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She's More Than Meets The Eye. - Ch 2

Rebecca takes Damien back to her room.

Soon, she pushed him away again, saying, “Can you get me my clothes?”

“Going somewhere?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, I am.” She replied. “I’m going to my room. And you’re coming with me…”

Damien watched as Rebecca slowly slid her skirt up her smooth, silky legs. Her panties were so full of sand from lying on the beach there was no way she was going to even try to put them on. He held her lacy brassiere for her, but as he tried to help her put it on, he became engrossed in caressing her breasts, cupping them and rubbing his thumbs across her still-stiff nipples. His tongue played across her neck and she shivered as the night’s ocean breeze made the wetness turn cold. She turned her head and found his mouth with hers. The heat from their kiss warmed her, but she quickly pushed him away.

“Get away now!” she giggled. “Let’s go get a drink and then…” her voice faded out suggestively. He allowed her to finish dressing, and then helped her down off the lifeguard stand. Shoes in one hand, they strolled across the dark beach, fingers of their other hands entwined. The pair of newly-met lovebirds approached Rebecca’s hotel from poolside. They stopped at the pool bar just long enough to order a couple drinks. Damien’s fingers played through Rebecca’s luxurious hair as a couple of the bar’s patrons slyly glanced over her charms and nodded approvingly. They took their drinks and left. Sipping and strolling, strolling and sipping, they slowly made their way toward the hotel’s bank of elevators.

“Ahhh, young love…” Murmured words of approval floated across the lobby from an elderly matriarch seated there with her husband. Rebecca giggled when she heard. It seemed to take hours for the elevator car to arrive. The shiny doors ‘whooshed’ open, then ‘whooshed’ closed again behind them.

As soon as Rebecca pushed the button for her floor, Damien said “Here – hold this,” and handed her his drink. He practically fell to his knees and lifted up the front of her skirt. Her soft cock was right fucking there, unrestrained by her panties. His breath quickened and he opened his mouth. He took her cock into his mouth and just held it there, feeling it and tasting it, sucking gently. She leaned back against the elevator wall, giving herself over to the feelings coming on. She’d had plenty of partners before, but never had anyone desire her just because of who she was. All her other sexual encounters (and she’d had plenty!) had either been driven by someone lusting after her, or by her own desire for sexual gratification. Having someone that just wanted to please her, and be pleased by her – just because of who she really was in her heart – was a brand new experience for her. She felt her cock growing in Damien’s mouth as he began to suck in earnest.

BING! The bell rang for their floor. Damien hurriedly stood up, pushing her skirt back down over her burgeoning hard-on. Anyone they passed, had they chanced to look down, would have seen her skirt tenting out in a most unusual way, for such a lovely young lady. They sped toward her room, half running. Rebecca handed him back the drinks and fished her key card out of her purse. As she pushed the door open, she spun about in her best spokesmodel pose. “Ta Daaaaaaa!” she sang, waving him in. Damien just laughed and walked past, handing her her drink. She let the door close and they both just stood there, gazing into each others’ eyes.

Without a word, Rebecca gulped down the last of her alcoholic teaser. She lunged at Damien, kissing him fiercely. Her lips and tongue were cold on his, and she tasted of rum and fruit juice. As her tongue wrestled with his, her hands were busy unbuttoning his shirt, baring his chest. Highly distracted, Damien suddenly rediscovered the drink in his hand when his newly-found lover pushed his shirt off his shoulders and tried to drag it over his hands and off his body. He quickly drained his cup and tried to set it down neatly on a nearby table, only missing by a few feet. Rebecca finally was able to drag his shirt off him, and she tossed it carelessly toward the same table, getting it closer to the table than Damien’s drink cup, but not by much.

Her hands hugged him, pulling him close. Her tiny body felt like it was on fire as she kissed a pathway down his neck to his man-nipples. She sucked one into her mouth like she was trying to draw milk, making him moan out loud. Her hands busied themselves with his belt and pants. Things were moving so rapidly – Damien felt like one minute he was fully dressed and the next the cold air from the room’s air conditioner was raising gooseflesh on his bare arms. He had no memory of kicking off his shoes, just as he didn’t know exactly when her sure hands insinuated themselves inside the waistband of his briefs. Rebecca dropped to her knees, pulling his pants and underwear off in one smooth motion. His semi-erect cock bounced up toward her. Grabbing him behind his butt, she hugged him close, his manhood pressing against her warm cheek.

