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Stressful Days

For a friend...
It's a Thursday evening and you had text me around four saying you were having a stressful day and would be late coming home. It was now nearly eight and I have been sitting on the bottom step for almost two hours. I am beginning to get a numb butt and very hungry.

You bought this outfit I'm wearing over the weekend. To my surprise, you left it out on the bed for me this morning when you went to work. I didn’t understand why you bought it, but after I received your text I knew what you wanted.

My white latex dress with the very low cut V neck fit tightly and was beginning to squeeze my body like a wrap. In all truth it hurt a fair bit. My feet felt sore from wearing the six inch red heels and my white garter, stocking and thong were starting to annoy me. I was about to go back up stairs and change into something more comfortable when I heard your car pull into our driveway.

Even after six years of being together, every time I heard that sound it made my heart jump a little. I stand up and smooth over my dress adjusting my tits into a more comfortable, sexier position. I picked up the little red and white hat and placed it back on my head. I smiled to myself knowing you will love it. My hand found the handrail of the stairs just as you opened the door.

You're looking down as you walk in and drop your briefcase next to the door after you close it. Your head swings round and your mouth falls open which makes me giggle.

You just keep staring at me, which began to make my pussy tingle and my nipples start to harden. I love it when you look at me like that.

I decide to tease you a little and run my free hand from my neck, over my breasts down my stomach and over my hips. Your eyes follow every movement of my hand and fingers.

“You like?” I ask my voice a breathy whisper.

You can’t reply which surprises me and instead you nod. I smile at you and make a "come hither" motion with my fingers. Confidently, you walk over to me and tightly wrap your arms around me, pressing me into you as your grab my butt cheeks and squeeze them. I moan and you smile at me.

“You look so fucking sexy baby,” you breathe as your lips lightly brush over mine.

“If you keep this up, how can I possibly look after you?” I tease you with a wink and grab your hands pulling them away from my body. You pout at me and it’s the cutest thing. I can’t help but giggle.

“Now, now John don’t pull that face. You’ve had a tough day and need looking after.”

I turn away from you and begin to climb the stairs swaying my hips in that sexy way you love so much. I hear you groan your approval, which makes me smile more.

“I changed my mind,” you say as you climb the stairs after me. “I don’t need looking after, I’m fine. I just want you.”

I laugh and turn my head to look at you. “This was your idea sir and I don’t want to loose my job so if you don’t mind I’d like to proceed and make you feel better.”

You look amazed that I can put on such a great performance. We’ve done role-play stuff before but not like this, this is different. This feels so much sexier.

“Yes nurse Laura.” You reply with a smirk. I smile back at you and we carry on up the stairs.

As we reach our room, I ask you to strip down and lay with your back on the bed. While you comply, I light a few candles and nip to our en suite top get a washcloth and a bowl of warm water.

I step into the bedroom and you look towards me smiling, I smile back and see your cock twitch which makes me smile more. Your cock rock hard already.

I walk over to the bed and place the small bowl on the bedside table. I reach up to the bed post on your left and grab your arm pulling it upwards before snapping a hand cuff around your wrist.

“Whoa! What are you doing?” You gasp. You’ve done this to me plenty of times. Pay back.

“Now, now sir just calm down. This is just routine.”

I smile at you and kiss your temple to reassure you and you begin to relax. I walk around the bed and do the same to your other hand. Leaning down, I kiss your other temple and gently move my lips down to your ear.

“Trust me,” I whisper which makes you moan. I look down to your cock and I can see a little pre cum begin to ooze out. I bite my lip and moan gently. You know exactly why and chuckle lightly.

“It’ll be interesting to see how long you can keep your mouth off it babe,” you say as I walk back to the other side of the bed.

“Oh I think I’ll be fine, it’s you I’m worried about sir.”

I smile sweetly at you and you shake your head at me. I grab the washcloth and place it into the water. I rinse it out and place it on your forehead dabbing gently.

“Now John just relax,” I say soothingly. You close your eyes and take a deep breath.

I move the cloth all over your face dabbing gently moving down to your neck and over your chest letting the droplets of water drip onto your skin. It's enough to make me want to lick them off you, to taste you, but I hold back.

I move down your chest to your stomach getting closer to your now throbbing cock. I work around and slowly move down your leg. You groan as a tiny water droplet hits the head of your cock and your hips buck up.

“Please!” You beg.

“Uh uh! Be patient sir, I’m almost done,” I say gently.

I move back up your legs one at a time then place the cloth on your balls but not with two much pressure, just teasingly.

You groan again. “Please nurse Laura, I can’t take it anymore, I need you!”

I giggle and fondle your balls through the cloth. “Which part of me would you like my mouth, my pussy or my ass?”

“Your mouth oh god your mouth!” You say hoarsely.

Your desire is thick in your voice and I can see it in your eyes. I lean down and bite my lip before running my tongue up your shaft while fondling your balls.

I loose control as I feel some precum dribble onto my tongue. I throw the cloth away and grab your thick cock before taking you deep into my mouth.

The head of you hits the back of my throat as I bob up and down trying to drain you, trying to get every last drop of cum out of you.

You’re moaning like crazy and it’s only fuelling my desire for your cum.

“Yes just like that,” you moan then buck your hips. I know you are close.

I carry on not stopping for a single breath before I take you all into my mouth, squeezing your cock with my throat muscles. Your hips buck once more before you grab my hair and force me down even further.

“Jesus I’m gonna cum!” You yell.

Then I feel it the first spurt on hot cum shooting down my throat. I moan my approval. I’ve always loved the taste of you and tonight is no different except you keep cumming and cumming. There’s so much entering my mouth it starts to dribble out back down your cock.

Once you’re done I swallow every last drop then lick the drops that leaked out. Once I clean your cock and balls of your cum, I swallow that too. I look up to see you breathing deeply and I know it won’t be long before you drift off.

I smile to myself knowing I’ve done my job well and get up taking the washcloth and bowl of now cold water back to our bathroom. I stop at the sink and look to the mirror smiling even more thinking about the treat I will get in the morning after my amazing performance.

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