Something For Him

By Echo88

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Tags: oral sex, teasing, surprise

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I know this is short but it was a request written under a very short deadline... may add more later

Rising from the sofa without a word I move to the door and click the lock in place as you watch me from your seat. Turning off the main light I walk to were you sit and stop. Positioning my self in front of you I look down at you on the couch wondering if you have figured out my secret but your face gives nothing away. Leaning over I make sure you have a clear view down my shirt as I flip on the soft light of the table lamp. Lingering for a moment I feel your warm breath on my breasts sending a shiver down my spine before straightening again.

“I have a surprise for you.” I state simply.

Turning to face away I reach down grip the waist of my skirt pushing it down slowly to fall to the floor revealing my bare ass. Stepping out of the puddle my skirt has created on the floor I slip off my shirt freeing my bare breasts. Turning back to show you my freshly shaven pussy I see a pleased look in your eyes. My boldness always seems to please you. Slipping a finger between my already soaked folds I bring it to the light.

"Look how wet I am for you." my voice husky with need.

Bringing my hand back I rub my clit for a moment before sliding a single finger into my pussy as you watch. Dropping slowly to my knees my free hand finds the budge in your jeans. Dragging my nails across the fabric I stop rubbing myself and undo your jeans so I can free your hardening cock. Looking up I stroke your shaft with one hand while I tease the tip with my tongue. Moving to massage your balls I slide my mouth down to your base, moaning as your hand squeezes my breast. Gliding my mouth along your hard shaft I hear your breathing quicken as your hand drops away. Increasing my pace I drop my hand and slip a finger into my pussy matching therhythm of my mouth. With every moan that escapes my lips I feel your legs tremble slightly.

"Cum while you suck me." you growl.

Looking up I see a dark hunger in your eyes as you watch me. Quickening my pace I continue to suck your cock while my fingers begin to move faster. I feel a familiar tension building and know I am close to cuming, you seem to sense it as well and reach down pinching my nipple. That simple action sends me over the edge, moaning around your cock as I soak my hand. Waves of pleasure course over me as your hand grabs a fistful of my hair taking control,pushing my head down so your hot cum slides down my throat. Sliding up your length slowly I suck you clean before starting a slow rhythm, this night is far from over. With your cock hard once again I let it slip free of my lips and stand.

“I can think of somewhere else for your cock to fill.”

Turning away I lean forward bracing my hands on the coffee table. Spreading my legs wider I glance back at you, watching as you lean forward on the couch. My eyes flutter closed as I feel your hands sliding up my. Shaking withanticipation I can't help but wonder what you will do to me.