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Son's mother in law

Peter is seduced by his son's sexy mother in law
A couple of years ago on a brief trip back to the U.K, I decided to call in at my son's house to pay him and his lovely wife a surprise visit,. I knocked at the door and waited and as the door opened I quickly realized that the surprise was all mine. There standing in the doorway in a short flimsy summer dress was Rita, my son's beautiful mother in law. My eyes instinctively scanned the sheer fabric of the dress that did nothing to hide her incredible body beneath.

She was single since separating from her husband a number of years ago and although I had only met Rita on a few occasions, each encounter had made my cock so hard it became uncomfortable. She was flirtatious and sexy and she knew exactly how to hold a man's attention.

“Peter!” she said, in her delicate velvet voice.

“Oh hello” I said “I didn't expect to see you”.

“I'm house sitting for a few days while they're away” she replied. “Come in, come in and you can tell me all about life in France, I'd love to hear about it”. She continued, and she leaned forward to kiss me on both cheeks. As her face neared mine I was suddenly intoxicated by the scent of her freshly showered skin and her light delicate perfume. Almost entranced, I motioned toward the door. She turned to lead me into the house and as she spun around the chiffon dress swayed and skated over perfect ass making my heart start beating faster and stiffening my cock once again. As I followed her toward the kitchen, the sunlight from the kitchen window made the dress completely transparent and suddenly it was as if she was wearing nothing at all.

“Have a seat” she said, as she pulled out a chair from under the table. “Tea or coffee?” she asked.

“Tea please” I responded.

She opened the cupboard door and stood looking at the top shelf.

“ugh” she sighed.

Then she raised one arm above her head trying to reach the tea caddy. In doing so she caused the dress to rise up just enough to offer me an amazing view of ass, wrapped in pink lacy knickers. The view got better with every stretch as she tried to manipulate the tea caddy from the shelf with her fingertips.

“Enjoying the view?” she suddenly asked.

I tore my gaze from her incredible ass to see that she had turned her head and was now looking over her shoulder straight at me.

“Instead of just sitting there looking at my ass, give me a hand” she ordered mischievously .

I couldn't quite believe what I had just heard, I had only met this woman a few times and I was becoming even more turned on by the directness of her tone. Quite taken aback, and blushing, I got to my feet.

“Of course, sorry” I said, and I took the caddy from the shelf for her.

She took it from me and I sat back down while she carried on making the tea. She clearly enjoyed the way that she had captured my complete attention and became noticeably more flirtatious, bending and stretching seemingly unnecessarily as she continued. She picked up the tea caddy and raised both arms to lift it to the shelf, knowing this action would raise her dress even further, giving me a much better view than before. My eyes were drawn like a magnet to her lace wrapped ass, as she seemed to take her time placing the caddy perfectly on the shelf. It was clear that at some point she had pulled her knickers higher to expose more of her cheeks and accentuating the soft mound of her cunt.

Rita dropped her arms and turned around with a beautifully playful smile on her face, a knowing smile that confirmed that she had deliberately put on a show for me, and also revealed how much she had enjoyed it herself. I knew that she too was becoming quite aroused by her behavior, as I couldn't help noticing how prominently her nipples were now poking through the flimsy fabric of her dress, that she pulled quite tightly over her full chest as she readjusted herself. She walked over to the table and sat down at the end, next to me. Suddenly all I could smell was her, and my mind raced to thoughts of how good she might taste and how badly I wanted to fuck her.

She asked me to tell her all about our building project in France and I was only too happy to oblige, thinking that maybe it would stop me thinking about all of things I wanted to do to her. I told her of our building exploits and how hard we had been working and as I spoke she took my left hand in hers and turned it over to reveal the hard skin and blisters that were the result of my labors.

“Real man's hands.” she said, and ran her fingertips over the rough skin of my palm. “I love the rugged feel of a man's hands, they feel safe and protective, It really turns me on.” she unexpectedly continued, looking straight into my eyes.

Not knowing quite how to respond and with my heart trying to beat it's way out of my chest, I just stared into her eyes, a little scared that a bit of innocent flirting was turning into full on seduction. I knew at this moment that I really should retrieve my hand from her's, make my excuses and return to my hotel, but I just couldn't move. Then she drew my hand to her lips and kissed the back of it, still looking into my eyes and with a very naughty smile slowly spreading across her face.

Startled, I broke my gaze and, while trying to fill my mind with thoughts of my beautiful, sexy wife, I rose to my feet.

“Do you need to be going?” She asked in an innocent voice, and with an expression like a disappointed child.

“Yes, I really should” I replied with a lump in my throat. Then I realized that in standing up I had revealed the hard on that I had kept so well concealed while sitting down. Her eyes dropped to my crotch.

“Looks to me like you would much rather be cumming, than going” she quipped. With that, she reached out her hand to stroke my cock through my trousers, her eyes now once again looking straight into mine.