She slowly kissed that which she had been waiting on for so long. She kissed the side of his cock, and the top of it. She kissed a vapor trail of empathy up to the base, then back down to the tip. All in agonizingly slow motion. She looked up and saw Damien’s lust-filled eyes gazing back down at her. Eyes locked with his, she slowly opened her petite mouth and… slowly took the head of his penis inside of her. As her lips closed around him, Damien’s eyes squinted shut and another audible moan emerged. Rebecca smiled to herself, knowing now that she would be able to give him every bit as much pleasure as he had given to her. She took him as deeply as she could, her tongue and lips making full contact. She knew like no other what a good blowjob felt like, and she was determined to give Damien the best blowjob of his life. Clutching his ass with both hands, she pulled him into her hot mouth, sucking lightly, teasing and pushing and pulling. Damien was enthralled. He groped for her blindly, and when he found her, he ran his fingers through her soft mane. He was lost in the sensation of her mouth taking his fully erect cock like the last lollypop in the world.

For her part, Rebecca was lost in her own world of longing and desire. At that moment, all she could think of was how much she wanted to taste the cum stored in this wonderful man’s balls. She licked his cock, and sucked it in again. She forced herself to overcome her own limits, until her nose was buried in his pubic hair and his cock was far down her throat. Over and over, she deep throated Damien until he was trembling. Sensing his imminent explosion, she relaxed a bit, nipping him on his flat stomach. She stood, pulling his head down for another slow, sensuous kiss, and then she pushed him backward until his knees hit the bed. He sat, and she finished disrobing him. Kneeling before him, she took his foot in her hand, kissing it and licking its arch. She sucked his big toe into her mouth, and then let it go, moving on to the other toes. She alternated from foot to foot, laving them with her hot tongue. She gradually licked up his legs, concentrating on the insides of his thighs. He spread his legs involuntarily, as the tingles she was creating spread throughout him. When she reached the juncture of his thighs, she licked his heavy scrotum, and caressed it with her hands. One at a time, she tenderly sucked his testicles into her mouth, bathing them in saliva. Damien’s hands clenched and unclenched. He was in a terrible state. He wanted her to quit teasing him and make him cum into her sexy bow-shaped mouth, but the tremors she was causing with her oral ministrations felt just too damned good!

She bypassed his throbbing cock completely, kissing and licking up his chest to his mouth. She stood slowly, backing away from the bedside. Swaying to a song that seemed to be playing only in her head, she danced around him. Her erotic moves were accompanied by her gradual disrobing. Damien’s mouth watered as her bountiful breasts came into view, their small nipples standing firmly erect. She turned around and bent over, raising her skirt up ever so slowly, showing off her tight, round ass. Dancing on around the bed, she slowly stripped off her skirt and approached him, totally naked. Her cock was hard, bobbing as she danced. She approached Damien from above, upside-down. She kissed the top of his head, and his forehead. She kissed his eyes, and his nose. She kissed his mouth, an upside-down mashing together of tongues and lips. His breath grew raspy as his lust built inside.

She crawled lower, dangling her breasts just above his face. He couldn’t resist – he grabbed her and pulled her into his body, kissing and licking the valley between them. Bringing his hands back around front he cupped their heaviness, pulling one to his lips to suckle on. Rebecca gasped as he bit down gently. Drawing the sensitive skin back out from between his teeth, he scraped across the nipple gently. Giggling softly, Rebecca resumed her downward travel, licking Damien’s belly button. He felt her tongue brushing through his wiry pubic hair, and then across the base of his inflamed manhood. He felt her raise up a bit and just as she took his cock back into her mouth, Damien felt a hot touch on his cheek. It was Rebecca’s cock, long-neglected, and it seemed like it was on a quest to find its own enjoyment! Damien shifted his position slightly, just enough to allow him the freedom to take this wayward penis into his own mouth. Rebecca moaned loudly, the vibrations causing a stir in Damien’s loins. He knew that if she kept that up he wouldn’t last much longer!

He concentrated as much as he could on her cock, licking it and sucking it. He found he could easily reach her balls, and gave them the attention they deserved. The two lovers became a stationary ballet of synchronized thrusting and moaning. As Rebecca attacked Damien’s cock with full force, Damien sucked fiercely. Rebecca was in such frenzy she was pumping her hips; he sucked as best he could, and let her fuck him in his mouth as it were a hot, sexy pussy. He felt his own orgasm rising up. Her mouth seemed to be everywhere – at first sucking him, then licking his balls as she pumped his hard cock, then back to engulf him. He felt her hands stroking him, and caressing his cum-filled balls.

