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She Thought She Had Control

She Thought She Had Control

She Wanted Some Control, Can She Have It?
I know it’s not normally how he wants it to be, but luckily enough, he allows me to have slight control when it comes to giving him oral once in a while. He knows how much it turns me on to do so. When I'm a good girl, he allows me the pleasure of doing as I wish, for as long as he can tolerate, before taking back the control.

He is laying completely naked on the bed for me. I climb onto the bed on top of him as he watches me. I, too, am naked. Our skin brushes against each other lightly as I move up to his lips. I kiss him softly and as our lips meet, I feel a spark between us that causes me to let out a soft moan. My fingers run up the back of his bald head. I can feel the soft stubble against my fingers as I lean into him; our kiss deepens as I feel myself growing excited for him.

I don’t want to rush things. I want to stay in control for as long as possible, before he takes it away from me again. The thought makes me smile as I move my lips down from his lips to his jaw line. I nip along to his ear until I catch it between my teeth, tugging on it lightly. He gasps out lightly; I begin to suckle on it like a kitten. I purr softly in his ear as I suck on his ear. My hot breath teases his ear and neck as one of my hands caresses the back of his neck; the other wanders down over his smooth chest.

My lips move down from his ear to his neck, I begin to nip and suck on him. I can hear his soft moans, they turn me on incredibly. He sounds completely relaxed as I sink my teeth a bit deeper into his flesh. I suck him into my mouth; I slowly leave my mark on his flesh. I move to straddle him, my thighs lingering over his legs. I can feel his hardness between my legs, brushing along my sex. Surely he can feel how wet I am already for him, but he gives no signs of it.

My lips find their way down to his collarbone, mmm my favorite spot. I bite hard on him, and I let out a soft moan, I grind my hips towards his cock. My juices run over his shaft, I shiver from the touch of his cock against my sex.

I run my fingers down his rib-cage ; I begin to run my tongue along the middle of his chest, down over his stomach. I wriggle down further between his legs; his cock is slightly wet from my juices. I look up at him with a smile on my lips as he watches me. His soft fingers play lightly in my hair, almost encouraging me to take him into my mouth. I bite my lip, teasing him before I give in. I want to drive him to the point of hot lustful desire, as he does me so often.

I flick my tongue against the underside of his cock, at the most sensitive area on his shaft. I feel his entire body twitch, I grin knowing that he is finally at that point. My eyes are locked on his; he gives me a glare almost warning me to watch my place. I bite my lip again, knowing I've reached my allowed limits of teasing him.

I release my bottom lip from my teeth; I lean in and wrap my mouth around the head of his cock. My lips tighten on just the head, I begin to flick my tongue side to side quickly, and stroke him lightly with my fingers. I slowly begin to push my mouth further onto his cock; I feel it brush past my tongue ring. He shifts under me; he lets out a soft moan.

I remove my fingers, and I slide my mouth all the way down his shaft. His soft moans fill the air; I start a slow pace, enjoying his moans. At first my teeth graze along his shaft, I pick up the speed, slowly increasing the pleasure for him. I can feel him throb against my tongue, loving how hard he is for me. I push every last inch into my mouth. I hear him gasp out slightly; I begin to pull him out, letting the popping sound of the head of his cock echo the room. I run just my tongue from the tip of his cock down the underside of him, slowly working my way down to his balls. I keep my eyes on him, watching his reactions.

My mouth has reached his balls, and I lick them lightly. I let them get wet enough before I suck them into my mouth slowly. I can feel his balls fill my mouth; I stroke his cock again. I let out a soft purr, while I suck them into my mouth. My tongue is caressing his balls; I feel how thick he feels between my fingers.

“Mmm that’s my good girl. Keeping sucking on my balls, baby.”

His voice is thick with hot desire for me. I can feel the tingling sensation of his words work deep into my sex. I can feel the smoothness of his balls run over my tongue, he tastes so good. I allow them to slip out from my mouth. My lips linger close enough to kiss lightly on them; I work down under his balls licking him gently.

I tease him with my tongue ring, it slides over him easily. My tongue runs over his underside, I feel him squirm. He is pushing himself closer to me, forcing me to lick and taste more of him as he does. I run my tongue from his underside, up over his balls to his thick throbbing cock. I slide just the tip of my tongue over him, until my mouth reaches the head of his cock.

