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Store party - Monday night

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Denny gets the dream, or does he?
I pulled into the drive at home and realized both my parents were home. I did a quick check to see if anything was obviously out of place. I knew my body was sticky, but a quick check of the mirror didn't look too bad. I came in, hung my coat and headed for my room. I grabbed some fresh clothes and hit the shower. As I got out of the shower, I noticed all the scratches and marks over my body. Teeth marks on my chest and scratches on my hips and ass. I thought back, but couldn't distinctly remember them happening, but given the day as a whole it wasn't hard to imagine when and where they happened.

I cupped my limp dick and it just felt numb. I experimented a bit to see if I could get it up, but quickly gave up. I guess that's what they mean by fucked out.

I moved back to my room and called Connie.


"Hi, Connie?”

“No, this is Cindy. Hold on.”


“Hi Connie, it's Denny.”


“I was calling to see if you still wanted to see a movie tonight?”

“Maybe, but Cindy was just telling me about a club she found. Dancing and great music. She's going tonight and asked me to come along.”

I actually felt a little relieved. I was worn out from today's activity, and now Connie's twin was giving me an out. “OK, well, we can do it another time.”

“Why don't you come out with us? Or meet us there. Never know, I may need a ride home.”

I didn't want to screw things up with Connie. I could make an excuse, but I'd already asked her to go out.

“OK, I'll see you there later then.” She gave me the location and other details.

I decided a nap was in order. It was already dark at 4:30, so I was out when I hit the pillow. I woke up and it was very dark. I checked the clock and it was 9. I thought about skipping the club, but didn't want to leave Connie hanging. Monday night, the club will probably be pretty dead. I'll go for a while and still be home early I thought. I threw on a fresh shirt, and I was on my way. 45 minutes later I was there. I'd heard of the place, but hadn't been here yet. It was known as a great new dance place, and I wasn't much of a dancer. My habit was to find a table near the dance floor and order a drink. Spectating was what these places were for anyway.

I went inside and you could feel the pounding of the bass. I walked up to the bar in the main room and ordered a drink. The dance floor was speckled with dancers in various slinky dresses. I hadn't yet seen Connie or her sister. The tables along the dance floor rail were all full. I continued moving along the floor, enjoying the sight of the bodies moving on the dance floor. I guess I was kind of lost in the beat of the music and a couple particular girls who were grinding each other to the music. I nearly bumped into a cocktail waitress who was trying to deliver drinks. I apologized and about the time I was going to turn and move on, I was tapped on the shoulder. I turned and there stood Connie. I'd never seen her all decked out before. She was wearing a halter style short blue dress. It dipped deep down her back and clung to her small breasts.

“Hi! You look amazing.”

“Thanks. Don't you think Connie will be a little upset if she hears you say that? After all, she invited you.” She started laughing.

I looked a little closer. Mouth a little wider, eyes slightly different.

“Hi Cindy. Still, you look great! Nice dress.”

I'd never spent much time around Cindy. I'd had a class with Connie back in high school, and now worked with her. Cindy stayed with a much more exclusive crowd. Connie fit in with that crowd too, but she was much more willing to broaden her circles.

“Where's Connie?”

“You're looking pretty good tonight too Denny. We've got a booth over in the corner over there. She was blocked in so I thought I'd come collect you.”

“That dress belongs up there on the floor, I'm surprised you ladies aren't dancing.”

“We have been, on and off.”

She grabbed my free hand and started to lead me to the corner booth. As she did, she pulled my hand against her ass. I assumed it was unintentional so I didn't react. I was focused on not spilling my drink as she dragged me along.

“Look what I found Connie.”

There, sitting in the center of the large round booth was Connie. All I could see was a glittery gold top with the thinnest straps imaginable. The gold looked like liquid as it flowed down over her small tits. Cindy slipped into her seat to the left side of the booth, and pulled me down next to her. I couldn't help but notice the short blue dress ride up Cindy's thigh. She hadn't released my hand, so there we sat holding hands as I looked across the table to Connie. I set my glass on the table and looked around the room. At the table between Cindy and Connie was another girl. I felt like I should know who she was, but didn't really connect. She was pretty. Wearing some kind of multicolored top. I couldn't tell just yet if it was a dress or a shirt. Next to Connie, was a guy I didn't know. He was big too. I held my hand out to him.


He shook my hand, though it seemed more of a nuisance to him than anything else.

“Tony” he said.

The beat continued to pound and I realized that Cindy was holding my hand against the inside of her right thigh. The back of my hand could feel the skin above her stockings. She'd never given me the time of day before, now my hand is pressed against her pussy?

“Lets dance.” Tony told Connie.

