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She Needs to be Punished

Jack grabbed his girl Emily by the wrist and dragged her to the bathroom.

“I’m s…sorry,” she whispered.

“No, that’s not good enough!” Jack replied.

He was outraged, his face red with fury, half running while Emily dangled from behind, her mascara beginning to run. She was a gorgeous girl, 5’ 8’’ with long flowing brown hair and deep blue eyes. Her lips were thick and moist; her body was shaped well, with a firm ass and c-cup breasts. She was still wearing her pajamas when Jack grabbed her, a loose top barely covering her beautiful, succulent breasts, and tight bottoms that left nothing to the imagination.

Jack flung the bathroom door open and held Emily with his hands. Emily stared at him with her big blue eyes.

“I don’t know what I was thinking Jack, I forgot.” She was holding back tears as best she could, but her make-up was already ruined.

“I can’t believe you!”

“Jack, what I can I do to make this right?”

“You need to be punished; you need to learn your lesson first.”

“Oh, ok,” she said through a sniffle, and she lowered herself onto her knees. “I’ve been a bad girl.”

“God damn right you have!”

“How are you going to punish me?” Jack stuck his thumb in Emily’s mouth and she began to suck it.

“You know how you little slut, I’m going to fuck your throat.” As Emily sucked Jack’s thumb she began unbuckling his belt and pants, dropping them down to reveal his dick. She began to rub it gently while Jack took his thumb out of her mouth.

“Are you going to be rough?”

“I have to, you need it!”

Jack was hard now, reaching his full girth, and Emily held her hands behind her back as she assumed the position for Jack to fuck her throat. Jack grabbed Emily by her long luscious hair and pushed her head down onto him as his dick moved to the back of her throat. He began slowly moving her head up and down his penis while she attempted to please Jack for the moment by swirling her tongue around his shaft, all the while making sure her hands never left her ass; she knew she had to remain out of control so long as Jack was still fucking her face. Jack began to pull her head to the tip of his dick and then slowly pushed her down on his cock until the tip reached the back of her throat. Jack held her there, his tip pressing on a nice soft spot and she sputtered a bit but kept her hands behind her back. Jack released her slightly and pulled her back a little before plunging again, his tip now pressing into the back of the throat, but this time Emily did not sputter, but her eyes were definitely watering now. He held her there for a few seconds and then pulled her cock out of her mouth watching the drool drip from his dick while she breathed for a second. Jack gripped her hair harder and lowered her so she could take his dick in her throat.

“You have been so bad, you naughty little slut.”

“Punish me”

Jack entered her again, and began pushing and pulling her head harder, before plunging Emily all the way to the base of his cock. He felt his cock press against her throat and slowly he pushed down into her throat and held it there. Emily had black tears running down her cheeks but she still had not moved her arms yet, faithfully keeping them on her ass. She slurped on his dick while he continued and she began to swallow to massage his dick, but Jack pulled out to give her a gulp of air beginning to drill her in the mouth, forcefully thrusting his dick into her throat and out over and over. Drool was dripping out of her mouth her breasts had popped out of her loose top which fell to her waist, but she did not remove her hands as Jack continued fuck her throat.

“Oh yea, you fucking little slut, yes, take it!”

Jack pushed her head to the base of his cock again and he began cumming inside her throat while Emily did everything she could to swallow it, massaging his cock again as hot juices poured down her throat. Finally he was finished, and he let go of her. She wiped the saliva off her face and lay down on the floor of the bathroom panting, enjoying the cool tile on her hot body.

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