start of a memorable weekend

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after months of cam and dirty talk,,, words become reality in one weekend

Two hours of torturous pleasure; my mind racing with all the promises of the weekend, everything we had ever teased each other was all about to come true. The vibrations of the train’s engine had been teasing my clit for the last hour and half since I strategically tilted my pelvis forward, that and the vivid imagery of your fingers, tongue and long thick cock driving my body insane soaking my knickers and making me desperate to play.

The train slowed as it reached the station and I could see you through the door windows waiting for me, playing with your hands close to your crotch bringing my attention to the outline of your hard thick shaft. Becoming excited knowing you were thinking about all the fun we were going to have aswell turned me on even more.

Exiting the train I could feel my juices trickle down my thigh, and the business man at the side of me could smell the aroma of my sex and was shocked when he turned to me and I winked flirtingly. It was fun tormenting older guys and even more interesting when I saw your response by it, walking towards you; your mouth was gaping open. I reached you and pulled myself tight into you, moulding my body up against you kissing you deeply our tongues becoming entwined as you wrapped your arms around me with your fingers resting on my arse. My fingers wrapped in your hair, feather light touch teasing the back of your neck as I instinctively pulled myself closer to you.

Eventually breaking off and breathing heavily into each other’s ear, your hot breath turning me on but the need for privacy before this can go any further is to great and we turn to go and find your car. Reaching the car you push me up against it the cold metal shocking my exposed lower back as you lean on me our fingers finding each other the response amplified by our moans, your cock rock hard but restricted by your jeans, stroking through the rough material I can see how much you need the release so quickly climbing into the car, I whisper in your ear to let me help you.

Undoing your pants and reaching in to feel your smooth hard shaft between my fingers , the heat from your sex making me desperate to touch and stroke you. After difficulty your cock escapes from the confines of the denim and causes me to take a huge intake of breath. Seeing your cock in person instead of endless cam sessions and pictures is nothing to the real thing, you seem thicker and longer than ever before and as I stroke up and down I can feel you pulse in my hand. Slowly licking your tip hesitantly to see if you like it I look up to you and see you settled and eyes shut, getting back to the task at hand I lick all the way up your shaft then back down running along the underside till I reach your balls, finely covered in a smattering of hairs taking your left ball between my lips my tongue teases it before taking it in my warm mouth and massaging it slowly before taking your other ball and doing the same again, small moans escaping your mouth let me know you are enjoying it. After paying a large amount of attention to your balls I kiss each one before licking up to your head. Already leaking pre-cum I greedily lick it up making me eager to swallow every drop of you. I start licking around the head before taking you into my mouth, already feeling full I slowly massage your tip and the first inch of you as I become accustomed to your size and yet you are still pulsing and growing as I continue to tease, this excites and scares me knowing how stretched I will feel late. Thinking about all the possibilities again makes me slippery wet and a slight moan to leave my lips causing you to feel the vibrations you thrust hard forcing me to take 3 more inches of you. Licking lightly and alternating between sucking fast and deep to gentle stroking help you build, knowing you will come soon I take you deep swallow every inch of you, your tip at my throat I become slightly more aggressive taking you fast and deep as you instinctively start thrusting into me making you go deeper further. The tightness of my throat bring you to the edge and as your orgasm sweeps over you, you wrap your fingers through my hair holding me still as you pump stream after stream down my throat and covering my tongue and lips in your creamy salty come. As you calm down u slide out of my mouth where I lick you clean making sure I don’t miss a drop of come.

Your heavy breathing slowly subsides as you quickly tuck yourself back into your jeans finally accepting the reality of possibly being caught in the trainstation car park. As you start the car you comment on how much you had been dreaming about that and as soon as we got to yours you would repay the favour. My excitement levels shot sky high and as I squirmed in my seat you are fully aware of the effect those words had on me, with my knickers soaked and the muskiness of my aroma you lick your lips in anticipation.

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