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Just another afternoon in paradise
The hotel room is hot, even a little sticky, just another afternoon in paradise. My head leans back on the thick pillow, my eyes looking at your wet glistening pussy just a few inches away. My chin rises and my tongue flicks a few times at the swollen nub rising out from just below your folds. You’re breathing heavily; steadying your tanned thighs spread above my warm face and arching your back to push the slit of your pussy back towards me. You’ve never done this before but you’re very excited and your slightly open sex is exuding its primal female essence from deep inside you.

My cock is as hard as it can get, your warm lips wrapped around the sensitive ring around its head, slowly and gently rubbing it up and down. Your tongue is licking back and forth, ever so slowly, across the small opening at the tip. It feels like heaven and a pleasant tightness is growing at the base. Your tongue slows down as I feel a warmth deep inside along its entire length, and you taste the pre-cum that is slowly oozing out of me. You arch your body and push your pussy back again.

My hands hold on to your butt cheeks, my thumbs inside your thighs along the moist creases that meet the wetter skin on both sides of you pussy. I gently pull them apart and you folds open wider to my sight. Your pussy is all engorged, pinkish and swollen looking, and coated in a thick slick wetness. I gently pull it more open so that deep inside I can see your lighter colored cervix with its own little opening. You moan, arch again and push your butt back towards my mouth in need of some relief, urging me on to start licking you there. You really love this.

Your mouth is more insistent on my erect cock now, firmly rubbing and licking all around its head as I feel a hand holding and squeezing the base of it. You want to make me come in your mouth but it’s not time yet. I squeeze the muscles around the base of my cock to keep things under control, but I also feel the pressure building up much lower towards my anus. One hand is now stroking my balls, knowing that it will increase the volume of cum that will eventually have to come shooting out of my cock. I wonder if you will swallow my cum just as I will have to lap and eat your juices.

Your hot pussy is now covering my mouth completely as I breathe through my nose. Your scent is so intense that it penetrates deep into my brain, arousing me like only it can do as I feel even more tension building at the root of my cock. I lick, and lick, and lick, as your juices soak my lower face. My mouth and your pussy are one, and my tongue reaches deep inside trying to fuck it, even though I know I need something else for that. I move my chin down so my tongue can caress your clitoris instead and you tense up, quiver and moan in carnal pleasure.

My cock is ready to explode but I’m still intent on holding back until I sense the beginning of your own release. Your hand is wet from your saliva rubbing it up and down, making it feel bigger as the thick veins along it sides swell even further. I know I can’t last that much longer, and my tongue is now madly twirling all around you clitoris trying to get you off before I lose control. Your butt, it moves rhythmically with my tongue, alternately pressing your clitoris against it and then away to relieve some of the tension. Your sexual juices are sliding down my chin, and dripping on my chest.

Your pussy is so open now, and your legs spread themselves even further while I continue to hold you butt wide open with my hands. Most of my face is covered in your juices and your sex is all I can smell, all I can see, all I can taste, and all I can feel. My cock is throbbing, but I continue to hold back by squeezing its base with all my strength even as I feel you lapping up more pre-cum from its tip. Somehow I have to get you to come with me so I take one of my hands and coat my fingers with the wet slickness from your pussy.

Your ass is moving involuntarily to my tongue, to my mouth, to my fingers, and I can tell you are getting very close. You need it now it as much as I do. I plunge my tongue deep inside again and feel even more heat and wetness than before. I pull away and rub my slick fingers slowly upwards along your open slit towards your anus. You buck your ass downwards, bracing yourself, as if expecting me or begging me to touch you there so that you can finally release and get off on your little anal secret.

Your tongue is madly rubbing the head of my cock, all around, over the tip and back along the swollen ring that can barely fit inside the opening of your mouth. You are fucking me with your mouth as my hips meet every movement you make. The sexual tension is unbearable and the base of my cock is beginning to numb from the pressure. Quickly, I move my slick finger over your anus, and push it slowly inside as I feel your entire body react to my intrusive anal touch.

You gasp and buck downwards again, pushing your now wide-open pussy hard on my mouth. I plunge my tongue deep inside your pussy again, which now feels like liquid heat, while continuing to insert my finger deeper in your ass, and then I feel it. Spasms around my finger and then gradually quivering through your pussy around my tongue, and now I can finally let go too. Within a second, I feel the tightness and then the numbness rising up the shaft of my cock as your mouth pulls away to catch a breath from the intensity of your orgasm.

Your pussy is still fucking my mouth, uncontrollably, and I can feel more spasms around my finger and tongue as you moan and gasp in complete abandon. I close my eyes to focus on my own release as my cock starts pulsating and then I vaguely feel your mouth closing around it again as jets and then spurts of my cum shoot and then ooze out of my cock deep into your waiting mouth. I am in heaven as you relax your soaked pussy over my lower face, your mouth sucking and draining the last of drop of cum from my softening cock.

We lie there, not moving, catching our breath, mouths to sex, our sexual juices still oozing and dripping, slowly recovering from our momentary bliss with our hands caressing our legs. I wonder if you love sixty-nine as much as I do.

“That was amazing,” you say to me breathlessly.

“Thank you, it was for me too,” I reply, smiling and relaxing.

And to think I only met her yesterday, another sweet young thing at the bar looking for someone to seduce her in paradise. My cock is already stirring again as I imagine how great it will be to fuck you.

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