It wasn't a request, it was more of a demand. They got up out of the booth and I finally saw that Connie was wearing a very short black skirt with that gold top. The top fell clinging to her tits and left her tummy exposed. Cindy dropped my hand.

“Why didn't you say something?”


“Why didn't you try to stop Tony?” Cindy Asked.

“He's been a pain in the ass since we got here.” Said the other girl Lisa. “He hasn't left Connie or Cindy alone the whole night. Then he came and forced his way into the booth.”

“Do you know him?” I asked.

“Never saw him before tonight. We asked him to leave us alone, but he obviously hasn't left.” Cindy said.

“Well, lets go see if we can crowd his style.” I offered.

Cindy followed me out of the booth.

I reached back for Lisa, “You don't get to sit this one out! When we get close to them, just keep dancing with Connie. See if you can't create some space between them.”

I saw a bouncer kind of winding trough the crowd. I slipped away from the girls and caught he bouncers attention. I quickly explained that Tony was being a problem. I told him I'd move the girls back to the booth and asked that he intercept Tony on the way back. He was well aware of Tony, who apparently had made a habit of this kind of behavior since the club opened. The bouncer warned me that Tony didn't usually take kindly to other guys getting in his way.

I quickly re-joined Cindy and Lisa on the dance floor. It turned out that Lisa was taller than I'd first thought, and now as she moved on the dance floor I could appreciate what a great body she really had. Standing around 5-8 or so which was enhanced by fairly high heels. Her slender body moved with a fluid grace. Her breasts were larger than they had appeared at the table and the soft, silken material of her short dress hugged every curve. I told them that at the end of this song to take Connie back to the booth.

As the song played on, I made sure to back my way over to where Tony had Connie pinned to the rail that surrounded the dance floor. As the beat for the next song started to pound, I leaned in to tell Connie to head back to the table. Tony didn't like that I'd leaned into Connie, and much quicker than I'd expected, his hand was on my shoulder and I got spun away toward the middle of the floor. I bumped into a couple of girls, knocking the cute blonde to the floor, then tripping over her. I was trying to help her up and apologize when the hand grabbed the back of my shirt. I spun on my heels and ducked, expecting Tony to take a swing. He did, but didn't expect my reaction so he missed. I could see the bouncers closing, so I put my hands up to stall for time.

“What the hell are you doing?” I barked.

“Kicking your ass for getting in my way.” Was his response as the first of the bouncers grabbed his cocked arm. As the other 2 guys arrived, Tony knew he was done so he relaxed and walked off the dance floor with out any additional conflict.

I walked over to the girl I'd knocked down. I introduced myself and apologized again. I invited them over to the table, offering to buy them a drink for the troubles. I found out they were sisters. The older, I thought maybe 25. Kelly was 5-10 or so and had a very athletic build. She reminded me of a swimmer, and has a very attractive face. Kate was a few years younger. You could see the resemblance, but she was shorter and much heavier. Her face was more plump, but I could see the same features that made Kelly so attractive. Kate's body too was plump, but the top she was wearing displayed her cleavage to full effect.

As introductions were made around the table, I explained that Kate and Kelly had been caught up in the action. Kate was very chatty and carried the conversation. The next hour or 2 I had been dragged out to dance with everyone at the table. I asked Connie to dance a second time. I apologized that it wasn't quite the night I'd hoped for, but told her I hoped she had some fun. She thanked me for dealing with Tony, but I said that the bouncers were the ones that handled that. She put her hands around my neck and pulled me close and kissed me.

“I think you had something to do with all that.” She whispered. Then she kissed me again.

“Why don't we get out of here, it's getting late anyway.” I suggested.

She dragged me over to the table to say her goodbyes. There was some grumbling from the others that it was still early, and there was still time to dance. To my surprise, Cindy jumped up and demanded a goodnight kiss. I gave her a peck on the lips, but she demanded a real kiss. I looked to Connie, expecting her to run a little interference here, but she just smiled and said we are twins, we share.

I was surprised, but leaned in and gave Cindy a better kiss. As we broke the kiss, I turned and Kelly wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a hug.

“Nice meeting you, even if I have a few bruises from the encounter.”

Kate was right behind and gave me a quick hug.

Last, Lisa hugged me and kissed my cheek. I admit I let my fingers glide over the soft material of her dress a little more aggressively than was called for.

“Night everyone! It's been fun.”

