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Snowball from my BFF

Gibson gets a blowjob from his wife's BFF, Jessica, who shares her reward with Kelly.
It’s been a while since I’ve written anything erotic, butafter last night’s hot encounter I felt inspired. For those that haven’t read about our other experiences, I’m Kelly, and my husband is Gibson. We’re swingers!

Recently, I started stripping at a local club. Why? Let’s just say than since I love the attention I get when I show off my 5’7” tight body with 34DD’s, I decided that I might as well get paid to do it. Even at 31, I’ve still got it over those lazy college girls with the muffin tops because they don’t eat right or work out consistently. The downside to stripping is that Gibson and I work nearly opposite schedules. It makes it harder for us to get intimate time alone, so we often just settle for a quickie when he gets home from work while I am getting ready to leave for the club.

Don’t get me wrong, the quickie bent over the bathroom sink is very satisfying. I love watching ourselves in the mirror, and Gibson gets a thrill out of seeing the gasp on my face when he pulls my hair from behind as he pumps his cum deep inside me. Then I have the extra thrill of his thick cum soaking my thong all night long. The customers think they are the reason my panties are moist. I just smile knowing that I’m rubbing my stud husband’s cum on them while they pay for it! (But that’s another story!)

Sometimes Gibson works late which means we miss our chance for a quickie before I leave. I know it frustrates him when we literally pass each other in the street heading in opposite directions. Yesterday, I was running the hot water for the tub to get ready for work, and I knew if Gibson got home right when I got out of the tub, we would have time for a quick romp. However, my bff Jessica was in the bathroom with me. We had been hanging out all day, and she was still there keeping me company as I was getting ready. I enjoy having her around so much, that I didn’t want to rush her off just for a quickie with Gibson.

Jessica is a few years older than me with an insatiable sexual appetite. She has struggled to lose all the weight from her last child; but she manages to be sexy anyway. Her attitude, style, and huge tits make her a thrill to be with even if she doesn’t have a stripper’s body. Lately, we’ve been hanging out more often. She hasn’t been getting the action she wants from her husband, and I think she likes hearing about our sex life and escapades to give her fantasy masturbation material.

Jessica was sitting on the floor by the tub telling me that she needs a new sex toy having nearly worn her current one out. She said she wanted to upgrade from a bullet vibe to a vibrating dildo so she could also have something to stick in her mouth when she is fingering herself. I was going through my bathing routine while she was talking, and I noticed that she was unconsciously rubbing her nipples through her blouse.

I stopped her mid-sentence and said, “Jessica, do you realize that you are rubbing your nipples while you are talking to me?”

She blushed looking down at the floor, “Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed. I’m just so damn horny right now. If I don’t get some hot action soon, I am going to go crazy!”

I giggled to lighten the mood. “Don’t be embarrassed. I’m sure you will get some hot action soon.”

Then, as if on cue, Gibson strolled into the bathroom. We both looked at him and laughed… but the laughter was just to hide the sexual tension for Jessica. She was still flush from our conversation, and her nipples were visibly erect poking against the fabric of her blouse. I don’t think Gibson noticed, and it really didn’t change what happened next.

As Gibby bent over the tub so I could give him a welcome home kiss, he gave Jessica a casual hello greeting. Then he stood between us looking back and forth. “Hmmm, so which one of you is going to give me a welcome home blowjob today?”

It was one of those half serious/half joking comments. He played it confidently but with a bit of playfulness as he kept looking back and forth at us with a sly smile. I looked over at Jessica and noticed a very wanton look on her face. I could tell she was asking me something with her eyes… asking for permission to take Gibson up on his request. I gave a slight nod, and that was all the encouragement she needed.

“I’ll take care of you, stud.” The words took Gibson by surprise, just as much as the Jessica’s quick motion to a kneeling position in front of him. Jessica wasted no time getting his pants down as if she wanted to get going before either of them changed their minds.

A bulge was quickly growing in Gibby’s boxer briefs as he stood there with his pants around his ankles. Jessica pulled his shorts down, gradually exposing his magnificent cock. And I had a front row seat for the show!

Once she had his shorts down, she started suckling his heavy balls while she fondled his shaft. She was looking up, but not into Gibby’s eyes. She was gazing at the large curved barbell in his Prince Albert piercing. I guess she always wondered about it from all the stories I’ve shared with her, and the excitement on her face was obvious. She continued to suck and lick his shaved sack until she had worked him to a full erection with her hand. Then she knelt higher to kiss and lick his piercing. I could see the pre-cum glistening on the end of his cock, and she delighted in licking it off his stainless-steel barbell.

Gibson was enjoying the show himself. I loved the eager attention he was getting from Jessica, and I know he likes to see the way I smile when I watch him getting pleasured by someone else. “Damn Kelly, you should have your friend over more often! Maybe she can be around on those days we miss each other because I work late?” he said with a chuckle.

Smiling, I replied with a wink, “You WOULD like that, wouldn’t you?”

Jessica started working aggressively now, with her mouth around his cockhead, I could tell she was using her tongue to vibrate his jewelry against the nerve on the underside of his glans. She had her left hand on the base of his shaft and digging the nails of her right hand into his ass cheek.

I could see the movement in his balls signaling that the semen was building. It seemed to be happening quicker than usual for Gibson. It must have been the raw, animal lust of the moment. As Gibson’s breathing grew more rapid, Jessica worked her mouth up and down over his shaft, fucking him with her mouth, deep throating him on the down stroke. The pace grew furious, and she was determined to have him blast his hot load into her mouth.

“Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Suck it, Jessica!” Gibson seemed unable to say much else. He grabbed a handful of her hair with both hands, while she kept up the rapid oral assault on his cock. “I’m cummmmminggg!! Ahhhh”

Jessica held the end of his cock in his lips as he pumped thick cum into her mouth. She was squeezing every drop out of his cock with her left hand and fondling his pulsating balls with her right. Gibson let out a big breath of release as Jessica pulled away with a mouthful of cum.

Before she could swallow, I blurted playfully to Jessica, “You better share my stud’s cum with me, bitch! Or you’ll never get a chance to feel that Prince Albert in your pussy!”

Jessica scooted over to the side of the tub next to me, careful not to swallow the precious nectar. We leaned into each other, so she could give me a sexy snowball kiss, sharing Gibson’s cum with me using her tongue. It tasted even better coming out of her mouth!

Gibson just smiled as he left the bathroom for me to finish getting ready, knowing that next time he comes home to find us both that he ask who is going to give him a welcome home fuck!

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