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Shall We Dine?

Shall We Dine?

They say if your mother breast feeds you that you become orally fixated. I don't know about that. Seems that virtually everyone before the 20th century would have an oral fixation. Anyway this is my story and I am fixated. On pussy. On eating pussy. And on having my cock sucked. That is all I really want from sex. Sucking and eating. And I get what I want.

Oh I have fucked, of course. Nothing wrong with it in any way. But it just does not get me off the way eating a beautiful woman's cunt does. And then having the same or another beautiful girl suck on my dick is really the best. Well, one or the other. I couldn't say. I love them both so much.

I am Samuel, or just Sam. That's who I am. My girlfriend is Beverly, or just Bev. That's who she is. We met at a mixer here at college. It was in a girl's dormitory and I was there scoping out the product. I saw her and fell like a ton of bricks. She had hair so golden it was sparkling in the lights from the chandeliers in the ballroom. I love blondes ever since I first saw Marilyn Monroe. I bet and I have heard that she gave great blow jobs.

So anyway, I walked over to this great looking blonde with her hour glass figure and tits that were proud and standing up for the crowd. I gave her my usual line. "Need to be eaten out?" And for the one time in a hundred it worked! She took my hand with a smile and led me up the spiral staircase. Wow! This was a liberal college. The girls could have guests in their rooms!

We got to her room and she said, "So prove you have what it takes little man." I was not little in the cock department, but I was short. About 5 feet 6 inches. My cock, however was seven inches hard, and fat too. But I was going for the pussy right now. She was wearing a frock so I laid her back on her bed and knelt before her. I flipped up the dress and found that she had no panties! My kind of girl all around. I had hit the jackpot tonight.

Putting my hands on her juicy thighs, I spread her legs. Then I began enjoying the whole package. I started with the thighs. I loved thigh meat. I began licking them and she began giggling. That just got me more enthusiastic. I was nipping at her thighs and licking them and I looked up at her cooze and it was leaking some great pussy juice out for me. But I was taking my time. I wanted this pussy eating session to last a while.

She was squeezing and mauling those great tits of hers. She had opened her neckline and had brought them into view by just popping her bra up and off of them. The nipples were hard and poking out like tiny penises. She took one up to her lips and sucked on it. That was a forewarning to me of what was to come later.

I was making her thighs all wet with my spit and I traced my tongue up to the good parts. I licked up the left side of her pussy lips and reached the clit. There I stopped and made love to it slowly. I licked it after I popped it out with my fingers. She shuddered and had an orgasm. I then nipped at it and she had another cum. She tasted of flowers. Sweet and lovely. It was time to move down again. So I licked down the right side tasting all the wetness and juice she was flooding out of her cunt.

Her labia were swollen. Her pussy was freshly clean of hair. She had been looking forward to something like this for sure. I loved swollen cunt lips. I liked to nibble on them until the girl squealed with pain and pleasure and began bucking her cunt up into my face wanting more and more. I did that now and Bev was quick to grab my head and force my face and lips down into her pussy. The she began fucking my face with her little cunny.

She was rubbing all of her juices all over my face. I loved it. It was what I lived for. It smelled so grand, like oleander, so sweet. I gobbled all the cunt I could and spread her cooze lips apart wider to get deeper into that cunt. My tongue was a little cock fucking her pussy. I licked and fucked and sucked all of her juice up. Finally she had creamed so much she squealed again and began squirting fluids out of her cunt. It hit me in the face and covered me with juice. I licked my lips. Then I climbed up onto her still clad body with the tits bared and I started making out with her. I wanted her wetness to get on her face and into her mouth. She enjoyed the flavor of her own cunt I could tell. We made out for 15 or 20 minutes of newfound lovemaking.

I was hard of course. She must have felt it while I lay upon her luscious body. At last she could wait no more. She gave me one last kiss on the lips and then said, "I need some dick in my mouth now. Is that okay with you?" Oh hell, I thought, is it alright with me! This is what I love. Oral sex. I had made her have so many orgasms that I thought I had exhausted her sexually for the night. But no. She wanted more and she was going to get it, by god!

This time, though, we were going to be stark naked. We both took off our clothes slowly watching the other's body and getting even more horny, if possible. Damn, she looked fine with her pale skin and that golden blond hair billowing out around her head. Her tits did not sag at all. After all, we were seniors in college, only 21 at the time. Our stuff was young and tight and firm and juicy. Her freshly waxed pussy glistened in the light from all the sucking and cumming it had enjoyed tonight. My cock was curved upward pointing at the ceiling and so hard it ached. It needed her lips very badly.

Now she took command. She wanted me on my back on the bed so she could kneel comfortably beside me and adore my prick. Which she did. She held my cock in both hands for awhile just looking down on it and finally she spit on the head and spread it all over my dick. She was lubing it up good. She wanted to jack me for a few minutes and I had no problem with that. Make me harder baby!

She jacked my prick with both hands, up and down, and I made sure not to cum yet. That could wait for her lips. But she seemed to love dick. Really love it. Now she held me tight in one hand and went down to my asshole and began licking it. She was squeezing my cock and rimming me at the same time. My anus opened a little for her tongue to enter and fuck me with it. The she bit all around the ass hole and I did want to cum then. But I still held off. Finally she moved her tongue upward all the while tightly holding my prick, making sure it did not get soft. As if!

