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Something New

Something new for my girl and me.
My girl and I have finished dinner at our favorite restaurant, and I've just signed for the bill. It is getting late, but the place is still humming with conversation and laughter. The wine is long gone, and we feel its lazy, giddy buzz as we talk. I sip my digestif as I watch her face, and I am amazed that this beautiful, trusting woman across the table has given herself to me. I could ask her to do anything, and she would get wet at the thought of pleasing me. I remember we had talked a few times about being sexual in a public place, and the idea seemed exciting to us both. Still, that was some time ago, and I had let the idea sit mostly unexplored. In a flash I decide to make something new happen tonight.

I lean forward and say to her, “I want you to do something for me, baby… something a little risqué.”

I see her eyes shine and her lips part. She reaches for my hand, gives it a gentle squeeze, and says, “I’ll do anything for you, Darling, you know that.”

I do know, and I feel the familiar rush of excitement and arousal. I say, “I want you to go to the ladies room and wait for me there. I want you on your knees in a stall, facing the toilet, with your wrists crossed behind your back. I want your breasts out of your dress. Do you understand what I want, pet?”

She licks her lips and nods.

I say, “Go on, then. I’ll be there before long.” She takes a deep breath. With the hint of a grin on her lips she stands, places her napkin on the table, and walks toward the back of the restaurant.

I enjoy my drink and watch the faces at the other tables for several minutes. One woman’s face is frozen in desperate laughter. One man listens intently to something serious his companion is saying. Several people are clearly bored. At one table near the window a man and woman are holding hands and smiling genuinely. Under the table she rubs the top of her foot along his calf as they talk. I see him gesture toward the door and they leave arm-in-arm. I smile, down the last of my drink, and get up to find my girl.

The bathroom is quiet and empty. A few stalls run the length of one wall, opposite a counter and a mirrored wall. I walk slowly past the first stalls, pushing the doors open hard to make sure we’re alone, but also to let my kitten know I’m here. I reach the last stall, and ease the door open. I find my good little girl on her knees, facing away from me, with her wrists crossed behind her, just as I asked. Her dress is unzipped in the back and the straps are pulled off her shoulders. I move around to stand in front of her, and I see that she’s pulled her breasts over the cups of her lacy bra.

“Good girl,” I say. She turns and reaches to close the stall door, but I reach out my arm to hold it in place. “It stays open,” I say.

She puts her hands back and waits for me.

I unzip my pants and free myself. I say, “Open your mouth, baby.”

Her pink mouth looks so inviting, and I groan a little as I set my cock on her soft tongue. She closes her lips around me and gives me her head. Her lips are plump, and I’m sent a little closer to heaven every time they press against me. I feel her tongue, loving and busy against me, and I clench my fist in her hair as I inch closer to a powerful orgasm.

As I’m about to lose myself in my girl’s affection, the noise of the restaurant suddenly imposes on our quiet interlude as the main door to the bathroom opens. We hear someone come in, and then the noise fades as the door swings closed. My girl startles, but I give her a stern look and hold her head to keep her still and exactly where I put her. I lean forward a little to see who has entered, and in the mirror I see a woman checking her makeup and reapplying her lipstick.

I stand straight and start to move my girl’s head on my cock slowly. It doesn’t take long before she is enjoying herself again, and she makes a long “mmm” sound. I wonder whether she knows she’s making noise, and then I smile because I know it doesn't matter. I love the sounds she makes. We both hear slowly-clicking heels on the tile growing louder as the stranger walks toward our stall. I tell my girl quietly, “Don’t you dare stop, no matter what happens. Do you understand?” She nods, and I move my hands to my sides.

The clicking heels stop just outside the stall adjacent to ours, and for a few delicious moments the only thing moving is my dutiful pet on her knees. The stranger’s head appears gradually in the open door of the stall. She gasps, and then quickly pulls her head back. I look down and see that my girl has her eyes closed, and she is blushing. She is so beautiful when her skin is flushed. I touch her cheek and say, “Very good, baby.”

After a few moments the stranger’s head reappears. As she watches my girl and me I see her expression change from surprise to shameful curiosity. I gesture with my head for her to come forward. She tentatively moves through the open doorway for a closer look. I see her eyes focused on my cock slowly sliding in and out of my girl’s mouth. The stranger has her fingernail between her teeth, and she shifts back and forth on her feet, clearly growing more aroused. I catch the stranger's eyes and say, “Help my pet finish her task.”

The woman looks unsure, but I keep my gaze on her and wait as I enjoy the slurping and sucking sounds coming from below.

The stranger wrestles with her decision, but eventually hikes her dress a little and settles on her knees behind my girl, straddling my girl’s legs with her own. Feeling the stranger’s legs against hers, my girl’s eyes open wide. She tries to turn her head, but I reach and hold her head firmly toward me. Her eyes turn to the side as she sees the stranger’s hand reach past to grip the base of my cock. The stranger starts stroking slowly, moving in time with my girl’s bobbing head.

The stranger puts her other hand gently on my girl’s bare shoulder and leans forward to whisper behind her ear, “You look amazing. Do you want his cum?”

I see a tear fall down my girl’s cheek as she continues pleasuring me. I wonder whether she is embarrassed, or perhaps jealous. Could she be happy? I know I’m pushing her, and I have to wait only a moment before my beautiful little girl answers around my cock, “mm-hmm.”

As I get closer to orgasm I look down and see the stranger staring, intoxicated by the scene before her. She has one hand under her own dress, fingering her pussy while her other hand continues to stroke me. While this stranger is focused on her own pleasure as she watches, my baby is looking up at me, her focus on me and my pleasure. I cherish her devotion, and with that thought my orgasm is upon me. I come into her with a long, loud grunt. My breath feels like fire. Our eyes stay locked as I come, and the rest of the world becomes muted and faded. There is only me and my girl sharing this moment.

I don’t know how much time passes. Eventually, the rest of the world comes back into focus. I feel my girl’s mouth still on my cock, wanting nothing but to please me. I see the stranger leaning against the stall wall, breathing hard after bringing herself off. She comes to her senses and looks around her, as if waking from a strange dream. She stands and straightens her dress nervously, clearly embarrassed by what she’s done and where she is. She looks down to see my girl still slowly licking and sucking my cock, eyes closed, wrists still crossed, breasts still exposed, and showing her love for me without shame.

The stranger stammers, “Um… I should be getting back,” and then, with a rapid clattering of her heels on the tile, she’s gone.

After a few moments my girl pulls away gently and sits back on her heels, breathing hard and deep as she looks up at me. I cup her chin and wipe the trail of her tear away with my thumb. I smile and say gently, “That’s my good girl, my brave little girl.”

She smiles back brightly and says, “Thank you.”

I help her to her feet. After she’s adjusted her dress I zip the back and kiss her softly. Her makeup is a bit smeared, and her hair is tousled. “You’re so beautiful,” I tell her. “Let’s go.” I give her my arm and lead her out of the bathroom, past the staring eyes that greet us, and out into the warm arms of the summer night.

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