already in a bikini. "Sure," I responded. I threw on some swimming trunks and headed outside.

Our pool setup was pretty awesome. A big pool, shallow and deep end, a part with a volleyball net, and a hot tub. It wasn't a white concrete pool either. It was the kind with nice stones everywhere and painted blue on the inside.

There were a lot of chairs around the pool, a few tables, and a kitchen setup. There were some overhead lights invade of late night volleyball, and underwater colored lights for a nice night swim.

I walked outside and saw Katie already in the pool.

"Come on in," she yelled, "the water's great!"

I went to a table and set my phone down. On one of the lounge chairs was Katie's bikini top. AND BOTTOMS.

"Katie," I said quizzically, "are you naked?"

"Yeah, you've seen a naked girl before. Why shouldn't I be comfortable?"

Her reasoning was almost perfect, except I hadn't seen a completely naked girl before. I had only seen Taylor's tits a month ago, quickly followed by Katie's. I had never seen a real life pussy though.

Pictures? Yeah.
Porn? Yeah.

But never a real pussy. Taylor refused to let me return the oral favor. She lost her virginity in high school and wanted to really wait until she knew before she went all the way again. She thought that her lower half being exposed would lead to things.

"Come on Jim! Drop your shorts and hop in."

I wasn't scared of a pussy, that wasn't the problem. I was standing at full mast, I was turned on.

'Screw it' I thought to myself. She has blown me and titty fucked me. I can swim with a hard on for a while.

I dropped my shorts and jumped in the water. I always loved skinny dipping the few chances I got whenever I was home alone. The pure thrill and risk of being naked outside made it addictive.

Katie leaned against the side while I swam back and forth. Her tits were sitting just above the water. Her nipples were hard from the cool water and crisp breeze.

I tried to swim until my erection went down with the cold water, but it never happened. I swam over to Katie and leaned against the side next to her.

"Don't you just love skinny dipping?" Katie asked me.

"Yeah, I love it."

I couldn't see anything below the water because of the lack of lighting in the pool. She couldn't see my erection either.

Katie leaned against my shoulder and looked up at the stars. Her tits glistened as the water trickled off of them. I reached my hand up and grabbed her right breast. I pinched and pulled on her erect little nipple.

She moaned in pleasure. I then used my left hand and grabbed her other boob. As I did that Katie shifted her weight and sat in my lap facing away from me.

I replaced my hands on her boobs and kept playing with them. I kissed her neck through her matted down blonde hair. Then I made a trail of kisses down her jawline until I couldn't reach any further. At that point Katie turned her head around and our lips met, although very awkwardly.

The kiss became very passionate very quick. We tugged on each others lips and our tongues fought for dominance. Then I took a risk, I reached down and cupped her pussy. She gasped in surprise and melted into my body.

"Why haven't you and Taylor had sex yet?" Katie asked me.

"We are waiting until we move in together for college at the end of August."

"Can you two wait two more months?"

"I think so, she takes care of my sexual needs." I couldn't believe I was having this conversation with my aunt.

"What about her needs?"

"She hasn't let me return the oral favor yet. I offer, I'm sure it would be a disaster, but I offer."

"It was hard to let guys touch me there. Especially oral," Katie said as I rubbed my hand up and down her mound, "but once you know it's the right guy then you can't wait for him to have access."

I continued to rub her pussy which sent a shiver through her body. Then she said, "Let's go inside and get more comfortable."

Katie stood up and turned towards me in the water that reached just below her boobs.

I stood up and said, "Why not just have some fun out here?"

I grabbed her hand and led her up the pool steps to one of the big padded lounge chairs. I sat down and leaned back as Katie got between my legs and started to lick my hard shaft.

I groaned in delight. Her mouth ran up and down and all around my cock while one of her hands played with my balls.

I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed it further onto me until she started to gag.

She whipped her head up and panted, "Don't cum," she took a deep breath before saying, "you have to return the favor first."

We got up and trades places. Katie put a towel over her spread legs.

I got into position and Katie said, "Ready?"

