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Start To A Great Vacation

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Start of a great vacation !!
Beginning a vacation to Orlando !!

Finally a get away with the wife, We have been planning a vacation for years but just have had no time. So we booked our flight and arranged the hotel for our trip to Disneyland. So when we finally got to the airport we made it through security and to the terminal. I told her I wanted to get more comfortable for the flight, so I took my carry on to the bathroom were I proceeded to change into my loose baggy shorts. Also wanted to feel free, so the underwear went into the bag also.

Good thing it was a early morning flight and was not a fully booked! As I sat across from her and broke out the laptop as we both had them waiting for the plane, I sent her a little chat:

"You know I have nothing on under my shorts."

As she peeked over her screen I put a leg up showing her my shaft peeking out of my shorts. She smiled as she began to respond to my chat asking:

"Could I come over and massage it?"

I told her "Sure, but did not want her to make it to good" as we had a long flight.

So she moved to my side and slid her fingers up my shorts and started to tickle the head of my cock, making it get harder and harder with each touch. As she got it stiff and bulging the crown of my dick peeking out, she started to stroke it with a smooth and even stroke. Going all the way to the base of my cock and tickling my balls before she stroked back up my shaft to the head of my dick . It started to feel so good but about 20 minutes of stroking I had to stop her because she started getting a little cum drops dripping out of the head of my swelling cock the more she stroked it.

Thank God the plane was on time or she would have had a mess in her hands. So we boarded the plane and we took off for Orlando, It was a long flight so she decided she would go to the bathroom and get comfortable before it was to late. When she returned she took her Nook out and typed me a message:

“I have no panties on under my skirt”

This was going to be fun !! Glad we had no one around because this was going to feel nice. So let the flight begin! She started were she left off tickling my dick and getting me hard as a rock. She opened her lap and slid my finger between her wet hot lips and softly caressed her clit and pinched her pussy lips, rolling them between my fingers. As she began stroking my cock faster and harder, I reached over and slipped my finger inside her pussy. After 10 minutes I had to have her stop stroking my cock because I was about ready to blow a load of hot cum all over the seat in front of me.

I continued to slip more fingers in her pussy going deeper each time. With a blanket covering her lap I could feel some hot juices running out of her. I used the juice from her pussy to moisten her clit and roll it between my fingers as she was gyrating and trying to keep from screaming. I could tell she was about to cum all over the seat. As she was letting go I massaged her hot swollen pussy lips with my 3 fingers, slipping them inside her a few times.

As she was coming back to reality she told me "I want to pull the hot cum from your dick and watch it spray out the head of your cock".

She than took my dick and stroked it until it got hard again and was really working the head of it as it was starting to swell up in her hand.

I told her to stop and let it go soft and start it again with your mouth. So she tickled my balls and let it go limp. She then climbed down between the seat and slipped her mouth around the head of my cock and sucked the little cum drippings from my vane. It did not take long for it to get bulging with her lips rubbing my shaft and her tongue dragging and massaging on the bulging vane of my cock. After about 5 minutes of her wet lips rubbing up and down my cock I was to the point were I was about to blast a hot load of cum into her mouth. I pulled her head back told her my vane was going to explode a load of cum and if she wanted it to to keep sucking it and be prepared.

As I could feel the cum pumping up to the head of my dick I looked at her and said "Here it cums."

Her eyes bulged as the first blast of cum went through the vane of my cock and sprayed inside her mouth. As my cock pumped more cum than she could handle she pulled it out of her mouth and stroked it and watched the head of my dick pump the rest of the cum out on her face with each time she slide up my shaft. As she watched every last drop dribble from the head of my dick she rubbed her tongue up and down my swollen round head licking all the cum making me surge from the friction of a swollen and tender cock that just explode in her mouth. Luckily the stewardess was on her way so I could get a drink, because she just sucked me dry and I needed to refill for our Orlando trip.

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