“I really should go” I said.

“You're not going to just leave me here all frustrated now are you? You wanted this from the moment you stepped into the house didn't you? That's why you sat at the table staring at my ass with this fucking great hard on, thinking about sliding it into me, didn't you?”

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My son's very middle class mother in law was speaking to me like a fucking whore.

“The moment I looked over my shoulder at you and saw you staring, I could feel my wetness growing and I decided that I was going to have you.” she brazenly continued.

Then she turned her chair to face me and pulled me toward her by the belt of my trousers, never breaking eye contact. I had never been unfaithful to my wife in 26 years and the fact that this slut was about to make me do it made me quite resentful, but I was helpless to stop her. Rita removed my leather belt and placed it neatly on the table, grinning as she did so, then unzipped my trousers and let them fall to the floor allowing my cock to stand fully erect at last.

“There, that feels much better doesn't it?”

“Yes” I agreed.

She leaned forward in her chair and began to lick the end of my cock, sighing and moaning with lust as she did so. Then she took the head into her mouth and slid her lips all the way down to the base of my shaft, burying all of my stiff cock deep in her throat. She withdrew it all the way then repeated the action over and over becoming faster with each repetition, fucking me with her filthy mouth. This whore felt amazing and I could hear her straining for breath as my hard cock filled her airway. After several minutes she pulled back from my cock, and gasped for breath, she took a few deep breaths with saliva and pre cum dripping from her mouth. My cocksucker then reached for my hands and placed them on the back of her head.

“Will you fuck my face please?” she cooed “Will you,............pleeeeease?”

I guided my cock to her open mouth and began to slowly slide it in and out of her face as she had asked, the sensation of her tongue pressing into the underside of my shaft, made her mouth feel as tight as a teenage cunt and I drove my rod further down her throat. I felt a shattering sense of guilt wash over me as I looked down at my manhood pumping slowly in and out of her face. For 26 years it had only ever been inside my wife, and now here I was, fucking the face of this fucking whore that I hardly knew. Once again I felt resentment at what this fucking bitch had made me do and I grasped two handfuls of her hair tightly in my hands. She let out a loud moan as her hair pulled tightly against her scalp and I knew my actions had only heightened her slutty lust. I could hear her gag as I fucked her face faster and harder trying to punish her for her actions, then, almost in sympathy I pulled her head back by her hair until my cock was free from her mouth.

“No no” she whimpered as she strained to reach my cock with her mouth, but I held her hair too tightly and pulled her head back, teasing her a little. Rita looked up at me with a sultry grin on her face and let out an evil laugh.

“Fuck my face you cheating bastard” she ordered.

Wracked with guilt, I plunged my cock back into her mouth and soon resumed my rhythm, my thrusts becoming harder and harder. I couldn't stop myself now, I was going to fuck her slutty mouth until her throat was filled with my cum. The harder I fucked, the louder she moaned, she was unbelievable and I found my lust for this woman was growing uncontrolably. As I continued to pump in and out of her beautiful face I watched her right hand slip down to her soaking wet knickers and she started to rub herself through the lacy pink fabric, while her left hand pinched hard on her bullet like nipples. As the tension in her body grew, she slid her right hand up to her belly, then back down inside the pink lace and slid two fingers inside her sopping cunt. Rita fucked herself roughly with her fingers as I carried on fucking her moaning mouth. I let go of her hair with one hand and lowered it down to her glorious tits, taking her right nipple between my fingers through her flimsy dress. I squeezed it hard and as I did, she withdrew her fingers from her cunt and slid it up to her clitoris, nipping her clit between the first knuckles. She screwed her eyes up and tried to scream as best she could with all of my cock in her mouth, as she shuddered to a crippling orgasm in her chair. The whole thing was too much for me be bear and I felt a sudden surge through my loins. Involuntarily I bucked my hips forward and flooded her throat with cum, releasing my grip on her hair as I came. The sense of relief was immense and suddenly I adored this woman and wanted to cum inside her forever.

Her head rocked back as she gasped for air with the same filthy smile on her face, then as I looked down at her, she let my cum ooze from her mouth and fall onto her tits. She raised her hands and rubbed my cum into her tits through the thin fabric of her dress, moaning as she did so.

“You fucking cheating bastard” she shouted, which immediately stirred something inside me that I was unable to distinguish between anger or lust.

After catching her breath, Rita rose to her feet, turned around and perched herself on the edge of the kitchen table, then, using her arms to raise her body, slid her ass back about a foot or so to make herself comfortable with her delicate feet swinging above the floor.

“Well, I'm yours for the next four days if you want me” she smirked.

I just stood there catching my breath and trying to take in what had just happened. I had cheated and loved it. I had just cum in this amazing woman's mouth and loved it and now I wanted to fuck every part of her. As long as my wife doesn't find out, what harm could it do.

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