Re-wrapping my mouth around him, I swallow every last inch of his cock into my throat. I gag just slightly, inhaling him deeper. He lets out a groan of such desire that sends waves of pleasure deep into me. I can’t help but let out a soft moan as I hear his groans. My throat full of his cock, I begin a low deep, thick moaning purr as I feel the vibrations against my lips. I know that it is teasing him beyond anything he can describe.

He grabs a fist full of my hair, forcing more of his cock into my mouth. I can feel his balls push up into my mouth, and I gag on him, he begins to thrust upwards into my mouth. He is banging hard against my throat, I gag a bit harder, taking every last inch of what he has to offer me. His growling moans grow louder for me; he begins to take control of me.

I have lost all control as his grip on my hair gets tighter. He forces my head away from his cock, it pops from my lips. He forces me to lay flat on my back, on the edge of the bed. He gets up and walks to the edge where I lay; pulling me further off the bed until my head hangs off the edge. I can feel the head of his cock brush against my face; he is so close to me. He is looking down at me with his soft blue eyes. He speaks to me with a soft, but much desired voice.

“I’m going to fuck your throat, Baby. I want you to take all that I give you, like a good girl.”

“Yes, Master. I want to feel your cock in my throat. Please fuck my throat, Master?”

I feel his cock twitch lightly against me as I beg him for his cock. He smiles down at me with a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh, trust me, my sweet pet. I’ll fuck your throat nice and good. Now open your mouth, Slut.”

I grin up at him. I open my mouth wide as he pushes himself into me, giving me no warning of how fast he will thrust into my throat. I feel the head of his cock bash into my throat hard. I feel my tongue ring now brush the top of his cock, as I lay upside down. He begins to thrust deeply as I gag. I can feel my throat expand to the max as he fills me. My teeth run along his shaft, as he fucks me hard. His moans fill the air into desired grunts, and growls. He leans forward, pinching my nipples, I cry out in sudden pain. I can feel him force his cock even deeper into my throat as I cry out.

“That’s it my sweet slut, take my cock. My dirty little whore!”

He doesn't let up on fucking my throat. I'm unable to speak to answer him; his hands wander over my skin. My skin is hot on fire where he touches me. My body tingles as I arch my back up, and the head of his cock pushes deeply inside my mouth. I can taste his pre-cum begin to fill my throat. I swallow deeply on him. I can feel his hands move down between my legs, and begin to play with my sex. He easily finds my nub; he pinches and pulls on my swollen, tender.

“I want you to come for my slut, as I come in your throat. Do you understand me?!”

I nod my head. “Yes Master,” I muffle out through a mouth full of cock. He begins to thrust again harder, his fingers play with my clit still. He’s pulling and pinching on it, I grind my hips into his touch. He is bent over still, thrusting every inch into my throat. I can feel him thicken inside me, and I know he is close.

His breathing begins to get heavier, he moves faster. My moans filled the air; the vibrations shake him to the core. I know the vibrations are what force his fingers to move faster on my tender aching clit. I cry out deeply allowing his cock to move further into my throat, I begin to orgasm hard. I reach up behind me as I grip my fingertips into his arms. He forces me to come so hard for him. My moans and cries cause him to buck into me harder. He swells hard, and begins to come inside my throat. I can feel ropes of seed fill my throat deeply, I swallow every last inch of him.

His thrusts have slowed down a bit as he relaxes. I suck on him still milking his cock dry. I purr lightly, wanting every last drop in my mouth. He slowly begins to pull his cock from my mouth. I give one last suck as the tip pops from my lips. He leans down to kiss me deeply on my lips.

“Mmm, my perfect little whore has such a pretty little mouth.”

“Thank You, Master. I’m delighted to please you anytime you want me.”

“Oh trust me. You’re my good girl. I always want you.”

“That makes me happy to hear, Master. Nothing pleases me more then to serve you.”

“Such sweet words from my sweet girl.”

He leans down again, picking me up, this time he moves us into bed. I lay on his chest. I nuzzle into him, relaxing as I run my fingers over his chest, and his fingers tease my back.

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