"Yeah," I said as she pulled the towel away.

My first real life pussy didn't disappoint. Her labia lips were perfectly round and the skin looked tight. Her clot was easily accessible in her aroused state. Her pubic hair was nowhere to be found. And to top it all off it had a perfect pink color.

Katie started to talk, "What you do first is..."

I cut her off by getting on top of her and locking our lips together. A passionate kiss ensued. Something about this woman made her incredibly irresistible.

I broke the kiss and trailed my lips down her body. At her chest I licked each breast and tugged on each nipple with my teeth. Then I went down the center of her stomach and down near her hairless mound.

Then I hovered over her pussy and exhaled on it slowly before kissing up and down her thighs. Then I placed one kiss on her wet pussy lips before I kissed up and down her thighs again.

Her wetness was seeping out and her eyes were shut tightly. I figured she had waited enough, I licked over her swollen pussy lips and up to her belly button. After that I found her clit, which was a lot harder than I expected, and I licked it softly.

I moved my efforts lower as I inserted my tongue as deep as I could into her wet crevice. A bitter sweet taste dominated my tongue, it was nearly indescribable, but I knew I wanted more.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her towards my mouth. I aggressively licked, sucked, and explored her pussy with my tongue and mouth.

Lifting my head up momentarily I blew on her clit, which caused her to make a loud moaning squeal sound.

"Uh, uh don't stop Jim. Don't stop," she screamed across the backyard.

I didn't stop. In fact, I started to go harder. I latched my mouth onto her clit and I put two fingers in her sopping wet pussy.

My fingers went crazy inside of her as my mouth took her to new levels of pleasure.

Her body rocked as her orgasm hung in the balance. I used my free hand to stimulate her tits as her hands landed on my head and pushed my deeper.

Her thighs clamped around my head as she screamed, "I'm cumming!"

At that moment I placed one of my hands on her clit as my mouth relocated to her pussy just in time to experience her orgasm.

Her vagina clenched my penetrating tongue and her whole body shuddered. Then after about twenty seconds of that she looked like she was about to go to sleep.

I crawled up beside her and she turned to face me.

"That was awesome Jim," she said. Then Katie mounted me right over my hard dick. She stood up on her knees and held my dick, ready to impale herself. "You ready for the main course?"

The sight of my hot aunt ready to engulf my dick with her pussy would make most guys think they'd won the lottery. I have to admit I was feeling the same way, but I said, "No, I want Taylor to be my first."

Katie looked dejected, but she said, "I understand," and then finished the amazing blow job she started earlier.

I had no problems having sex with my aunt, but I needed Taylor first.

Katie's head bobbed up and down on my cock as my orgasm approached. She looked beautiful between my legs. Then I came in her mouth and shut my eyes.


I opened my eyes to Taylor in the same position Katie was in earlier. She was mounted on top of me ready to pounce on my cock with her wet pussy. Her boobs were standing perky on her chest and the cool night breeze made her nipples extra hard.

"You ready?" Taylor asked.

"Absolutely," I said. I pulled her down to me and kissed her as she slowly took my dick into her..."

"JIM! JIM!" Katie whispered into my ear while she shook my body.

I was in a haze beneath the bright morning sun, but I knew another dream just got ruined. "Dammit!" I said a loud, "what do you want Katie?"

"I thought you might want to get up before you get sunburned."

'Really?' I thought to myself. I was about to have sex in a dream. I would have taken the sunburn.

I got up and grabbed my phone and swimming trunks. I walked into the house behind Katie.

I looked at my phone and saw a text from Taylor. The text read, 'I know it has only been a few hours, but I miss you so much already. Knowing I can't see you for a week is driving me crazy. I figured that I could send you some pictures to help you through the week.'

I scrolled down and clicked on the first picture. It was her in her swimsuit. Her perky boobs looked so nice and her flat stomach and belly button ring made me miss her too.

The next picture was the same as the first one, but she was topless. The text below that one read, 'My boobs miss your touch too.'

I spent the rest of that week just thinking about those pictures.
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