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Sex Slave and Master Boyfriend

Tags: sex, role play
This story is about a fake character (not me) being submissive to her boyfriend.
I could tell that he was very horny by the way he kept looking at my titties, breasts, and pussy and by the way his cock was struggling to escape his pants. In the car, we didn't keep our hands to ourselves. When we got home from dinner, we ripped each others' clothes off, started making out, and having sex. I was feeling very kinky, so I brought out my secret stash of sex toys. I took out a spiked collar with a leash attached and a whip.

He understood my message and demanded me to give his cock a blow job. I took out his cock and started to stroke it gently. He whipped me, hesitantly. I gave him a look saying that I wanted this. He understood and whipped me a second time, harder. I began to stroke harder and faster. I inserted it into my waiting mouth. I was in heaven. I was gagging on his big cock, but I didn't care. He became so hard, I could almost feel the veins and arteries poking out of his dick. I heard the crack of the whip again and he told me that I don't do things without permission. He twisted my nipples so hard that they started to swell up. I screamed with pain and pleasure. He deep throated me with his cock. Oh God, the feeling of his cock as it pumps his hot cum into my mouth is the most heavenly feeling I know. His hand is moving so fast, pumping more and more cum, filling my mouth as I suck as hard as I can. I decided to swallow, and I held my mouth open for him to jerks off into my mouth. I watched him savor the sight of my mouth filling with his own cum.

I held it in my mouth, savoring the feel and taste, only swallowing when he told me too. Then, I closed my eyes and let it just trickle slowly down my throat, swallowing little bits at a time. He whipped my back again and demanded me to bend over so my ass was facing him. He took one of my ass cheeks in his strong hands and opened it so he could see the opening to my anus. He took his finger, stuck it in my mouth, and popped it into my ass. I moaned loudly. After I've swallowed it all, I relished the after taste of his cum and the sensation in my mouth. That after taste made me hungry for more and I wanted to suck him again and again.

I started to turn around and started sucking his cock. He whipped me again, this time across my ass. I felt something wet trickle down my body. I reached behind me and found that it was blood. My skin was raw and red. I turned around and saw that my boyfriend was stroking my wounds. He whispered in my ear, telling me that he loved me and he was sorry. I told him that I loved him too. And I really meant it.

I hope that this story made you horny. Please comment on this story below please, I need more comments. Thank you for all those wonderful people on Lush Stories. I am a pretty big fan of this web site. If you would like to know more about me, please visit my profile at this link: If you like me, please add me as your friend. I always accept friend requests, just so you know. Please chat with me or send me a message, if you would like to.
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