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Snake Charmer

Mark had no idea how dirty his secretary was. She deserves a raise, he thought with a sly smile.
Sitting back in his chair, Mark looked out the window of his office and watched as the last bits of the daylight retreated behind the Rocky Mountains in the far distance. It was a magnificent view and was a constant reminder of how far he had come from the streets of Denver.

Mark has one more task to wrap up before leaving for the weekend. He calls his secretary into his office to take dictation for a retainer agreement that needs to be sent to a new client. Marissa, his secretary, promptly jumps up from her chair and walks the 15 paces from her desk off to the side of her boss's office. He hears her clicking heels on the marble floor as she approaches, then the clicking is muffled as she reaches the entrance into his office which is covered in a plush neutral grey carpet.

She pauses at the entryway, holding a legal pad, and waits for him to acknowledge her. He looks up and motions with his head that she is allowed in. Ever the polite lady, she strides in wearing a long black tight pencil skirt with black stockings and glossy black high heels. She has a long sleeve cream blouse with feminine ruffles down the front meant to hide her breasts. She is, however, wearing a black bra that reveals the outline of her bust under the blouse.

He wonders if she purposely wore such stark contrasting color bra underneath, or she perhaps was in a rush this morning and did not think about. He continues to inspect Marissa and notices she is also wearing a pearl necklace, no doubt meant to down play her natural sexiness. She has her long blond hair tied back in a loose bun high on her head. This enhances her incredible cheek bones and Mark wonders why he did not notice how stunning she was before.

Some stray hairs fall across her face, and he continues his gaze. He observes her long black eye lashes which are matched by her equally long legs. She is wearing pink lip gloss and just a hint of peach blush. Or perhaps that is just her natural coloring, he wonders.

After entering Mark's office, Marissa turns around to shut the door, revealing a pretty bow at the top of her skirt. The long ribbons draws his eyes to her curvy behind, and his gaze stays there long enough for her to turn around catch him. His eyes dart away, and she blushes slightly.

She gently sits down in one of the executive lounge chairs directly in front of him with a notepad and pencil in hand. She crosses her legs and adjusts her skirt that has slightly hiked up. He notes the modest slit on the side of her skirt, and he suddenly longs for that fabric to weaken and rip and free her flesh for his viewing pleasure.

Marissa clears her throat nervously and asks if he is ready. Mark looks up and meets her gaze and again has a slight feeling of shame for being caught lingering. He is slightly angered by this feeling since he is, after all, her boss and is used to being the one to make people squirm. He is a successful and sought after litigator with an impeccable ivy league education. He is always in control and never, ever, feels anything except confident and in control around his colleagues and most definitely around the weaker sex.

Mark admits to himself that he has always had a slight crush on his secretary, but with all the women in the world and he being a good looking, successful 45 year old man, a beautiful women is a dime a dozen.

Mark begins the dictation….

Marissa tilts her head down at the legal pad to focus on transcribing.

This does conveniently allow him to watch her while she is focused on writing. She is looking intensely at her notepad and scribbling away. The stray hairs dangle close to her lips, and he watches closely to see if they will become caught in the lip gloss, like a fly in a web. She licks her lips, and he is instantly aroused. Her lips are now pressed together and look amazingly full. He continues reciting, although it doesn't matter anymore what he is saying as long as he can continue to watch her. She tucks the stray hairs behind her ears revealing matching pearl earrings and pink nail polish. Damn, this girl is ultra feminine . He wonders if she is wearing lacy pink underwear.

Oh Jesus! Now he is feeling twitching in his pants.

This is ridiculous, Mark thinks. It's like he is back in junior high. He pauses his recitation to grit his teeth and sigh. She looks up at him with her blue eyes waiting for his next words. He locks his eyes with her and waits for her to flinch. Its like a contest and he wants to see her look away first, but she doesn't. She licks her lips again without looking away. His dick is starting to becoming really hard, and he imagines what she is thinking about when she licks her lips. She is thirsty for something, perhaps?

Fuck it.

"Come here," Mark says. He is not sure if she will come to him or not, but he takes the risk anyway.

At this point, he is clearly thinking with his dick, and that can't be a good thing. She immediately stands up and walks around the desk and sits on the edge, now facing him with her legs angled towards him.

Marissa says, "Go ahead... I am ready," and looks down at her legal pad without missing a beat. It was very robot like, the way she followed his orders.

Mark continues his recitation and sits back in his chair. A little bit relieved she didn't misconstrue his bold command. She looks him over and before returning to her notepad there is a slight recognition in her face that she can see he is aroused.

'That had to make her a little wet,' Mark thinks.

To have the power to elicit a sexual response from a man is a big turn on for a woman. He had been with enough women to know that. As if reading his mind, she shifts her position on the desk. Her skirt hikes up a little, and this time she does not reposition it. She glances at him to make sure he has noticed her garter belt slightly visible through the side slit in her skirt. He continues reciting, but it is getting hard to concentrate. She uncrosses her legs and does not recross them. Her body language is undeniable. She want to be closer to him.

Marissa leans back and places her free hand behind her so she can scoot across the desk slowly purposely and seductively towards him.

At this point he is probably just babbling nonsense so he stops talking.

She gently pushes his legs apart and places her glossy high heels on his knees. She continues to hold the notebook and pencil and is looking up at him innocently, waiting for him continue his recitation.

He starts up again, only because he is so hard right now that he will do whatever the fuck she wants.

She begins writing in the legal pad again and Mark leans forward to touch her. He starts at her high heels. She stops writing and freezes.

He traces her foot with his ring finger. She lets out a small sigh. He slowly touches her ankle and notes how small they are. He wraps a hand around each of her ankles and keeping his hand clasped, he slowly moves both hands up her leg. He has ceased talking. He feels light headed as both hands continue their ascent clasped around each leg. Perhaps all the blood rushing to his dick is causing him to feel dizzy.