Her fingers were slick with saliva, and even as she fucked his eager mouth, she probed his backside. He groaned when he felt her first finger pressing against his tight butthole. Slippery with saliva, her slim finger penetrated easily. She began slowly finger-fucking his ass as he thrashed beneath her. When she thought he was ready, she took his cock deep down her throat, and eased another finger into his ass. He was going out of his mind – the sensations he had never felt before were all so surprisingly complex and wonderful. Having a hard cock in his mouth, while being ass-fucked and his dick sucked caused his brain to become all tangled up inside. He couldn’t stop moaning. He was entirely in Rebecca’s control. Even she was so turned on by the obvious pleasure he was experiencing that she could barely restrain herself from shooting her second load of cum down Damien’s willing throat.

Rebecca tried to pace herself, coordinating the thrusting of her slim hips with the speed of her mouth on Damien’s cock and the rate at which she was fingering his taut butt, but she couldn’t. Damien was doing his best to fuck her mouth, and she felt her own cum begin to rise. Her moans joined his as they became a perfect union of yin and yang. Damien felt Rebecca’s cock grow larger and harder, and this caused his arousal to grow as well. The butterfly tingles in his cock armed themselves with sledgehammers and started beating on his insides, demanding to be let out. Glistening with sweat, Damien felt his balls contracting. His muscles tightened. His mouth sucked down harder on Rebecca’s cock, and the cum that he had been holding in for too long surged forth.

Rebecca felt the contractions that signaled his orgasm – she jammed her fingers up his ass as far as she could, trying to reach his prostate. When the first shot of his sperm launched into her mouth, she felt so good, so proud of herself that her own orgasm began in earnest. Damien and Rebecca’s hard bodies both convulsed, and both stiff cocks jetted hot cum into willing, sucking mouths. They lost themselves in the rush of liquid, the thrusting of cocks into mouths, and the blind desire for satisfaction. Slowly the contractions tapered off, and became more gentle. Damien had found himself instinctively swallowing Rebecca’s tasty cum, while Rebecca did her best to contain the river that had exploded from his pent-up balls. He was breathing like he had just wrestled a bear, so she rolled off to one side, keeping her mouth on him, licking up the remnants of cum that had escaped her suction earlier. She lapped at his balls, and slowly pulled her fingers out of his anus, causing him to moan at the loss. She laid her head down on his thigh, peering up at his face.

A not-so-small amount of trepidation still played with her fears. She knew how guys were - who better? She knew that once a guy had cum, a lot of the time he had no more use for a girl. She waited patiently, watching his face – ready for things to go either way. She hoped Damien wouldn’t turn out like so many other guys, but… Well, it wouldn’t be the first time a guy had blown her off as soon as she had sucked him off.

His eyes fluttered. “Mmmmmmm…” he sighed. He opened his eyes and looked deeply into hers. He sat up and reached for her, running his fingers through her hair. Once again, anxious tears pricked at the corners of Rebecca’s eyes, making her blink rapidly. Damien took her face gently in his hands, and pulled her to him. Softly, he kissed her. No kiss of lustful passion this time, but a longer-lasting joining of lips. This kiss had passion in it, yes, but it was more than that. It contained desire, and kindness, and joy. It was way too early to call it love, but… Rebecca was happy with that. She launched herself into his arms, straddling his legs and pulling him in close as if she could squeeze his soul into her heart.

“Mmmm… I’m thirsty,” Damien said. “Anything to drink in this den of debauchery?”

“I have ice,” Rebecca answered, “And there’s water in the sink.”

“Water?” Damien asked in a shocked tone. “I said something to drink, not something to bathe in!”

Rebecca giggled. “Well, there’s a bunch of vending machines down the hall. You could always go and buy us something.”

“Awwww…” he replied. “That would mean I would have to get dressed, and…” he kissed the side of her neck, “leave (he kissed her again) you… (kiss) alone (kiss) here (kiss) all (kiss) naked…”

“Mmmmm….” Rebecca sighed. “No, I’ve decided. You’re not allowed to get dressed. I want to keep you totally naked. All naked. All mine.”

She giggled again, only this time there was a slightly naughty tone to her merriment. “I know what…” she proposed. “C’mon.” She stood up, and grabbed Damien by the hand. She pulled him toward the door, pausing only to get her room key and purse off the dresser.

As they reached the door, Damien paused, laughing. “This is totally crazy, you do realize that don’t you?”

“Well,” she answered, giggling delightedly. “You didn’t think I was totally sane, did you?” Laughing, she opened the door, peered out both ways, and pulled him unresisting into the hallway…

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