I wrapped my arm around Connie's shoulders and we headed for the door. I collected our coats from the coat check. I slipped Connie's coat over her shoulders. She didn't button it, just held it closed around her. I held the passenger door open for Connie and watched as the coat fell open and that tiny black skirt got shorter as she slid into the seat. I was pleased to see her scoot into the middle of the bench seat as I closed the door. I stepped around the back of the car, adjusting my swollen cock as I moved. I unzipped my own coat. As I got into the car, I leaned over to kiss Connie as her hand immediately found my hardening cock. Her hand stroked lightly over my pants as my tongue slipped between her lips. My left hand found her breast as our tongues flicked over each others.

The door of the car parked next to my slammed. We both jumped a bit, and realized that the club was starting to empty, and the number of people flowing through the parking lot was becoming excessive. We had a 40 minute ride in front of us, so I started the car. We kissed a few more minutes as I waited for the cars defroster to clear the fog from the windshield. We chatted as we started home, my right hand lightly stroked her left thigh as her right hand was focused on my cock. She leaned in close and kissed my neck and ear. Slowly her fingers found my belt and she easily unbuckled me.

“Push your seat back a little.”

I did, as she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. She pulled them down and I lifted myself in the seat a bit, enough so she could free my cock from my boxers. She turned to kneel on the seat and she slowly took me into her mouth. I knew we had more than 20 minutes of dark roads ahead before we got to the lights of town. My right hand moved over her back, down to her firm ass. I'd reach between the seat back and her to cup her breast and tweak her hard nipples. All the while, enjoying a slow, loving blow job. There was nothing rushed, and at times I had to fight to keep my mind on the road. I bumped the shoulder once or twice, but was able to mostly negotiate the trip smoothly. After a little while, I focused my fingers on her hot wet pussy and eventually slipped them under the lace of the panties. At times she'd seemingly forget about the cock in her mouth as she tried to fuck the fingers on her clit and pussy. As we approached the city lights, I turned off the main road and pulled into a small park near her house. I shifted the car into park and Connie lifted her head to look around. My hands were quick to slip her panties down her legs. She seemed to recognize where we were.

“This isn't a good place, the police are always cruising through here. We're not the first to try this here.”

“Is there a better place somewhere close?”

“Just turn up Acorn street. That'll be safer.”

I quickly put the car back in gear and drove the half block, turned the corner and found a spot to park a half block up.

Almost before I had the car in park, she slipped her right knee over my hips and with a little difficulty lowered her tight wet pussy on my cock. That worked for a while, till she started to fuck a little harder and her ass set the car horn off. It took a minute till we realized what had happened. Giggling to each other, I turned her and laid her back onto the passenger seat. I worked to get my pants pushed down a bit so I could move and finally, I was in a position to fuck the girl I'd been fantasizing about. I rubbed my cock lightly over her clit, then started to enter her. I just glanced around as I was about to drive into her when I saw the light on in the house. It hadn't been on before, and upon a second look, there was an old woman's head looking out the window.

“We've got an audience, Connie. I think the horn might have woken them.”

“Let em watch! I don't care.”

“But you said the cops have been watching the area. I don't want to be interrupted by the cops, do you?”

I lifted myself off her, and hiked my pants up as well as I could.

“No! Don't stop. I need you to fuck me! Please Denny.”

I started the car, reached over and stroked her hot pussy with my thumb.

“It'd be a mistake to stay here.” I shifted into gear and pulled away. I went up and around the block and as I came back down past the street, there was a police car turning up Acorn Street. Connie was still laying back on the seat, and my thumb was stroking her clit. A couple quick turns, and I was pulling into her driveway.

“Shit! The lights are on. Looks like Cindy's still up.”

“Why did you come here? “

“I didn't know where else to go. I didn't think staying on the street was too good of an idea after the police were in the area. I was hoping Cindy and Lisa might have stayed at the club longer. But it doesn't look that way.”

By now, Connie had sat back up. I leaned over to kiss her, but she was frustrated. I slipped my left hand between her legs, but she slapped my hand away.

“Too late now. I better get inside.”

“Don't be mad. It would have been a lot worse if we'd kept going and that squad car had caught us!”

“There was no squad! It's all in your imagination. I thought we were having fun. I don't know why you stopped.”

I realized she hadn't seen the squad.

“Connie, I didn't want to stop, believe me. I've thought about being with you for a long time. But there was a squad. I saw it when we came around the block. We would have been caught.”

She wasn't mad, just frustrated like I was.

“I'm going to go in.” She reached over the seat to grab her coat. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and slid to the door. I opened my door to help her out, but she was out before I was. “See you at work I guess.”

“I'm off again tomorrow. Can I call you?”

No response. I watched the door close without a glance back. I took a minute to get my pants back on. I headed home.

I flopped onto my bed, my alarm clock showed 3:14 as a laughed at myself. I rolled over exhausted.

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