Her tongue was definitely experienced, just as my mouth had been. We were both orally inclined it seemed. Bev started at my balls and took both in her mouth. It was a tight squeeze. I have large nuts. And it hurt a little, but what the fuck. Do it baby! Gobble those balls! She sucked all the sweat I had created off of them and then put them in one hand while she manipulated my cock with the other. "Are you enjoying this Sam?" What a question. My answer was to put my hands into her golden hair and force her face down to my cock. She took the head into her mouth and began slobbering all over it as she tongued and bit it.

I did not want to cum yet. My body did, but I could control it. I did so and enjoyed the tongueing she was giving my cock now. She was moving up and down the shaft like it was a popsicle. She kept licking and especially the huge veins that were popping out all over it. She bit them. Now I was well lubed and she started fucking my cock with her mouth. She was taking it all in and going up and down faster and faster. Then she would stop and it was so wet with her spit she had no trouble jacking it off again. She jerked it with both little hands.

I was almost ready to burst. She jacked me and then saw the expression on my face and stopped that. She wanted my spunk in her mouth. Once more she stuffed all of my prick into her mouth and squeezed the base like a cock ring and sucked as hard as she could on my red cock. It was so full of blood I thought it would blow up. Then she again was fucking up and down and she released her little tight hand and my seed shot out and filled her mouth to over flowing. My spunk was running down the sides of my cock onto my balls and her hand and into my ass hole. She was sucking as much as she could. She kept licking all the good juices up and swallowing it all down. She was doing such a good job of cleaning up the damage she had created.

As she slowed down she smiled up at me with her red lips that had colored my cock. Her eyes glittered with pleasure as she continued eating up all my spunk. She cleaned my shaft then the balls. Finally she licked my ass clean and gave me a little nip for luck. That almost started me getting hard again. But I was used up for tonight.

We made a date for the next weekend after we had cleaned up in her bathroom and put ourselves together. We went back downstairs and we parted ways. I went back to my dorm. She stayed with her friends at the mixer.

When we went out the next time Bev was excited. She told me she had never known anyone like me when it came to sex. That suited me fine. We had a great time together. Sex was not the only thing we had in common. We were both basically nerds when it came to books and reading. And my major, Geography, totally complemented hers, History. We had a lot to talk about. But what we both really were looking forward to was the sex later in the evening. This time we went back to my room. It was always fun to have sex in many different places.

I wanted to try something I had enjoyed with lots of other girls. Just a little thing called 69. I asked Bev if she was into that. I was surprised to find that she had never tried it. Apparently most of the guys she had been with were really only into getting a blow job. I had been the first to really give her the pussy eating she had always wanted. I was proud when she praised my technique. It is what I believe I am on the earth for. To pleasure women.

Anyway, she felt a little intimidated by having not tried this before. But I assured her it was all sex and you could not do it wrong as long as everyone got their rocks off. I was so looking forward to this session of sex tonight. But we had all night so there was no rush. We took all the time we wanted shedding our clothing. As we took each item off we would stop and kiss or touch each other. It must have taken half an hour just to disrobe. I was hard the whole time, of course. And I knew Bev by now. I knew she had been getting wetter and wetter. In fact I felt it. Choice pussy.

I felt I would give her the control this time. That way she would be more comfortable. So I got on the bottom and let her settle in however she felt best on top. She centered her fine waxed pussy right over my face and crammed it down for a good lick. That was what she got. She was wet and rubbing her cunt on my lips and I almost smothered from the way she pushed it down for the feast. I was sucking as fast as I could and still her juices kept oozing out around my mouth. I used my fingers to push what ever I could back into my mouth and to spread her labia wide and give me access to her deep rosy cunt. I rammed a finger up into her vagina and found her G-spot. Damn, I never saw a girl shiver and quiver with such ecstasy before. She was loving this pussy eating.

While this was happening she was struggling to keep enough control to make love to my hard rod, standing hard and tall right under her drooling mouth. She was dripping spit onto my cock and lubing it up. She was holding herself up with one arm so she had only the one hand free to jack me and get me ready for the cock sucking to come. As she jacked she was whimpering from the pussy licking she was getting but my girl was game and she started licking and biting my dick. Moaning and sucking, both at the same time. Now she was fucking my cock with her mouth. If I had been on top I would have been fucking her face. It worked the same either way. Hot mouth wrapped around hot cock, moving up and down faster and faster.

Her pussy started squirting juice into my face and I swallowed what I could. I lapped it with my tongue and glued my mouth to her open cunt to suck her dry. I was diddling her clit with my thumb and finger on one hand while still rubbing her G-spot with the other. I don't think she had ever cum so much in her life. As this was occurring she was fucking my cock and racking her teeth over it to make me cum in her mouth. She was very hungry for my spunk. I did not make her wait any longer. A long string of cum shot out of my hard cock into her open mouth. She immediately closed it around my fat cock to make sure she didn't lose any. She loved cum as much as I loved pussy juice. She drained me as dry as I was draining her.

We spent the next ten minutes just licking each other clean of spunk and pussy cum. That was a fun part of oral sex. The cleanup by mouth afterwards. We both wanted to make the other shiny and new. Then we went into my bathroom and took a nice shower together. We played with each other's privates and she had to kneel down and give be another blow job. I didn't have a lot of spunk left but what I had was hers. I shot a short stream of cum for her to swallow and she was happy. Then we finished up the shower and were fresh and clean.

Bev and I were now an item. Sam and Bev. We were together for the rest of college. We graduated together. And we made sure that we found jobs together. We were never apart after that. I was not about to lose a cock sucker like my Beverly. And Bev was never going to lose her cunt lapping Samuel. Bev and Sam together and orally fixated and elated.

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