Marissa puts the legal pad down for the final time, slowly looks up at him lustfully and opens her legs more. Her lips have swelled slightly due to the arousal she feels from him touching her. He knows that her vaginal lips will match her lusty mouth.

They lock eyes again and he sits up, releases both hands from where they had migrated too on her thighs and pulls her head toward his. They kiss, and it is the moistest kiss. He feels how warm, soft and wet her kiss is, and he knows that that mouth is going to be on his dick soon.

His hands return to her thighs and expertly touches her skin after passing the top of the garter belt. She lets out a soft moan that leaves no doubt in his mind that she is ready.

By this point, Mark's migrating hands have reached her underwear and caresses the outside. He can feel her panties are soaked, and at that moment it takes all his will power to not ejaculate from the heat he feels from between her legs.

Leaving his left hand on her thigh, he reaches his pointer finger underneath her panties and touches her labia. She shudders slightly and tilts her head back.

Now he slips two more fingers inside her and she moans again. He plays with her pussy for a couple minutes then pulls his fingers out and moves them slowly towards her mouth. She opens her mouth gratefully and sucks her own pussy juices off his fingers.

Marissa suddenly sits up and slides off the desk and onto the floor where she kneels gracefully with her hands in her lap and her head down in a submissive pose. Mark leans forward from his chair, gently lifts her chin so their eyes meet.

Her beautiful blue eyes begin to swell up with tears while waiting for Mark to give her his permission. His permission to have her use her mouth on his throbbing cock.

"Do it," Mark says tersely.

She unbuttons and unzips his trousers very slowly and seductively with her long pretty pink nails. She pulls his cock out and in the reflection of the sunset in the window, he catches a glimmer of moisture at the corners of her mouth.

He grabs his cock away from her to watch her reaction. She looks positively sad, like a little girl who has had her doll taken away. He places his cock back into her hands and watches with amusement as her expression lightens up and, she grins up at him gratefully.

Holding his member in her right hand, she lets down her hair with her left. Her blond hair falls in wisps and tendrils around her lovely face and shoulders.

She tenderly and lovingly kisses his cock. She licks the pre-cum off the tip with a smile on her face as she looks up at him for approval, all the while still knelt in front of him.

It is like a reward for her. She traces his throbbing cock with her long pink tongue. She uses her other hand to reach under her skirt and play with herself, but not before watching him for his approval or disapproval. He smiles at her and she knows he is allowing her to share in the pleasure.

Mark had no idea how dirty his secretary was. She deserves a raise, he thought with a sly smile.

Finally, after swirling her tongue gently across the ultra sensitive head of his cock, she shoves him in completely into her mouth using her right hand. Now it's his turn to shudder. For every long suck she takes from his cock she is thrusting three fingers from her free hand inside her pussy. He tilts his head back and moans and her tongue darts and circles up and down his shaft. She takes her fingers out of her swollen cunt and uses her fingers to massage and cups his balls. He can feel how soaked her fingers are on his balls.

That's it, he cannot hold out any longer and is ready to explode.

He picks her up off the floor and sits her on the edge of the desk. He pushes her skirt up roughly paying no attention to the tearing fabric.

He feels a tingle on his cock as the moisture from her saliva, still on his cock and dripping towards the floor, reacts with the cool air in his office. He reaches between her legs and rips those fucking panties off. A women like her should never, ever wear panties he thinks, wickedly.

She unbuttons her blouse to reveal a demi-cup bra made of black lace over cream fabric, that generously pushes up her D-Cup breasts. Her chest is rising and falling fast with anticipation.

His eyes are transfixed on her breasts, as he again pushes his fingers inside her. She moans, and her back arches, moving her hips forward to force his hand deeper in her. He begins to finger fuck her, and she reacts to this intense pleasure by tightening her cervix around his fingers, as if to keep them captive in her cunt.

He thinks blissfully about how he is control now, not her. He is going to make her wish she never came into work today.

Marissa reaches behind to unfastened her bra so that her breasts are loose. He knows she wants him to watch them bounce when he fucks her. That's a good slut, he thinks.

He pulls his fingers out of her wet pussy and uses her secretions to lube his cock. He stands up out of his chair, pulls her pussy towards him by grabbing her hips and shoves his cock in her. They both let out a pleasurable exhale. This feeling is so good on his cock that he cannot believe it. He pushes her legs up and her thighs back and starts pulling his cock in and out of her. Her eyes are locked to his with complete and total submission.

His thrusts become poundings, and her head snaps back, as she arches her back even more with her long blond hair flowing behind her. Her pearl earrings, once dangling so properly, are now swaying roughly to match each of his thrusts.

He has one hand on her breast now and the other hand on the desk to brace himself and simultaneously keep one of her legs up in the air. He continues to pound her.

They lock eyes again as they both feel the climax building. He asks, "Where do you want it?"

"In my mouth," Marissa begs.

Mark pumps her some more as he closes in on his climax.

Marissa begins to whimper as she too is approaching climax. He knows she is loving his cock and the way he thrusts in and out of her. He squeezes her nipples with his hands to remind her that he is in control. He pumps her faster, and his moans let her know that he is close.

He pulls out of her, reaches for that pretty blond hair and forces her mouth on him.

He pumps her mouth until he explodes and she is moaning and sucking everything he has for her. She is rubbing her clit frantically as she comes with him.

They are drenched in sweat and their hearts are racing. She releases his cock from her mouth and swallows his sperm with a look of pride.

She licks her lips a final time to catch any of his remnant cum. She stands up and straightens her skirt, buttons up her blouse and ties back her hair.

"Will their be anything else sir?" she says with a grin.

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